2018 coating industry big prejudgment

The environmental tax was officially implemented in 2018, and the admission order was 2020. paintThe industry has stirred up thousands of waves.

The paint industry is getting worse and worse, and it has become the most common saying in the industry. So, what will happen to the coatings industry in 2018? According to industry analysts, the following phenomena may occur:

1, the industry threshold is rising, environmental protection and entering the park have become two of the paint companies must survive道坎

Unqualified paint companies must complete the rectification within a limited time, otherwise they will be eliminated. Enterprises that meet environmental standards can’t relax, and they must complete the park by 2020.

2, demand for water-based environmentally friendly coatings increased, most small and medium-sized coatings companies were forced to eliminate

In order to meet environmental requirements, the demand for water-based environmentally friendly coatings has increased. Due to the environmental storm, it will inevitably lead to an increase in raw materials and production costs. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are under pressure to withstand the cost, cash flow reduction problems, and the general accounting problems in the industry have caused the capital chain to close down and go bankrupt. Another small group of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to pursue the interests of illegal production, was closed down and shut down.

Some of the small and medium-sized enterprises that have been fortunate enough to survive have been excluded from the park because of too high barriers to entry. They have either changed their way to find another way, or they are self-extinguishing and eventually eliminated.

3, small and beautiful paint companies still exist

Small and beautiful paint companies, because of their own technology research and development capabilities still have room for survival. Some large-scale coating enterprises are in the chemical industry parks. Due to the imbalance of production and sales areas, individual production bases are idle, and may reach rental, OEM, and shared factories with small and beautiful technology-based coating companies.Cooperation, forming a symbiotic model. The small and beautiful paint company eventually became a company focused on technology and marketing, focusing on technology development and core technology raw material production.

4, personality, customization, professionalism, service will become the main selling point of the coating company

natural selection, survival of the fittest. Under the dual pressure of environmental protection and admission orders, coatings companies are forced to turn to the direction of high environmental protection, high value-added, double-package, customization and overall solution. Personality, customization, professionalism and service have become the main selling points of coating enterprises.

5, the market is more and more concentrated, large companies are getting bigger and bigger, the coating industry has initially completed the transformation

Small and medium-sized coatings companies are eliminated, but the market needs and customers Will not disappear, they are bound to look for partners here, and large paint companies will acquire some of these SMEs in order to develop and expand, to receive this part of the demand and customers. The big business is getting bigger and bigger, and the coating industry has completed the initial transformation.

6, monopoly of chemical raw materials companies, foundry companies began to appear

The concentration of the coating industry is increasing, and the concentration of the upstream raw material industry is also increasing, in titanium dioxide Some industries have monopolized phenomena, and several or even dozen large companies control the domestic market. The industry division of labor is more detailed, and there are coating companies that are mainly engaged in OEM.

7, more coating companies listed, increased integration between enterprises

In order to pool more funds and improve the research and development capabilities and visibility of the company, the listed coating companies will increase . For better survival and development, Tuhua enterprises will choose to warm up, complement each other, parallel integration, vertical integration, cross-border integration, and the integration of various innovation models will increase. Large coatings groups and leading companies in the segmentation sector will also cooperate.

8, art paint has over 100 million brands

As people’s personalized needs increase, art paints will be more and more people pay attention to and accept, and quickly Development, from the countryside surrounded by the countryside, a group of people took the lead to break through 100 million yuanThe bottleneck of the brand.


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