Amoy shopping to “find food” the first phase of the column ended perfectly, five major businesses staged a taste-seeking journey

When the night is quiet, open the refrigerator and find only a few eggs left, feel the body is hollowed out … … there is an old saying that — — people eat for the sky, where can eat those old brands , the original ecology, the ancestral secret system, the net red food? Where can I go to the country without having to go out, do not have to cook, at home, feel the food on the tip of the tongue?

Now the gospel of the foodies is coming! On December 21st, Taobao’s official event platform snapped up and launched a series of columns ——“ The aim is to dig out the old-fashioned foods of the old name, the original ecology, the craftsmanship secret, the organic, the intangible cultural heritage, the origin, the net red, etc. “Looking for the food to open the bar not only provides a better shopping guide for senior food. Recommend good things and better products for food lovers, and bring more traffic to the business and increase the conversion rate of the store!

& ldquo; Find food as the first step to dig deep into the local cuisine Column, the first wave of activities and five major specialties Gourmet merchants: “Western 蜀 、, wild flowers fragrant, Cai Huahuahua world, Copenhagen health, grinding time perfect for a gourmet experience tour! Among them, “Cai Yuhuahua World is made up of Hong Kong’s four great talents, “on the tip of the tongue “China” program general counsel, well-known famous foodie & mdash; & mdash; founded by Mr. Cai Wei. Its store products are rich, and it has a variety of specialties. Every product is produced by Cai Wei, so that the foodies can enjoy the food tour on the tip of the tongue without going out of the house!

Looking for food items in many businesses, for the foodies have carefully selected five major gourmet businesses to do this activity. Knowing the taste, leading the foodies to feel the spicy flavor of Xiqiao; wildflower fragrance brand self-operated store, let the foodies know what is truly natural, no added; Cai Huahuahua world, let the foodies taste the tip of the tongue The different cuisines; Copenhagen health, let the foodies enjoy the light and healthy while enjoying the food; grind the food, select the local characteristics, net red food, bring the goods to appreciate the customs of the motherland. This column not only brought more than 320,000 visitors to the five major gourmet businesses, but also exceeded the transaction amount of 550,000. It increased the payment conversion rate, increased the number of fans in the store, and improved the reputation of the store!

“ In addition to the support of the five major gourmet businesses, there are also Taobao TOP-level anchor singer live broadcasts, and the unprecedented scale of the largest domestic and foreign top resources linkage and mutual promotion, the rush to buy the day of strong harvest! p>

Amoy red UGC live broadcast

At 23 o’clock on the 21st, Taobao host singer in the live channel late night canteen and fans for 24 hours linkage, bringing more than 40,000 traffic per hour. The sorcerer is not the Taobao TOP-level anchor. The total number of live broadcasts on the day exceeded 360,000, the number of payment was as high as 10,000, and the transaction amount exceeded 310,000, which brought a considerable effect to the merchants!

omnichannel promotion

At the Life Research Institute, Daily Good, Taobao Headlines, Must Buy List, There are good goods and micro-Amoy, there are five categories of big coffee people, preferably good quality goods deep species Grass, detonate millions of traffic!

Taowai microblogging topic, industry KOL blessing

Weibo five big coffee content topic blessing, more Mr. Cai Wei forwarded, covering the whole More than 10 million fans in the network, more than one million traffic flooded into the Tao, microblogging topic exposure of 10 million, in one fell swoop, brand awareness!

Big coffee WeChat platform tweets

The five WeChat public numbers are linked, comprehensively analyzing products, recommending good things, and deepening the grass to detonate friends!

Mainstream news media coverage, full network short video delivery

In today’s headlines and other mainstream media homepages for promotion and display, and filming “Look for food and children’s column promotion short video, the whole process output” health food label, enhance the column , brand influence!

This rush to buy & sell" The characteristic healthy food opens the new net red gastronomy. The combination of the five major gourmet merchants not only makes the nights of the senior food stalls in the local area no longer lonely, but can enjoy the food on the tip of the tongue when sitting at home. When recommending good things, it also provides a platform for the merchants to bring a large flow, which will cost a high price. The quality products are promoted to the whole country and even the world. For the food and merchants to establish a good shopping experience, to achieve a mutually beneficial win-win!

Amoy shopping “look for food children’s section is still continue to tap the local specialties, looking for a special health food store, open for the food Another wonderful feast of the field!

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