Analysis: Floor brand is a comprehensive performance of core competitiveness

As a traditional industry, the threshold of the flooring industry is relatively low, which has caused the size and dispersion of enterprises. How do companies stand out in the flooring industry and continue to make the brand bigger and stronger, this is a problem that the industry has been discussing. This paper analyzes the importance of brands in the flooring industry for core competitiveness from the perspective of improving the brand competitiveness of the flooring industry.

Brand is the comprehensive performance of core competitiveness

In the competition of modern market, the comprehensive performance of competitiveness is mainly reflected in the brand. A brand is not just a sign, but a comprehensive indicator of the quality, performance, and reliability of a consumer’s utility. Especially for the flooring industry, the brand is the soul of competitiveness. How to make a brand, a big brand, and a strong brand is of great significance for enhancing the brand competitiveness of China’s flooring industry.

A brand condenses the cultural connotation of the company’s scientific management, market reputation, and the pursuit of perfect corporate spirit. Once the brand is established and maintained, it will occupy a certain position in the minds of consumers and gradually develop into a famous brand. Its competitiveness will have a full product diffusion effect and a collective effect of industry organization. That is to say, a competitive flooring brand can make a series of products of the same brand competitive, and a group of companies gathered under the banner of the same floor brand has the ability to fight the market storms.

As the brand is at the core of the factors of product competitiveness, in order to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the brand, it is necessary to make a fuss about improving the competitiveness of the brand. Only by truly improving the competitiveness of the product can we In turn, the core competitiveness of the entire enterprise is improved.

The competitiveness of the floor brand is concentrated on the core competitiveness of the company.

1. The competitiveness of the floor brand is reflected in the market development of the product. Brand is the product of market economy and market competition. The advantage of brand is inevitably first manifested in market competition. The essence of market competition is to compete for consumers. The main purpose of the brand strategy is to enjoy a better reputation than other brands among consumers, and to occupy an advantage in the competition for consumers;

2. The competitiveness of flooring brands is also reflected in the ability of enterprises to continue to develop. The asset status of an enterprise is the basis for the enterprise to obtain economic benefits, and is the basis for the continued development of the enterprise. The brand has the ability to continuously store the tangible assets and intangible assets that the enterprise continuously accumulates and develops. The former president of the Coca-Cola Company said: ‘Even if the Coca-Cola factory is destroyed, as long as the name Coca-Cola is available, I can rebuild the world’s largest beverage company within a year. ‘In the fierce market economy environment, dare to say such things, it shows confidence in the more than 30 billion intangible assets Coca-Cola condenses;

3, floor brand competitiveness in personalized service . Personalized service is an important part of brand competitiveness. It is difficult to replace high-level, high-quality personalized service that will directly enhance brand value and enhance brand competitiveness.

Wood flooring as a terminal product directly facing consumers, many companies and their numerous brands have participated in the positive competition for the attention of consumers, coupled with the large-scale entry of foreign capital and listed company capital, corresponding It has improved the level of technical equipment in the industry, and also brought about changes in the organizational structure and brand and marketing strategies of enterprises. As the market competition intensifies, 20% of the brands will occupy 80% of the market share, and the status of well-known brands will become more and more prominent.

Release date: 2012/3/22 9:23:26

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