Antique floor and laminate flooring market dynamics

The sales of antique flooring continued to decline, and merchants have adopted various methods to open up customers and increase sales; the floor export market has begun to shift, and domestic flooring merchants have shifted their eyes from Europe and the United States to neighboring countries in Asia.

1, antique floor: sales continue to decline, businesses have adopted various methods to open up customers and increase sales.

The recent downturn in the flooring market has dragged down the sales of flooring. Many merchants have reported to reporters that they have not received new floor orders for a long time. The projects they are doing now are mainly orders from old customers. However, with the continued downturn in the home improvement market, orders from old customers are also decreasing. In order to obtain more orders, the floor merchants will continue to improve the use of the products in addition to giving greater discounts on the price. Such as antique flooring, the reporter recently found that many floor businesses are selling some plates larger than the floor wide. Merchants revealed to reporters that these antique floors, in addition to having better quality, are more characteristic in hand and shape, and in use, they can be used for both flooring and wallboarding, and more importantly The price is quite cheap. In the case of falling sales, merchants have taken various measures to open up customers and increase sales. It can also be seen that the current operating pressure of flooring businesses is constantly expanding. At present, Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market has a price of 165 yuan/square meter for the antique floor of 600m 125×18mm.

2, laminate flooring: the export market began to shift, domestic flooring business eyes from Europe and the United States to the neighboring countries.

The recent Autumn Canton Fair in Guangzhou is still crowded, but under the influence of the US ‘double reverse’, the floor exports have gradually changed. According to the information observed and learned by the reporter, most of the foreign businessmen in this autumn fair are Asian foreign businessmen (such as India, Egypt, Iran, etc.), while the proportion of foreign businessmen in North America and Western Europe is less than 5%. In addition, most of the foreign merchants are wholesalers and building materials dealers. The floor expertise is insufficient. They do not pay attention to the craftsmanship of the color scheme, but they have an unusual sensitivity to the price of the floor. The laminate flooring with the most obvious price advantage has always been these foreign merchants. darling’. Domestic flooring merchants also reported to reporters that the European and American flooring market has become increasingly weak. In the past month, three cabinets could be used. Now, three months can also sell one cabinet, with low sales and low profits. The attractiveness of the flooring market to domestic flooring merchants is waning. At present, Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market has a price of 70 yuan/square meter for 807×130×12mm.

Other floor market conditions: the property market continued to slump, the first-tier urban floor market remained weak, the pace of business development in the second-tier city floor market continued to increase, and the cheaper products became the ‘life-saving straw’ of the floor business.

Release date: 2011/11/18 11:14:31

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