Glass splash-proof integrated into open kitchen design okorder

Interested in joining a contact point, your cooking area? These glass splashes may not rank high in practicality in the kitchen, but they are highly modern and aesthetically intriguing.

The most appealing aspect of these designs is that you can choose any color or shape that may be printed directly on the glass with your choice. Any image that really opens up the possibility of design. All glass is tempered, which means it can withstand heat up to 220 ° C, so it can be positioned beautifully in the kitchen behind the stove.

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Wooden apartment created in Italy surprised okorder

Located in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Italian alpine resort, this warm apartment design is defined by wood to inspire the whole winter. As envisioned, Casa offers a pristine living environment and a perfect holiday destination.

Every interior is unique, as various decorative details and perfect mountain views can be found through small windows .

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A new luxury type: Bentley Furniture Collection okorder

Inspired by the superior finish and design of the Bentley car interior, the new Bentley furniture collector Carlo Colombo is an example of British elegance with a touch of British rider spirit. The UK-based luxury car company, with its complexity and engineering expertise, now reflects these characteristics on the collection of furniture, which turns into an artistic state.

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Try the latest decorative trends to adjust the fun of life okorder

The trend of home furnishings is constantly changing, and it is not always easy to know how to use them in their own living space. Here are some of the latest decorative trends as information adapts to their way to your home for a timeless and stylish way.
1. Metal magic.

Metals become interesting style items for household items. Both brass and bronze are particularly fashionable. For beauty and other projects, they can be incorporated into a variety of different decorative styles, from vintage to modern. When using these metals in your home decor, try to make sure you keep the infusion to a minimum to make sure it is amazing and not excessive.

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Nagoya Practical Family Residence okorder

This is a practical home, and the bookshelf is a trapezoidal extension.

The enrichment of furniture is a bit like a store that doesn’t have a sense of life.

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Italian 20th century villa renovation okorder

This project was remodeled from a villa in the 1960s, located at the northern end of the Italian capital, along the consular Roman road and the residential building of the Vio Natural Park. At three levels of organization, the villa has been redesigned to accommodate all levels of very different functions.

The ground floor is dedicated to playing and relaxing. This floor is organized by a large spa that is completely covered with teak, 6× 2.5 meters countercurrent to the other end of the hydro-pool.

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Fentress Architects prepares to take off okorder

Fentress Architects designed the new Tom · Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be open to the public in August, bathing travelers in the splendid Los Angeles sunshine as they begin Their journey. A group of Fentress Architects has a major stakeholder workshop to identify a cluster that can clearly be noticed throughout the design theme.

These include beaches, cities, mountains, sunshine, sports and openness. A wave of inspirational roofscape leaps across the Pacific Ocean near the 1.2 million square foot terminal, evoking the imagery. The Sunshine Cascade to the Sponge Hall of the Great Hall – was named to commemorate Los Angeles Mayor Antonio · Villaragoza Pavilion – through the large glass windows to illuminate the skylights, while passengers sit down and enjoy the Santa Monica Mountains from various dining areas view.

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Waterfront Villa Expansion in Clare, Australia okorder

A self-contained timber pavilion from a main house as a retreat in a brief home provided by an additional relaxed existing 1970s merchant building, Melbourne-based architectural practice Claresins Architecture + Interior Design .

The existing single-storey house has a limited access to the sea in Mornington, Victoria, location and block. Rather than dismantling or refurbishing existing buildings, the practice is to keep the building intact and to design a new building that sits adjacent to the original front site, thus exacerbating the connection between the old and the new.

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New York Design Studio is shortlisted at Van Allen College okorder

The Allen Institute today released three design proposals for a street-level space from ground/finalist competitions to accommodate new homes organized in New York-based design. The commercial information service of the competitive WAN was released.

In May, Van Allen launched ground/work, calling for a new first floor venue for emerging architects that will accommodate More than a hundred years of non-profit events, competitions, and curatorial projects, exploring the vision of an innovative architecture program is a design competition and urban life.

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The cabinet in the locker room does not have to have a door piece okorder

It is not only the Daping number home that can enjoy an independent dressing room. Usually, as long as 0.7 ping or so of space, you can have a simple small dressing room! If you have a ping size, you can plan a more sturdy font! In addition, each space is inevitably cut into pieces of space, we can use these distortion space, plus the use of the system cabinet, to create a small but small and efficient dressing room! The distortion space is usually not large. If there is a window, try to grasp the position of the window. The cabinet is designed to not cover the height of the view. The high cabinets are planned on both sides.
It is recommended to use the sliding door because it can save the arc space of the general door switch and gain more space for the small space. Usually women would like to be able to set up a dressing table in the locker room. If the space is not large, they can be arranged in a geographical form. For example, a non-square space can be planned as a dressing room in the small walkway of the bedroom and the dressing room. The connection between the locker room and other spaces can be connected by sliding doors or simple curtains, saving space and being beautiful. It should be noted that because of the moisture problem in the dressing room and the bathroom, it is best to use waterproof door panels such as glass. The door is used as a compartment to block the moisture and keep the clothes dry.

The cabinet in the locker room does not have to have a door piece, which reduces the space for the door to push and pull, so that the cabinet can be used. Add a little more storage space. The design of the hidden door piece allows the dressing room to be hidden in the master bedroom, presenting the simplicity and integrity of the space. Using the principle of the wardrobe, planning the space of the dressing room, the open storage design, the function of the storage, and the storage design to facilitate the sorting of the clothing of the owner. The master bedroom dressing room is aimed at the needs of male and female owners, such as drawers and belts pulled out vertically, so that the male owner can see at a glance, such a dressing room design, even a small and narrow space, can achieve full access to the storage mechanism.
I don’t like the door to isolate the dressing room from the external space. I use the curtains, tulle, and curtains to make the connection. I keep the privacy for the dressing and the aesthetic effect. The focus is on saving space and being beautiful. Before the silly thought that having a locker room is the privilege of the mansion, and the locker room in the impression should be that the space is large enough to dance inside, the storage cabinet can be full of hundreds, and the hardware accessories make the clothing sorted neatly, so arrogant. The appearance ~ small is too stupid too naive & hellip; in fact, even if you reduce a little bedroom space, or sacrifice the large size of the wardrobe, as long as 0.7 ping or so, you can create a small simple locker room! In addition to the use of booms, telescopic hangers, storage boxes or baskets, it is not always necessary to use the cabinet for clothing storage, even if it is a small dressing room, can meet the needs of use!

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