2018 NetEase China Entrepreneur Competition Chongqing Division Launched Million Resources Help Chongqing Innovate

The government and famous enterprises have once again joined hands and millions of resources have helped Chongqing innovate and develop. On the morning of July 27th, the “2018 Netease China Entrepreneur Competition” (Chongqing Division) sponsored by Chongqing NetEase Joint Innovation Center, Netease Hangzhou Research Institute and U Chuang Industrial Park was officially launched in Chongqing High-tech Zone.

As the guiding unit of this competition, the relevant leaders of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission, Chongqing High-tech Zone Management Committee and Chongqing Jiulongpo District People’s Government also attended the launching ceremony, with various parks in Chongqing, Representatives from Zhongchuang Space, universities, research institutes and outstanding entrepreneurial teams witnessed the start of the competition.

Million Awards Help Chongqing Innovate and Develop

The second competition, Netease United Innovation Center will be based on Netease cloud computing, big data, online education and other resources, while joining the top resources of the community, in 2018 Netease China Entrepreneur Competition (Chongqing Division), to pass the Netease, cooperation to the community Fang and the local government are promoting the development of “public entrepreneurship and innovation”.

In order to support Chongqing’s quality entrepreneurial projects, this competition has set a reward of up to one million. For the top ten in the finals of the Chongqing Division, NetEase will provide free of charge including Netease Cloud Service, NetEase Joint Innovation Center Learning Platform Account (300+ NetEase Premium Course in the platform), and Chongqing NetEase Joint Innovation Center Free Rent, which is worth more than one million. Service resources. In addition to the cash prizes of RMB 250,000, the organizers will also provide overall brand communication for the project and focus on more than 100 cooperative venture capital institutions across the country.

In addition, as the guiding unit of the Chongqing Division, Chongqing High-tech Zone provides very attractive policy support for the participating projects. For the top ten projects in the high-tech zone in the finals of the Chongqing Division (including new immigration), you can apply for a high-tech zone seed fund of up to 500,000 yuan of interest-free credit loans or up to 300,000 yuan of public welfare participation support, and also through the Chongqing High-tech Zone Technology The financial platform credits 400,000 to 3 million yuan of knowledge value credit loans.

Strong promotion of entrepreneurial protagonists

It is understood that as the top entrepreneurial event in Chongqing One of the current competition registration channels has been opened. All participating companies in the Chongqing Division will be able to log on to https://citc.163yun.com/the official website of the competition from now until September 20, or pay attention to the registration of the public domain of U Chuang Industrial Park, and complete, accurate and authentic as required. Fill in the relevant information. Registration hotline: (023) 6379 3045.

This competition will focus on the four major areas of cultural entertainment, consumption upgrade, enterprise service, and cutting-edge technology. In order to further promote Chongqing’s outstanding projects, the organizers will use a large number of promotional resources to help Chongqing. The participating companies in the competition area reported on the communication.

During the registration period, the organizers will select three projects from the Chongqing competition area to film the project theme micro-film in the form of documentary video, and spread it through the mainstream media to help the project further enhance the market awareness. .

Top-level big coffee boosts double-generation craze

Last year, Netease has successfully held The first Netease China Entrepreneur Competition, which lasted 6 months, collected 2,498 entrepreneurial projects from 12 sub-districts, covering more than 27 million person-times, providing entrepreneurs with business grooming, communication skills, financing assistance, ability training, and free Office area, cloud resource support, etc. In addition, NetEase also provided long-term marketing and capital docking for the high-quality projects of the competition, and successfully recommended 19 high-quality projects to participate in the World Internet Conference “Double-Creation Hot Soil Project Matchmaking Conference, which attracted a lot of attention from participants. After the acquisition of 5 quality projects A round of financing, the total amount of financing is nearly 100 million yuan.

The organizer revealed that the 2018 Netease China Entrepreneur Competition (Chongqing Division) will combine the Chongqing High-tech Zone Management Committee and the Jiulongpo District People’s Government to accelerate the development of industrial clusters, foster new industries, and optimize the industry. Structure, improve the industrial level, attract investment, attract talents and other practical needs, achieve policy guidance, corporate support, share experience, corporate financing and other goals, promote the development of innovative factors, create a good atmosphere for innovation, explore and serve Chongqing innovative projects And enterprises, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.

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