About the floor What do you think is the right knowledge of the floor?

Now I don’t know why, many people like to buy imported building materials. It is also often said that “imported is better than domestic ones.” Is this the case? No, it’s just that ‘three people are becoming tigers’, and people are more convinced when they say more. Whether the wood is imported or domestically produced, the natural attributes of the wood itself will not change, so it is unbelievable to say that the domestic production is not good.

In the decoration, everyone will encounter the same problem, that is, why do I think that sometimes I think that is not the right thing when you If you think that the right answer meets the correct answer, you know how wrong it is. So what are the mistakes that I think about everything I think? The following small series is on the topic of the floor, let everyone know what you think is wrong. Where.

You think: imported flooring is more than domestic Good

Now I don’t know why, many people like to buy imported building materials, and often say “imported, better than domestic.” Is this not? It’s just that ‘three people are like tigers’, and people say that they are trustworthy. Whether the wood is imported or domestically produced, the natural attributes of the wood itself will not change, so it is not good to make the domestic Unbelievable. Many domestic floorings are very important for product quality and reputation. They are generally sold in regular stores. Also, you can check the product test report and certificate when you purchase. More assured.

You thought: Reinforced laminate flooring harder and more durable

In the exhibition hall, you will often see which two different woods are used by the floor merchants. The floor is tapped to compare the hardness to prove that the brand’s floor is good, and the consumer is much more entrenched because of the much seen, so the harder the quality of the laminate flooring, the better the durability. The durability of the floor is affected by a variety of reasons, not only hard. The durability of the floor is judged according to a number of comprehensive indicators, such as the density (hardness) of the floor, related to the pressure resistance of the floor; , related to the water resistance of the floor; the internal bonding strength is to see if the floor has delamination The strength of the layered floor will be reduced. The above factors will affect the durability of the floor. If the other indicators are the same, it will be harder and harder. But if it is free, the floor will be because of the floor. It lacks elasticity and becomes brittle, and in this case it is easy to break.

You think: the thicker the floor, the more Wear-resistant

Many consumers will unconsciously choose a floor with a thick skin when purchasing the floor, which will make it more wear-resistant. This cognition is incorrect. The wear resistance of the floor has a great relationship with the wood type and the paint surface, and the relationship with the thickness is not so important; the surface process is more related to the thickness. The harder and harder the wood species, the more flexible and wear-resistant the paint surface. The flexibility of the lacquer surface is not only the hardness, but also the lacquer surface is not too hard, otherwise it is brittle and easy to break.

You think: solid wood flooring is the best

Wood floors are generally divided into solid wood flooring, wood laminate flooring and laminate flooring. Many consumers will think that solid wood flooring must be the best, but its price is daunting. In fact, anything has advantages and disadvantages, the same as solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring has a good foot feel and high environmental protection. The disadvantage is that it is easily affected by the environment and causes problems such as arching, warping and deformation. Maintenance is also difficult. The solid wood composite floor has the comfortable foot feeling of the solid wood floor, and overcomes the shortcomings of the deformation of the solid wood floor. The maintenance and care are more simple, but the environmental protection of the solid wood floor is not as good as the solid wood floor. The laminate flooring is more wear-resistant, uniform in color and good in visual effect. The disadvantages are poor environmental protection, poor foot feeling and poor repairability. So in summary, the choice of the floor is still based on a comprehensive situation.


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