a cabinet light, so much

Install cabinet lights, no need to cut vegetables in the dark at night.

The most important considerations in the use of cabinets are practicality and safe operation. The cabinet lights are lamps dedicated to the cabinets. According to the different parts of the cabinets, the lamps of different shapes and functions are designed, and the lighting limitations of the kitchen main lamps are also compensated.

I believe many people have such troubles, the daytime light is better, When the day is dark, even if the lights are turned on in the kitchen, the light will be blocked by the low cabinets. The operation area is dark. When washing vegetables and cooking, it is impossible to see. With this cabinet light, at night No more cooking in the dark.

As for the installation location, the decorator said that this convenient light can Installed above the kitchen sink and gas stove. Through local lighting, it is more convenient for washing and cooking operations. Convenient lamps are usually directly milled in the bottom of the cabinet, and then the embedded LEDs are controlled by the inductive radar to achieve no light during the day. At night, the light is dim, and the human body is automatically turned on when it is sensed, which is convenient and does not waste electricity.

Now there are people who can install an integrated chandelier directly. If your home is doing integrated ceilings, you can reserve a line in advance when decorating, and then let the decorator open two holes in the corresponding position later, and install the chandelier.


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