Egg-shaped tent made of 4760 3D printed blocks okorder

3DPrinting technology has continued to create miracles over the years. Dutch designerMichiel van der Kleyspent3D spend three years developing and building this tent with the help of a few people.

egg Project is made by 4760Block3DPrintedStoneBuilding, each one is slightly different, forming this 60Cubic organic modules. Each piece is made by 3DPrint one by one and print them out, and then put them in the exact order and place them in the desired position. The components are held together to form the final shape with openings at both ends.
Van der Kley
Let anyone use the desktop3DPrinter participates in printing stones.
If you don’t have a printer, he It will let you choose a stone and print it for you so that you can still contribute to the project.

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Tubular ceramic okorder

We arePiet Hein EekThe hardcore fan of ceramics, now we are very excited, he launched the latest clock and speakers. Working with a young design brandLeff Amsterdam, he created Tubular series, including tubular clocks, tubular speakers, tubular wooden clocks.

Tubular clocks use a special extrusion technique to compress aluminum into its shape through a mold.
Tubular speaker is a beautiful Bluetooth speaker that has the same shape as a tubular clock, made of brass, copper and steel.
Tubular wooden clocks are built on a tubular clock, and the clock is placed in a darker, heavier piece of wood. . Brass style/Brown Oak, Copper/Black Grey, Steel/Natural Hevea.

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VONDOM outdoor carpet okorder

A few years ago we testedVONDOM; new outdoor rug, Marquis, the company continues to develop new carpet designs and Cooperation with various designers. Outdoor spaces have become as important as your interior space, so creating an outside area of ​​a living room or dining room can help expand the area of ​​your house. Carpets are closely related to space, and now the role of outdoor rugs has risen to the same level as indoor rugs, so you can design a perfect outdoor space. Take a look at some of the VONDOM<span style="font-family: Times New Roman;

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Spectacular illusion makes the flat wall vortex okorder

Peter KoglerThe geometric pattern transforms into a flat white wall with a dazzling underground tunnel illusion. The artist used wavy lines to cover the gallery walls, using curves and dive to make the audience feel that they were involved in the whirlpool. Some of these designs include the entire corridor so that people can experience the full effect through these patterns.

Space illusion of pipes and trajectories Arousing the feeling of a near claustrophobic version can be linked to underground public transportation. Just like taking the subway, KoglerThe static design seems to mimic a constant motion that makes people lose their sense of direction.

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Fiber optic lights turn the bathroom floor into a starry night sky okorder

Do you want to add some beautiful spots to your boring bathroom floor? Ok, now you can. A name is BaldrThe creative sharing members turned their toilet tiles into a sky that looks like a starry night, letting them tell you what to do. Use materials such as fiber optic lamps, tiles and grouts, plus some extra time, this is a DIY The project is suitable for convenient homeowners.
Once you have collected the required equipment list, Baldrwill instruct you to develop a plan for the direction of the light. Put them under the tiles. It’s very useful to know how to lay tiles, but Baldr does not completely follow the traditional method. You will eventually need to trim the fibers properly so that your floor will light up. This is a great and unique way to decorate your bathroom.

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Luxury accommodation for car renovation okorder

Adventurous travelers can now extend their roaming to bold, redesigned cable cars to transform luxury accommodation. It is suspended in mid-air and is located in the French Alps Courcheval ski resort. But before booking a ticket, you must know that no one can rent it. This gorgeous room is actually a grand prize for the recent competition in the ski resort.

This cable car is suspended at an altitude2700,close toSommet de la SaulireThe top of the mountain. AirbnbThe company transformed it into an amazing one-bedroom twin apartment that can accommodate four guests at a time.
Here, the winner will be carried on the mountain by snowmobiles, enjoying the Savoyard dishes in the car, and watching the scenery from the sky at night and sleeping under the stars.
sounds exciting, isn’t it? 3Month6DayAfter opening, only four winners will be selected.

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Cat game room built with squares okorder

cat cat cat (the best name in history?) recently5 Successfully launched their recent creations “squares” and received funding. "squares" is a modular package consisting of beams, cubes, tunnels, ramps and two connectors. You can easily build a personalized game room for your cat.

It is 100%Biodegradable recycled materials. Although it is light, it is very strong and can withstand the weight of any cat.

By random combination structure, it can be used for each stage The cat provides psychological and physical stimulation.

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Economical Golf artificial turf grass with fibrillated and protect athletes from sport injury

The baby bed reproduces the movie “Great White Shark” okorder

Joseph is a sculptor and toy designer who created this extremely scary crib.

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Melbourne garden-style modern architecture okorder

This home is located on the outskirts of Melbourne to meet the current and future needs of its owners. This was designed and built by architect Jackson, which has a very clean and beautiful structure. Contains a design with contemporary dwellings and a wonderful garden. The house has a simple design and the internal function division also meets the needs of the owners.

The structure of the house allows everyone to make the most of the surrounding environment and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In this way, the garden has also become an important part of the architecture. Contemporary design has led to a home with a very simple form. Inside, the house is divided into two spaces, public and private. The main use of wood is in the living area, while the private space is also warm and relaxed.

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Beautiful single space design in Sao Paulo, Brazil okorder

This apartment is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is a beautiful single space. At the same time, this place was refurbished. The project was led by architect Flavio Castro. The apartment has an open space and kitchen, and the dining and living spaces form a large area. Customized very beautiful, each part, there is not much wall blocking, each has its own personality.

Living space is a simple and comfortable leisure space, decorated with two types of color buffers and two others Types of seats, including a simple black countertop and two yellow armchairs, illuminate the room. As you can see, all the features and different spaces are seamlessly combined. Open shelves, cube-shaped wooden structures allow for a smooth transition.

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