A military transport aircraft crashed in Algeria, killing 77 people

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, February 12 According to Reuters, a military transport aircraft carrying soldiers and their families in Algeria crashed on the 11th, killing 77 people. This is the most serious air crash in the country in more than a decade.

According to Algeria’s national television station, the plane crashed near the village of Ouled Gacem in the eastern part of the country. The wreckage of the aircraft smoky, and emergency personnel searched for the survivors and the bodies of the victims.

Earlier, military sources told the Algerian news agency that the crashed C-130 military transport aircraft carried 99 passengers and four crew members. Algerian media said that all 103 people on board were killed.

But the Algerian Ministry of Defence said that 77 people were killed in the crash and the cause of the crash may be due to bad weather. The Ministry of National Defense said that a special committee has been set up to investigate the cause of the accident.

It is reported that the wrecked C-130“Hercules” military transport aircraft took off from Taman Lasset Airport, 2000 km south of the capital Algiers, to the third largest city in Algeria Tantin. At around 12 noon local time, the plane crashed in the mountains of Umbuwaji province, 50 km from Constantine.

Algerian President Bouteflika announced on the same day that a three-day mourning will be held in Algeria from the 12th.

In March 2003, a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed on Algerian Airlines, killing 102 people.

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