6 small tricks to teach you to clean the floor easily!

There are owners who complain that cleaning wooden floors is troublesome. In fact, it is not the case that some common items can be used as a preparation for cleaning the floor, and the cleaning effect is not inferior to professional products. Today, I will teach you six strokes to clean the floor and help you easily clean the wooden floor.

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Cleaning the floor method 1: Use the candle

to accumulate the remaining candle heads. When collecting a certain amount, cut it off and remove the wick. Add the same amount of turpentine to the wax, place it in a pot filled with cold water, boil it in water, dissolve the candle, stir it, and pour it into the tank for cooling. In order to make the floor easy and labor-saving, the floor wax can be slightly heated before use.

clean the floor method 2: self-dosing agent

put soft soap, bleaching earth in the cauldron, Mix 450 grams of soda and 2270 ml of water, boil them and boil them to half the original volume, then cool and store them in the tank for use. Use a hard brush to rub the stain on the floor, usually along the line. Floor texture brush, then wash with hot water and dry it.

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Cleaning the floor method three: color The magical effect of pulling oil, milk and tea

When wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the floor very bright. Or add a little vinegar with sour milk, not only can be decontaminated, but also can be very bright. In addition, the dirt on the paint floor can be wiped off with strong tea juice. Wipe the smudges on the kitchen floor with burnt honeycomb ash, then smear the vinegar on the mop to wipe the floor, it is easy to remove the smudges.

clean the floor method four: concentrated alkali water to grease

oil grease on the floor, such as Boil the aqueous solution of the concentrated alkaloids, then cover the stain with the dough synthesized with bleaching earth and hot water, and keep it cleaned overnight, and repeat if necessary.

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Cleaning the floor method 5: salt to egg stains

There are egg traces on the floor. You can sprinkle some salt on the egg stick and sweep the ground after 10-15 minutes. The egg marks on the floor are easy to remove.

Methods for cleaning the floor: Tape and vacuum cleaner to remove glass fragments

Ground glass fragments are very dangerous. If they are visible to the naked eye, they will be glued with adhesive tape. If they are powdered, they should be sucked up with cotton, or some rice grains should be spread, glued up, and then sucked up with a vacuum cleaner. The scattered floor can also be wiped with a piece of wet soap, and the glass shards will stick to the soap bar. Scratch it at any time and press it until it is cleared.

Have you learned these six tricks, there are so many ways to clean the floor,

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