The benefits of kitchen installation integrated ceilings you need to know okorder

When watching American TV dramas, we found that foreign kitchens never seem to use aluminum gussets, so Chinese kitchen ceilings can also be used without aluminum gussets?

There is an old saying in China that is called “the people eat food for the sky”. It shows that Chinese people pay more attention to diet, and there are eight major cuisines in China, which are much richer than the simple western food of foreigners. Of course, the smoke is heavy. some. For Chinese families, kitchen ceilings and integrated ceiling aluminum gussets are essential.

1, kitchen integrated ceiling is the most practical

In general, the kitchen is soy and humid If you choose to use gypsum board, it will be very troublesome to clean the ceiling later, because in the environment of humid heavy oil, wood or plaster will be easily corroded, and its service life will be greatly shortened, especially if the interior If it is eroded, it will be very troublesome to clean up, and there is no way to clean it up. Although some people choose to use PVC panels in kitchen ceilings, due to the plastic, the ceilings are easy to fade and age, and their service life is not too long. However, if an integrated ceiling is used, these problems will not occur due to the properties of the aluminum gusset.

2. Advantages of integrated ceiling installation in kitchen

1. Excellent surface coating performance. High-quality aluminum gusset plate is generally made of high-quality paint. It is coated by imported automatic high-speed coating line. The board surface is flat, no color difference, strong coating adhesion, acid, alkali and salt spray erosion, no discoloration for a long time. It does not fall off, and the fluorocarbon coated board is an ideal decorative material for outdoor use. It has a service life of more than ten years and is easy to maintain. It is clean and fresh as it is washed with water.

2, very strong composite fastness. The high-quality integrated ceiling aluminum gusset plate is made of high-polyplastic and high-molecular materials which are hot-pressed. Generally, there is no adhesive layer damage after 2 hours of boiling water test.

3, moderate temperature. The integrated ceiling aluminum gusset plate can generally be used under large temperature changes, and its excellent performance is not affected.

4, light weight and high strength. Generally, each board averages about 8.5 kg. Under the same rigidity, the weight of the integrated ceiling is much lighter than other materials.

5, sound insulation, shockproof. The aluminum-plastic composite board has the dual properties of metal and plastic. Its vibration attenuation coefficient is six times that of pure aluminum plate. The air sound insulation is better than other plates, and the thermal conductivity is small. It is an ideal building material for sound insulation, heat insulation and shock resistance.

6. Safe, non-toxic and fireproof. The core layer of the aluminum gusset plate is non-toxic polyethylene, and its surface is non-combustible aluminum plate, so the surface burning characteristics meet the fire resistance requirements of the building code.

7, rich in color, wide selection. The integrated ceiling has a wide range of colors, and the colors can be combined and matched, harmonious and elegant.

8, excellent processing performance. The integrated ceiling can be cut, sawed, milled, punched, pressed, folded, bent, etc., and can accurately complete the design modeling requirements.

The kitchen has an integrated ceiling with so many advantages, isn’t your home still installed?


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Smart toilets are easy to use when you buy them home. okorder

But the smart toilet is a household wading appliance whose product structure is more complicated than the average household appliance. While giving us a quality of life, we also need our usual careful maintenance.

When we start to focus on the environment at home and gradually turn to health, hygiene and comfort, we are able to arrange quality life. For example, change one to your home smart toilet, the ultimate in toilets can significantly improve the quality of our lives.

But smarttoiletas a household wading appliance, its products The structure is more complicated than ordinary household appliances. While it brings us a quality of life, we also need our usual careful maintenance.

Power off

This is the first and most important step in maintenance. Intelligent toilets are electrical products, so be sure to cut off the power before cleaning, so as to avoid electrical safety accidents.

Do not wash with water

Smart toilets need to keep the bathroom dry and ventilated during daily use. It is strictly forbidden to rinse or spray directly with water. Otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the electrical components of the product, and it will be very troublesome to repair.

Clean cover

The seat cover of the smart toilet is equipped with a damping descent function to prevent the sound from being too loud when the cover is lowered, which affects rest. Therefore, after the toilet is used, the cover will be slowly closed with a gentle push, and if the force is too strong, it will easily affect the function and life of the toilet cover.

Cleaning the toilet

The toilet ceramic body is recommended to be descaled and cleaned every half month. Use a proper amount of toilet to pour into the toilet water seal (water trap) for about 15 minutes, then rinse with the toilet brush.


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The development of the whole assembly is blocked, and the key to quality cooperation or breaking okorder

After 2018, many home furnishing companies have been intensively arranged, including the homestay, Ou Pai and other custom home giants and seagull workers, Huida and other sanitary enterprises.

Customized companies are unanimously straddle, converging Behind the action reflects the potential trend of the industry. The whole assembly seems to be the next slogan after the big home and the whole house customization. At one time, the hot words such as the whole bathroom, the whole house decoration, the whole house and the whole house began to appear. Volkswagen silver screen.

But it seems that the hot stuff is really like it The concept is generally beautiful, let consumers “one-stop decoration”, “stay in the bag” and “what you see is what you get”, thus bringing the industry a disruptive experience?

European Home communicates with industry professionals and believes that the concept of self-assembly is very good for consumers. It is also feasible for some companies. As the industry continues to develop, the future may bring to the industry. Some good changes, but not enough to “subvert”, there is still a distance in time. At present, there are still some resistances in the whole installation:

First, the property is limited to purchase, the whole company is in contact with the hardcover house

Affected by the upstream industry, the overall size of the home improvement market is gradually shrinking. In the past two years, the real estate market has gradually entered a downturn, and many cities have introduced property purchase restrictions. As the property market returns to rationality, the volume of new homes has dropped significantly, and consumer demand for decoration has decreased. In addition, the popularization of real estate policies such as hardcover houses and full decoration is also restricting the development of the whole package business. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, since 2016, the finished decoration houses in the first-tier cities such as Beishangguang have reached more than 80%, and many second- and third-tier cities are also increasing the proportion of finished houses.

The increase in the proportion of hardcover and finished rooms means Reduced flow of the package. On the one hand, hardcover real estate developers integrate all aspects of decoration and building materials to optimize resource allocation. On the other hand, hardcover houses eliminate many complicated links such as consumer decoration. With the advent of the era of fine decoration, many assembly companies will face transformation due to their inability to adapt to the needs of the finished residential market.

Second, the business abacus is loud, but the integration ability is insufficient

For home improvement companies, The whole package is proposed to integrate the SKU, expand the product line, increase the customer price and corporate profit, but the overall installation is much higher than the whole house customization, and really need to be “one-stop all-inclusive” and “stay in the bag” The challenges are far greater than expected.

package is not a simple product package package, more The integration of the entire chain, including construction services, supply chain, warehousing and distribution, requires strong integration capabilities, efficient basic production facilities and high industry height, without a competitive product supply chain. Perfect service system and excellent product portfolio are difficult to make the whole assembly.

Xu Yufeng, Director of Haojia Home Improvement Operations, told Yiou Home With one’s own strength, we can do everything from production to construction to delivery.The industry has not yet appeared. Even the European-style, Shangpin home with some head brands are still in a state of light trial, and the average SMEs simply can’t play. Many emerging home improvement companies in the market use the banner of the package package to speed up the rapid decision-making of consumers with the simplest product quotation, but in fact, there is very little content. Actually, there will be additional projects or changes to the service content at the construction site. In the case of the situation, it is easy to have subsequent service disputes. The emergence of these “pseudo-packages” is also a manifestation of the lack of corporate capabilities.

Three, consumer cognition , the result of the whole assembly is not as expected

As a consumer level, users are cautious about the whole assembly, the standards and requirements of the products are uneven, and the personality style is different. This is also a major factor affecting the development of the whole packaged enterprise. According to the research report on the overall home improvement industry released by the billion-dollar think tank, there is a gap between the self-contained products provided by market enterprises and the self-contained cognition of consumers.

From the survey data of the whole user, there is 16% of users are vague about the concept of self-assembly. In other words, these users have no sense of the concept of self-assembly; another 36% of users think that the whole is hard-packed + main material + soft, to meet simple living Function, other home appliances, fabric sofas are not included.

Although user cognition is vague, it is not It hinders their high demands and high expectations for delivery results. A large number of users do not know what the specific installation includes, but they are attracted by the beautiful concept of the whole installation and the convenient quotation mode. They only want to save money and effort, and expect to realize the package after the renovation.

But the reality is that many self-contained companies have the ability Not enough, the products and services provided do not meet the requirements of consumers, resulting in consumers’ low evaluation of the whole assembly, the low return rate of the enterprise, and the home decoration with low frequency of consumption, long production cycle and long decision-making time of users. For enterprises, a stable return rate is a continuation of the company’s survival.

Business looks good in the direction of the whole assembly However, the actual landing is very difficult. The unit price of the whole package is improved, but the cost of obtaining customers is also high, and the efficiency of expansion is low, which cannot meet the expansion demand of high efficiency and low cost of enterprises. If the development model cannot be fundamentally broken, the final assembly can only be a regional attempt.

Future opportunities for the company >

In the face of heavy resistance, how to find a development company, billion euros The home believes that the profit of the whole package is tempting but the threshold is also high. The enterprise wants to enjoy the big meal by its own strength. Obviously, it is not enough. It may wish to adopt a cooperative mode of mutual development and mutual benefit, and may go further.

For strong capabilities, market share is relatively large For companies, choosing to work with real estate developers may be more advantageous. Some industry media analysts found that in 2017, a number of customized homes were gratifying, and the “bulk business” targeting the real estate market contributed to the growth of the company. The whole company can learn from this road and find opportunities from the real estate market.

Changes in the market structure of real estate hardcover houses It is the resistance of the development of the whole package, but from the perspective of cooperation, it may also become an important thrust to drive the development of the whole package. In the context of rising house prices and the increase in the rate of renovation of existing and second-hand houses, if the whole company can find a “big customer” of stable cooperation, the future is still very imaginative.

Second, you can take a strong combination of home and home improvement businesses ,holdThe cooperation model of the group development. For example, Ai Jia Life, Dong Yi Ri Sheng, Love Space, and Shang Pin Home Co., Ltd. jointly launched the “China Big Home Industry Internet Alliance”, which will be through cooperation between members in information sharing, joint procurement, financing mutual assistance, and joint marketing. In order to achieve the purpose of expanding and standardizing the home improvement market. Drawing on this kind of thinking mode, strong cooperation, home furnishing companies provide quality products, and home improvement companies provide construction services, achieving 1+1>2 effects.

The third choice and large industry platform type The company cooperates with each other and through the cooperation of the two, the decoration company solves the delivery, and the platform company provides the infrastructure, including the main material, auxiliary material supply chain, soft packaging solution, service management and control standards. For example, things like and Tuba Rabbit are doing, may form a new business ecology.

In the view of Yiou’s home, it’s packed The target group is for medium and high-end consumption, but the aesthetic level and personality requirements of these groups are higher than the products that the enterprise can provide. The modularization and standardized equipment can not meet their needs in the short term, so the actual The current self-contained users are still in a relatively more price-conscious group, and the range of services involved is much smaller than consumers expected.

So in general, whether it’s from the user The demand is still from the perspective of the enterprise itself. The final decision on the scope of the development of the whole package depends on the ability and efficiency of the enterprise, because even if it is cooperation, everyone chooses to cooperate with the capable and strong. (Editor/Li Yan)


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Furniture market forecast for 2018, sales revenue will break 300 billion okorder

The database of the China Industrial Research Institute shows that the production and sales rate of the national furniture manufacturing industry in January-April 2018 was 98.2%, year-on-year. The decrease was 0.1%; the export delivery value was 56.22 billion yuan, a cumulative increase of 1.2%. In the month of April, the furniture manufacturing and sales rate was 97.8%, down 0.4% year-on-year; the export delivery value was 14.59 billion yuan, up 1.3% year-on-year. From the perspective of economic benefits, from January to April, the main business income of the furniture manufacturing industry was 254.24 billion yuan, a cumulative increase of 7.6% year-on-year; the total profit was 13.62 billion yuan, a cumulative year-on-year decrease of 0.5%.

In addition, in 2012-2016, the sales revenue of China’s furniture and home accessories industry is from 160.4 billion yuan increased to 278.1 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of about 14.7%. It is estimated that the sales revenue of China’s furniture and home accessories industry will break 300 billion yuan in 2018, reaching 321.8 billion yuan.

Data source: China Business Research Institute database

2012-2016, subject to Thanks to the strong growth of China’s economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the furniture and home accessories industry has developed steadily. China’s urbanization rate has increased from 52.6% in 2012 to 58.5% in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of about 2.2%. The rural population has migrated to cities and towns on a large scale, which in turn has pushed up demand for furniture and home accessories. It is expected that the Chinese furniture and home accessories industry is expected to benefit from continued urbanization and the prosperity of the real estate market and continue to grow.

It’s worth noting that as people’s consumer demand begins to mimic Wave consumption has shifted to diversified and rational consumption, and the entire consumer body has paid more and more attention to the pursuit of a better quality of life. The demand for high-end furniture, personalized and customized furniture is gradually increasing, the consumption cycle of furniture is gradually shortening, the cultural content of furniture is gradually increasing, consumers are increasingly pursuing brand and quality, intelligent, refined, diversified and personalized. Become the mainstream of the market.


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What is the thickness of the tile? The thicker the tile, the better? okorder

Many consumers buy tiles, the merchants will tell them that their own tiles have How thick, and for inexperienced consumers, it is mistaken to think that the thicker the tile, the better. In fact, the thicker the tile, the better it should be, and what is the thickness of tile thickness? Let’s take a look!

What is the thickness of the tile?

The main tile can be divided There are three types of polished tiles, antique tiles and tiles, each of which has a different thickness. The average 800*800 polished brick thickness is about 9~12mm; the antique brick is about 15~18mm; and the ceramic 300*450, 300*600 is generally about 7~10mm, so the thickness of the tile depends on the type of tile.

For the choice of tile thickness, the thickness of tiles used in different places is also Different, so everyone must pay attention. Especially in the living room and kitchen decoration, the thickness of the tiles used is different, so be very cautious when buying tiles.

Tiles The thicker the better?

In fact, the tile is not as thick as possible, the thick tile surface looks like a person A strong and durable feeling, in fact, the tiles are too thick and have some drawbacks, because the tiles are too thick, which makes the sintering difficult, and the black heart is easy in the middle of the tile. Moreover, the degree of sintering is low and the water absorption rate is high, thereby affecting the quality of the tile. Therefore, good quality ceramic tiles do not have to be thick, but they must meet the characteristics of low water absorption, small error, high density, etc., so you should not use thickness as a measure when selecting ceramic tiles.

1, no matter which type of tile, you must look at it Whether the surface is smooth, flat, and see its moisture content and anti-collision.

2, the size of the tiles is varied, and different tiles are still Can be freely combined, the pattern is very rich. The weight of the tile reduces the bearing capacity in the design and also reduces the cost of the building material.

3, the thickness of the tile should also be like Microsoft, with thin and thin development goals, it is necessary to break through the traditional firing method Process.

4, the tiles used must have sufficient advantages, such as It has excellent performances such as high hardness, wear resistance and ultra-low water absorption, which fully demonstrates the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

5, when the tile is laying, it must be able to resist The strength of impact with a rubber hammer and the effect of gravity in life.

Small series summary: The above is about the thickness of the tile, the thicker the tile, the better, I hope to help everyone! The thickness problem depends on the specific type of tile. Don’t think that the thicker the tile, the better. Nowadays, there are many types of tiles. It is recommended that you first understand the nature of the tile and then choose the tile that suits your home.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Seven cleaning tips for the shower room glass, keep it clean So easy okorder

Today, we will present the shower glass cleaning skills for everyone. With just six strokes, we can completely remove the stubborn stains. Don’t worry about cleaning the bathroom~

As people’s aesthetics improve, the design of the bathroom as wet and dry separation is the basic configuration. And Shower room中,HardwareAccessories and glass are the main body, and the simple atmosphere is suitable for all interior design styles~

But it looks like a beautiful face There is also an irritating side. Because the glass in the bathroom is easy to collect stains, after a long time, the accumulation of stubborn stains becomes difficult to get rid of.

So, today, we will present the shower glass cleaning skills for everyone, just With six strokes, you can completely remove stubborn stains, and your mother no longer has to worry about cleaning the bathroom~


the quickest cleaning The method is to pour a small amount of shampoo into the washbasin. After mixing with water, wipe it with a rag and shampoo. This will make the glass door clean and bright.


If the ventilation is dry, Or when the weather is wet, we will find some black spots on the glass door from time to time. At this time, we can wipe the glass with a toothpaste to achieve a good cleaning effect.


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The new energy efficiency standard for refrigerators will be implemented, and the new standard products will save 40% of electricity. okorder

From October 1st, the newly revised “Home refrigerator power consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating” mandatory performance national standard will be formally implemented.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the market and saw that the eager merchants have posted the 2015 new standard, and some of the inventory products with lower energy efficiency ratings are ready to be reduced during the National Day.

“The old level rises “The new level of power saving 40%

It is understood that the new version of “Household electricity refrigerator power consumption limit The value and energy efficiency rating have been revised as early as last year and will be officially implemented on October 1 this year. This indicates that the 2008 edition of the energy efficiency standards for more than seven years will be withdrawn from the historical arena.

Introduction to the industry said that the new standard was introduced, the main purpose is to “saving electricity and saving money, low consumption environmental protection, all kinds of home appliances overall To develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy efficiency standards of the old version of the refrigerator are slightly lower than the international standards. After this revision, the new national standard has already exceeded the international standard. The new standard still divides the energy efficiency rating into five levels, of which the first-level product is the most energy-efficient, and the old-level power consumption is reduced by 40% to reach the new level. Some analysts predict that after the implementation of the new standard, more than 20% of high-energy-consuming products in the market will be eliminated, and the overall energy efficiency of refrigerators will increase by about 10%. In addition, the new standard has expanded its scope to include traditional products such as refrigerators, freezers and freezers, as well as innovative products such as wine coolers, horizontal refrigerated freezers.

“The new level will increase by about 1,000 yuan

The sales monitoring data for the first half of this year shows that the retail volume of first-class energy-efficient refrigerators has accounted for 96% of all commodities. . However, after the implementation of the new national standard, about 80% of the products will be “from the moment”; the old level is “new”. In order to meet the new first-class standards, many factories need to update their equipment and need technical research and development, which will increase production costs. Therefore, compared with the “old-class products,” Or it will rise by 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. However, this part of the price will also be recovered in the long-term use of residents by saving electricity. The insiders also suggested that in fact, the new two-level refrigerators are in line with households, and there is no need to pursue a new level.

Yesterday, consumers who are purchasing refrigerators in a home appliance chain store said that refrigerators need to be plugged in 24 hours, which is the electricity used in the home. Large customers will consider purchasing more energy-saving electricity. product.

Inventory products face price cuts

The reporter saw in some appliance stores that some impatient businesses have posted the 2015 new national standard. A brand promoter said that the manufacturer produced new models in accordance with the new standards in the first half of this year. Although it was officially implemented on October 1, it gave consumers a choice.

In addition, in the store, there are also some old models ready to cut prices during the holiday season. Another well-known brand sales staff told reporters that from October 1st to 7th, there will be 7 consecutive days of profit-sharing activities, many products not only directly cut prices, but also give extra gifts. According to the overall deployment of the headquarters, most of the participating activities are old stocks, and new products are also reduced in price, but the magnitude is relatively small.

Industry reminds consumers that even after October 1, the old and new standards will mix and match for a long time, because businesses need to digest inventory. Therefore, when consumers purchase goods, they should pay attention to distinguish between old and new versions. The new version of the refrigerator energy efficiency label also adds a two-dimensional code. Using the mobile phone to scan, you can know the information about the product record and other public information.

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Home improvement building materials company to increase the price to delay compensation, consumers pay attention to retain evidence okorder

Beijing Consumers Association issued a consumer reminder on the 26th, some home improvement building materials company to increase the price to delay compensation, to remind consumers to carefully choose home improvement building materials company, pay attention to retain evidence.

The home improvement building materials market entered the “golden nine silver ten” sales season, and related complaints have increased. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Consumers Association introduced that the new problems of family complaints in the field of decoration mainly focused on: First, some home improvement building materials companies in order to increase sales prices, size to enlarge or consumers to order, Any increase in price, and the special material, special crafts and other gimmicks to carry out false propaganda, prompting consumers to buy at a high price.

Secondly, some home improvement building materials companies directly send sales personnel to the new community, and carry out the door pre-sale. Consumers often cannot understand the scale and credibility of the company. Only the consumers and home improvement building materials companies are signed on the contract. There is no big the building materials city as a third party to guarantee. It is impossible to make advance compensation by virtue of the guarantee money of Building Materials City.

Beijing Consumers Association also found that a small number of home improvement building materials operators knowingly infringe on consumer rights, but also have been delaying, delaying the consumer to compensate accordingly, until consumers give up their legitimate rights and interests.

In response to the above questions, the Beijing Consumers Association recommends that after the decoration is completed, consumers should keep a list of home improvement items, as well as corresponding telephone recordings and WeChat chat screen shots. Department complaints.

Beijing Consumers Association proposed that relevant government departments and related industry associations should increase efforts to crack down on untrustworthy home improvement building materials companies, improve consumer rules in the field of home improvement building materials, and better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. .

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The rosewood furniture has risen again, and the price of raw materials has increased by 25%. okorder

Since 2016, some countries in the redwood export have greatly strengthened the regulations on the export of the mahogany materials. Under such circumstances, the price of redwood has ushered in a round of “price increase new” climax. With the price increase of mahogany raw materials, it will affect the trend of mahogany furniture. What serious impact will it have?

The rosewood furniture set off a new wave of upswing

The year 2016 has not yet finished, the average increase of Siamese rosewood raw materials has reached 40%; Barry Dalbergia Raw materials rose by 50%; Burmese rosewoods rose by as much as 65%; while the most unrecognized African rosewood raw materials rose nearly 100%. In view of this, at present, all major domestic mahogany merchants have issued notices of price increase of 3% to 10%. The original purchase of red wood furniture has not paid the full amount within the specified time of the enterprise, and the order is re-ordered. They are all executed at the adjusted price.

CITES conference, including a variety of commonly used red wood species, “rejected entry threshold. In the absence of the CITES Contract for Import and Export of the 17th CITES Conference of the Parties, China as a member of CITES, China Customs must implement the Convention to refuse entry.

The rise in the cost of inbound and outbound transportation has actually been in sight since early July this year. Since July 1st, due to the weight change of the dock, the restrictions on weight have become stricter, and transportation costs have been increased in disguise. At the same time, the global container transportation costs have been raised, and the transportation costs of major routes have also increased. The costs incurred by these two factors have increased by about 10%.

Since September 21, the new transportation policy has passed the implementation of this week, and the burden on the merchants has gradually revealed: the 13-meter semi-trailer is reduced by ton, and the total weight cannot exceed 49 tons. The height must not exceed 4 meters. The total amount of freight is unchanged, but the actual load is reduced by about 25%, the freight unit price is raised by about 33%, and the corresponding increase in taxes, transportation costs may increase by 35%.

Whether it is endangered regulation, strict smuggling by countries, or increased transportation costs, it is difficult to prevent the price of raw materials from rising and then rising. At present, the influence of Southeastern Redwoods” has gradually been reflected in the price of rosewood , and the impact of endangered control will continue to ferment for half a year or even longer. . It can be said that the price increase of this rosewood is the symbol of the arrival of mahogany furniture in 2016.

The only remaining mahogany in the world of redwoods

After the CITES conference, the only remaining 15 kinds of mahogany are: rosewood rosewood, Andaman rosewood, Indian rosewood, big fruit Red sandalwood, sacred red sandalwood, bird foot rosewood; African pea wood, white flower pea wood, iron knife wood of wenge wood; ebony ebony, thick ebony, hairy ebony, poncho ebony; striped ebony Lavigne Ebony and Philippine ebony.

Chicken-winged wood has many purple-brown shades of crab claws, which resemble chicken wings, and the name of chicken wings is also derived from this. Similar to ebony, the proportion of wenge and ebony furniture in the mahogany furniture market is currently small, and more furniture is rosewood and rosewood.

The strengthening of mahogany control may be an opportunity for wenge wood and ebony, and it may also make rosewoods leap to the top. The emergence of alternative species is indispensable, but as the most “orthodox”, the status of the old mahogany will still be the authority of many people.

“The remaining mahogany is not huge. For example, the CITES ASEAN Expert Group plans to submit a proposal to include the large-flowered red sandalwood and the bird-footed rosewood in the endangered appendix II at the Assembly of States Parties. Due to the reasons of the government of the country of origin, no formal proposal has been submitted to the General Assembly for consideration.

From the previous market, it can be seen that the large fruit rosewood has gradually become the weather vane of mahogany furniture. As soon as it enters the market, it is widely acclaimed for its clear and moist wood grain, the mellow pear flavor and the price of the people. The tough stability of the large fruit rosewood and the obvious tiger skin pattern, also known as “the closest to the sea yellow grass pear.”

Bird’s foot rosewood is named for its wood texture, which is mainly produced in Laos, Southeast Asia. Since 2016, the local wood ban in Laos has caused the price of the bird’s foot rosewood to fluctuate, but relatively speaking, the price fluctuation of the big fruit rosewood may be more representative of the furniture market.

The price of rosewood raw materials rose by 25%

The continued rise in the price of various rosewood raw materials has caused concern in the industry: African rosewood rose from 4,600 yuan/ton in September to 5,500. Yuan/ton, and the recent market arrival is very small; Siamese rosewood is climbing all the way, the price of conventional materials has increased from 150,000 yuan/ton to nearly 200,000 yuan/ton in half a month, and the increase has exceeded 33%; The price of Burmese rosewood has also increased from 16,000 yuan / ton to 20,000 yuan / ton, an increase of more than 25%.

The reason for the soaring price of mahogany raw materials, one is the exhaustion of resources, and the other is the international attention to the export of redwood. The number of existing mahogany is far less than people think. It takes a long time for precious redwood species to survive and grow in nature. Combined with the amazing amount of redwood wood imported from China in recent years, these huge mahogany stocks are behind the natural resources of the gradual depletion of origin, so the endangered control has been strengthened. .

When these factors are reflected in the market, this year’s rosewood logs are gradually rising and recentThe rapid rise. The rosewood furniture market has begun to rise in price, and Myanmar furniture has generally increased by 8% to 10% in the near future, and no deposit is paid.

Hedgehog rosewood and large fruit rosewood are undoubtedly the most eye-catching species in the recent market. Although the price index has stopped rising, the market turnover is very active. Among the various types of materials, the furniture factory actively stocks the high-quality materials, which is the main reason for the recent surge in the rosewood market. Since October, the expected rebound in the mahogany market has caused many timber merchants to look forward to the market outlook. Guangzhou Yuzhu, Shanghai Furen and other markets under the strength of Hedgehog rosewood, Daguo red sandalwood, broadleaf Dalbergia, Sian rosewood and other species, the market sales continue to increase, giving The market has a large support.

The development of fine-grained development or “Hundred Flowers”

Although the market is booming, the characteristics of concentrated hotspots, single varieties, many transactions, and small quantities are not to be ignored, but with With the completion of the manufacturer’s replenishment action, the sustainability of the market capacity needs further observation and confirmation.

Among the various representative species, the influence of the hedgehog rosewood on the broader market is very important. However, under the influence of factors such as cautious manufacturers and typhoon invasion, the daily sales volume and price increase of the hedgehog rosewood narrowed. Market participants said that from the market form, the mahogany market still has upward momentum, but due to the limited amount of capacity, it can be foreseen that the recent mahogany market will be dominated by shocks, showing a slow attack.

In fact, due to the production cycle, the recent rapid rise of mahogany logs has not really been transmitted to the price of finished furniture. The current increase in the price of finished products in the mahogany furniture market only reflects the increase in the previous period. The price increase of mahogany materials has a great impact on mahogany furniture enterprises. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the primary task of mahogany enterprises is still to go to stock.

In the face of the price-oriented mahogany furniture market, the final trend depends on the supply and demand of wood prices, and the future development remains to be seen.

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Hitachi Appliances launches the first sweeping robot for the country okorder

On the 19th of next month, Hitachi’s Hitachi home appliance company plans to launch the first sweeping robot for the country “mini road & mdash; — Minimaru.

As early as 2003, Hitachi disclosed its successful development of sweeping robot technology, and it was only after 13 years that it finally became conditioned.

The sweeping robot is a late-generation product in the modern smart home appliance. It uses the rechargeable battery as the power, and uses the built-in program to measure the room cleaning space. Optimized cleaning route instead of manual completion of floor cleaning work.

The core technology is to measure and calculate the clean coverage route. The sweeping robot was first recognized in the European and American markets. The highest-end iRobot sweeping robot series in the North American Roomba brand is priced at $900, equivalent to RMB 6,100. In recent years, the average unit price of domestic brands has dropped to about 2,500 yuan, which is also accepted by users in first-tier cities in China.

Dyson of the United Kingdom and Roomba from the United States occupy a higher market share of sweeping robots in the Japanese market, while Japanese brands are only among the top Panasonic.

This body mini Minimaru is only 25 cm wide and 9.2 cm high. Known to be able to clean the path algorithm from more than 100 modes under the control of artificial intelligence (AI), especially to the seat, sofa A narrow space underneath.

Hitachi believes that the home cleaning equipment market is currently a blue ocean that can tap business opportunities, and can quickly gain market share in a less competitive environment. The AI ​​artificial intelligence sweeping robot is priced at 108,000 yen (about 7,000 yuan). Nissan plans to produce and supply more than 60,000 local markets in the coming year.

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