Acapulco Old House Modern Villa

This project is a renovation of a part of the old house in Acapulco.
Acapulco was a small town in Hollywood in the 1950s and 1960s, full of charm and wealth, where all the rich and famous people John · Wayne, John · F· Kennedy and Maria · Felix, which has a good taste and modern architecture, mixes beautiful bays and cliffs. This situation has changed over the years, the city is old, and new infrastructure is urgently needed. Most of the city has lost some classics. The taste, in addition to the old town, is still in the way of decaying the great modern life in the tropics. This is the case of this house, “CASA 3”, located in the former town of Acapulco, the nearby yacht club held the maritime activities of the 1968 Olympic Games, house construction by functionalist architect Hector Mestre In 1953, in a complex of 5 homes, this particular house was placed on a special condition to obstruct the view, without the construction of the old port, the ancient fort and the modern bay.

Reconstruction requested by the client, the challenge for the architect is to protect the original architecture and the expectations of the new life, more Space storage, new technologies and new dynamics and programs in contemporary homes in the 21st century. In addition to a new swimming pool facing the bay by redistribution, the bathroom is placed on the back, the original pool is more open, the larger the space, and a new living room terrace bar dining space.
Old houses with materials and geographical location that are not in dispute with people, but not the standard of losing them. Showing what is new and what is old, competition is a clear strategy for architecture. The new district house, mainly the heart of the house, as well as all other areas, including the lower saltwater pond.

Relevant recommended products

25-160L Hollow blowing machine for PE&PP CY120

Mill Finished Aluminium Coil AA3105 Temper H24

Corrugated Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Sheet

PPR 90°Elbow with lateral threaded female take off

Monocrystalline solar panel JAM6 48 205W

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