2020, people sense a loss of water, clear spring with a sincere cry

Summary: Recently I visited a special Jianyang in Sichuan agency of a clear spring, how to listen to the store’s customer evaluation clear spring. When I arrived Feb. 3 in Jianyang clear spring agency, we found the store a dozen customers come to the consultation and the purchase of clean spring water purifier day. In the visit, we randomly interviewed three consumers.

interviewed: Jianyang consumers Kim
Reporter: Mr. King, hello! I see that you came early this morning, today is your special come to buy water purifiers do?
Kim: Hello. Is that, years later, my son was getting married, a new house is being renovated now, I want to put on a new home water purifier. So today specifically come here to see the water purifier, listen to the villagers that clear mountain spring water purification effect with the good, so come early in the morning today.

Reporter: Do you think the shopping safe?
Mr. King: I bought here before fellow, shopping guide staff during the presentations, or very formal, but the owner also promised there will be perfect after-sales service, but also provide a formal invoice, I believe that purchase clear mountain spring water purifier It is still guaranteed.

Reporter: Do you have knowledge of the water purifier before you?
Mr. King: I did not understand before water purifier, the last two years many of my friends have to spend, I slowly know the water purifier. In recent years there watching TV press reports pollution incident, I really felt the water pollution is very serious, so as soon as possible or buy a water purifier, the sooner the more beneficial to the body.

Interviewed: Ms. Lin Jianyang consumers
Reporter: Lin, Hello! See that you have to buy a water purifier, Why did you buy this water purifier it?
Schilling 🙁 laughs) like this, I want to buy a water purifier at the end of 2014, water purifiers and now many families are using, I can not fall to the people. But because the price is a little expensive, so I did not buy before. This time, markdowns here, so I came to buy a flat. This brand, was quite reassuring, clear spring in Jianyang there are a lot of people to buy, so I bought one.

Reporter: You have to clear Schilling spring without some understanding?
Ms. Lin: I bought a brand-name water purifier before, but it took a while no effects. To clear spring water purifier I do not really understand, but listen to shopping guide said that the most important water purifier is the filter. Shopping guide told me,Clear Springs is a water purifier brand rankings, the filter can be used in one to two years, and durable. I think there are brands and filter long time, and therefore safer.

interviewed three: Jianyang consumer Miss Dai
Reporter: Miss Dai, hello. You also do activities come here because of it?
Ms. Dai: Hello. Yes ah, seen here doing activities I came, they (the store) none other very much, and I want to buy a water purifier, so this is such a good opportunity, I would have bought one. I visited this shop a bit, looked pretty good, and a great scale, in terms of publicity consumption in place, virtually to the other stores set up a new consumer impressions, the event also closer to them (stores) and consumers distance.

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