Australian bathroom cabinet market analysis

Australia is a very important international market in the Southern Hemisphere. It is sparsely populated. Although the population is small, the demand is relatively large. Capital: Canberra, major cities are: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Ade, Ryder, etc., but this one of Sydney, Mer, Brisbane, Ryder has the largest consumer market and Large merchants, most of their bathroom furniture are imported from some Asian countries, including Vietnam, India, Thailand accounted for 40%, China accounted for 50%, (previously imported from Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chaozhou, but the future is expected The direction will be in Guangdong, as the Australian market is increasingly demanding quality. Europe accounts for 10%, which is a high-end consumer market.

Since Australia’s main population is British and European white, the consumption concept is as rational as Europe. The people who are engaged in purchasing or selling are generally experienced people over the age of 40. They will be everywhere every year. Going to the exhibition, that is, the boldness of Europeans, the mentality of merchants in the Mediterranean countries, shop around, bargaining, but unlike the merchants in the Mediterranean countries, they have a clear direction of procurement and will not easily change suppliers.

Style: North America, the Middle East and some Southeast Asian countries, the pursuit of luxury, high-end, unique and other characteristics of the products, they need the style must be simple, practical, high character, high quality bathroom cabinet.

Material: Most buyers will require MDF, PVC, multi-layer board and other materials. Don’t hear that PVC, MDF, multi-layer board and other materials are low-grade products, and the quality requirements are not high. On the contrary, because Australia pays attention to environmental protection, the requirements for the sheet are also very high. The sheet requirements are E0, but most of the E1 grade will still be accepted.

Price: Since the price of the entire Australian market is not high, the price is also very important. For example, the standard 600, 750 size cabinet is required to be 100-150 USD, and the quality requirements are relatively high. Most surface treatments require white, varnish. Now they are looking forward to some European market styles, so they also like wood grain surface treatment. They need varnish, etc. They should be very smooth, and the surface should not have a trace of particles. The English expression is: smooth white or smooth finish.

Style: Most of the hanging modern cabinets are mostly small in size, such as: 600, 750, 900, 1200, and some double basins will have 1500; Most use ceramic pots or artificial stone white pots. They need Australia standard certification for ceramics, but if you buy them together, you don’t need it for a while, huh~, anyway, our whole set of bathroom cabinets and ceramic basins don’t need this certification for the time being, but some customers have asked for this certification. of.

Countertop materials are mainly: ceramic, acrylic, quartz stone countertops, etc. If the artificial stone countertops are generally 20mm, the surface pattern requirements are relatively small and uniform, the color is white, beige and so on. There are many engineering customers in Australia, and the styles and sizes are not standard. Generally, the ODM cooperation mode, such customers rarely use the factory-designed style.

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