The sustainability and environmental friendliness of the igloo hotel okorder

Does it look like a real winter wonderland? Our current luxury resort has a charming igloo hotel. Located in the small village of the Swiss Alps, it is 1,400 meters high. This sustainable space can accommodate up to 30 guests and bring them luxury and adventure. The igloo sees not only from fairy tales, but also with a wood stove for more comfort and coziness. Each igloo is situated on a wooden platform. The room was very comfortable, with a double bed and bathroom. For every room, enjoy the panoramic view through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are many facilities at the resort, such as ski resorts and ski lifts, restaurants, bars, and spas. But the igloo hotel stands out for its individual décor and traditional furnishings. If you are still looking for your Christmas holiday there, then this will be the right destination.

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Use of red carpet in the gallery okorder

The gallery is a place with lots of works, an art-filled place, and many people who love these works come to visit, so the gallery also needs an excellent design.

The use of carpet in the gallery “width=”400″ height=”265″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQ screenshot 20141216112818.jpg” />

This is a gallery design with a red carpet. The walls of the gallery are built in a retro style, built with gray bricks that make people feel gray, but It also gives people a sense of history. The ground is covered with red carpets, and some colored murals are hung on the walls, matching the gray walls, making people feel that the gallery is stable and serious.

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Art-filled public restroom design okorder

This is an art-filled public restroom design. The ceiling of the bathroom is made up of irregular geometry, and the illumination of the light makes the bathroom an exhibition venue, high-end, atmospheric.

Below is a sink on the wall of the recess, and there are two wash basins on the sink. Hold two people at the same time. There is also a large mirror on the wall to make it easier for people to organize their clothes. Behind is a row of toilets, separated by small compartments, which fully guarantee people’s privacy. The doors of the compartments are unique patterns that also bring out the art of the bathroom.

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A complex apartment design in downtown Warsaw okorder

In general, modern apartments are focused on visual effects, which are usually done by color or by other means. Creating a focus in such a space is usually bold and eye-catching. However, there are also tendencies and minimalist designs with neutral tones, and combining these two concepts is not as easy as it seems. There are many examples of successful projects, and this is one of them.

The apartment was designed by Architektury. It has a simple and complex interior, where the atmosphere is calm, warm and elegant. The apartment covers an area of ​​180 square meters and is located in the top floor building, close to the centre of Warsaw.
In this location and situation, the apartment design is not only satisfied with a beautiful interior, but also wants to see the beauty of the city. In fact, this place has the best view of the town. The apartment overlooks the Vistula River and faces the National Stadium, the Old Town and the Warsaw Library and some universities on one side.
The decoration here is very simple, with clear lines and simple forms. Oak floors add warmth to the room, while marble surfaces and silk wallpaper give them some complexity. The palette includes neutral and vibrant tones. The navy blue and orange accent colors are meant to create bold contact points and add some energy to the room.

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A stylish apartment in London okorder

This stylish apartment is located on the streets of London, close to Sloane Square, Kings Road, and is conveniently located. The current asking price on the market is 3.475 million euros. This is the interior design of a stylish two bedroom apartment. The decor is not too eye-catching, but it is very elegant and modern.

More than 2,000 square feet of living space, it also includes a private roof terrace. A simple but luxurious interior flat feature. The decor is elegant and fun, and the colors are beautiful. This will be very suitable for young people to live.
The loft includes a large reception area and the restaurant is adjacent to the kitchen. The kitchen is modern in design and is equipped with all the electrical needs. The upper level is the master bedroom suite, which is a spacious room with a large walk-in dressing area and a bathroom. There is also a double suite and a study on the same floor, which can also be used as a bedroom. The internal structure is simple but functionally designed. The interiors are tasteful and the colours are very beautiful, they create a nice contrast. The decoration is mainly black and white, pink gadgets. The only exception is the master bedroom, which is a very soothing, colorful room.

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The look of the farmhouse after renovation okorder

This is an old abandoned farmhouse that has been refurbished to give him a fresh and elegant look. Architectenbureau Architectenbureau not only uses the structure and refurbishment to make it beautiful, such a house retains its unique identity. The front of the building was not obscured and various new composite materials were used on the back. The outer material and the new interior material have the same color and rustic feel as the original house. The interior has been beautifully finished and the house is indeed a safe haven.

This is a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very nice design, both in design and interior. Each room, specifically look, has a different atmosphere and decor. What they all have in common is the modern and simple style. I am very pleased that all materials and models work together to form a complete and balanced image.

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Earth art is built on the Bobcat Lake okorder

Artist Sonja Hinrichsen and more than 60 volunteers create earth art, titled this spectacular snow and ice landscape, on foot to Frozen Lake Cat Lakes (Colorado), while wearing snowshoes, miles away, into intricate swirls Pattern. The amazing piece is part of her snow series, an ongoing project that allows for the establishment of these large, temporary interventions that can be attended by community members.

The creative process itself is the most visible part of this work. This is very important to me. Participants experience the elements of nature, and they help me to change my familiar ice and snow landscape into a piece of art. A statement about the artist’s project. “After completion, photos taken in the air can be shown to more viewers, how the landscape is transformed into a piece of art, through the design of the system.

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Belfort Furniture Company donates seedlings okorder

Belfort Furniture purchased 35,000 seedlings and donated it to schools in Virginia. Since the establishment of the Virginia Department of Forestry in 2007, Belfort Furniture has been supporting the work of the Forestry Department and actively participating in the greening and environmental protection business. Over the years, Belfort Furniture has donated a total of 265,000 seedlings to Virginia schools and other public sectors to help clean the air, protect our rivers and improve the quality of life for all Virginians.
Senior forest protector Terry said: “Belfort Furniture is deeply concerned about the environment and is a role model for other companies. The company donated a tree seedling, and the trees that were lost every year were returned to the tree. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution, and block the sun in summer. ”
Michael &middot, President and CEO of Belfort Furniture, said: “Belfort Furniture is proud to work with the Virginia Department of Forestry to plant trees, which we give back to the community.” Every kind of tree can reduce carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution, and protect our homes. ”

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Madrid 21m2 apartment okorder

The size of 21 square meters is usually a small room. If it is bigger, it might be better. It is hard to imagine living in such a small space. But sometimes, the interior design can surprise you. The scale becomes less important, when you have enough features around you to comfort you.

Take this apartment as an example. It’s only 21 square meters but it’s very attractive, not as crowded as you think. The apartment is located in Madrid, designed and manufactured by MYCC in 2012. It is spacious enough to allow a person to live and work here without problems. Designers use bright colors to make the space look bigger and more ethereal. The walls are white and the same colour is used on the ceiling and floor. However, you don’t feel cold and don’t hate it. The transition between rooms is seamless, which makes the apartment as a whole, not as a small space or a smaller area. The focus of the decorative function is comfort and practicality. Minimalism is a must-have design in this case, and it turns out that this is a very good choice. Although the apartment is small, this great design is surprisingly wonderful.

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The freight container is transformed into a giant guitar okorder

We have seen a lot of conversions from shipping containers to offices, homes and even luxury restaurants on the outskirts of Paris. But here is what we never thought about. We will see the Kobe Biennale from Japan, which transforms a container into a giant guitar as a product of artistic cooperation. Artists experience this immersive sound experience and let visitors feel.

The giant guitar consists of eight giant steel strings that straddle the interior of the container. The horizontal rod at one end of the string is held in place and the frame is at the entrance. The vertical end is equipped with a tuning peg, which can really change the sound of the instrument! For those who want to practice their solo, it’s actually electric, with two input jacks plugged into the corresponding amplifier.
Exploring the interior of a huge guitar at the same time is a visual experience in itself, and the artist is also interested in the space of dynamic vibration and physical reaction. With this in mind, they are convinced that the guitar strings shine in the dark, allowing visitors to experience interactive sound containers through different visual environments. As the lights go out, visitors can choose to close their eyes, feel the resonance of the guitar or turn them on, and witness the playing of the strings while dancing in the dark.

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