Animal blood bricks that have been neglected

For years, scientists have been working hard to develop inexpensive alternative building materials. But there is a material that is unexpectedly strong, safe, and waterproof, just too creepy: animal blood. The recent architectural graduate Jack Hami realized this rich, greatly wasted substance that could be used as a building material in less developed countries. However, the controversial material is definitely a red environmental label as a beef cattle industry that has begun to pay attention to many negative environmental impacts, and vegetarians and various religious groups will certainly not rest under the blood house. However, Monroe believes that this innovative and beautiful idea may require the creation of new jobs and the potential of a cleaner community.

A cow produces 8 gallons of blood. Why not try to recycle this material into a useful form? When Hami organizes the time and blood experiment, first disinfect and then add sand. Once, the baked product was glued together in a glue. The experiment has not yet established a professional production line, but the glue-like substance is surprisingly waterproof and perfect for arid climates and erosive environments.

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