Analysis of the seven sins of laying the floor in summer decoration. See if you are stupid?

One sin: floor accumulation

The summer weather is dry and hot, which is the high season of fire. There are many tools and materials in the home improvement site. The wooden floor must be placed in a cool place. Do not pile up with other materials. Otherwise, it will easily cause the material to burn due to excessive temperature and cause fire.

Two sins: do not pay attention to the environmental protection of the floor

summer rainstorms are gone, home improvement is to pay attention to the moisture content of the floor, pay attention to the standard board moisture content does not exceed 12%. In addition, solid wood flooring may add formaldehyde during the production process. If the humidity in the air exceeds 45% and the temperature reaches 28 °C or above, the formaldehyde will be released in multiple times and a strong pungent odor will be generated.

Three sins: high temperature and rainy construction

laying the floor to avoid high temperatures, 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C is the best temperature for decoration, beyond this temperature, the floor is easy to lighten. Excessive temperature will also affect the state of work, resulting in unsatisfactory paving consequences. However, construction in rainy days will not work. Continuous rain will cause the humidity of the air to reach 70% or more. There may be problems such as arching and lifting after laying the floor.

Four sins: do not consider the warmth of the wall

The southern part of the relatively rare warm wall heating phenomenon, but basically every household in the north. Therefore, when laying the floor, avoid the floor heating pipe, and pay attention to the place where the wall is warm.

Five sins: too much floor clearance

When laying the floor, workers in order to save time, the floor is laid a lot of gaps, if the weather is dry, it will lead to floor shrinkage, The gap becomes larger and eventually causes the floor to loosen or deform.

six sins: direct sunlight on the floor

summer sun is hot, to avoid the floor exposed to the sun, so as not to damage the surface of the paint by strong ultraviolet rays, resulting in cracking and aging of the floor.

Seven sins: just step on the pavement

People can’t wait to try new things, and they can’t help but step on the newly laid floor, in fact In the 48 hours after laying the floor, avoid moving or placing heavy objects on the floor, so that the floor has enough time and space to bond together.

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Solid floor plan rendering

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Solid floor plan rendering

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Solid floor plan rendering

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Solid wood floor paving renderings

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Solid floor plan

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Solid floor laying effect map

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Solid floor laying effect Figure

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Solid floor plan

Summary: The floor is an important part of the home improvement, for a while Suddenly it is easy to produce the desired results or not there will be risks, so be sure to pay more attention when laying on the floor, to avoid mistakes of the situation, so as not to do useful work.

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