Top solid closet and European style closet okorder

There are many brands of custom wardrobes on the market. Among them, Dinggu and Ou Pai belong to the middle-end and high-end brands of the whole domestic wardrobe. They are deeply loved by the public. So which is better for the top solid and the European one? The characteristics of the two brands, I believe you have a deeper understanding of these two brands after reading this article.

Top wardrobe

Top wardrobe


1. Brand Honor

The top solid wardrobe was established in 2002. It is a well-known brand in Guangdong. It is a product of Dinggu Jichuang Holding Co., Ltd. It has been well-received in the market for many years. Deeply loved by consumers, it has won a series of honors such as “Guangdong Famous Brands” and “Top Ten Brands of Wardrobes”. The unique 4D service mode provides consumers with reliable and thoughtful service and establishes a good image for the top wardrobe.

2, product design

There are many styles of top solid wardrobes, including simple European style, European style, modern minimalist style, three types of wardrobe products designed by the public, for people’s lives Bringing more fashion, beauty and visual appreciation, so many styles of top-built wardrobes, I couldn’t help but feel tempted.

3, technical strength

The top solid wardrobe is very focused on product development and design innovation, and technical cooperation and innovation management technology with major universities. To capture the consumer first, you have to come up with convincing technical strength, and technology represents the strength of the top solid wardrobe brand.

European wardrobe

European wardrobe


1. Brand Honor

Founded in 1994, as a brand of Europa Group, it is a comprehensive domestic integrated home service provider. In 2005, Europa entered the whole wardrobe field and opened the era of European wardrobes.

2, product design

European style wardrobes grasp the market dynamics and consumer demand, with unique wisdom, absorb foreign high-tech advantages and style elements, and constantly create and enrich the whole The connotation of the home, shaping the unique fashion and exquisite taste of the European style, creating wardrobe art products, leading the trend of the wardrobe market.

3, technical strength

Ou Pai wardrobe introduces foreign advanced processing and production equipment, and selects European E0-level environmental protection standard imported sheet, no matter which space in the home, you can Easily experience the pleasures of the European-style wardrobes and enjoy the style of life.

Which is better for top and Europe? In fact, both brands have their own advantages, and everyone can choose according to their own preferences. For more information, please continue to pay attention to China Merchants Building Materials Network, more exciting content waiting for you.

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Sales exceeded 120 billion! Another building material giant in Japan is entering the Chinese sanitary ware market? okorder

Image from the Internet

“Promote the whole bathroom,&ltquo; The kitchen is becoming the main way of the cross-border sanitary ware industry in the building materials industry. With the introduction of the whole product and the development of the overseas market, the home building materials industry is welcoming new changes, and you, me and he are all in it.

Panasonic Eco Solutions has been actively expanding its overseas building materials business in recent years. According to foreign media reports, the company plans to use Taiwan as a starting point to promote products such as sanitary wares and kitchens. The scope extends to the mainland China, India and Southeast Asia markets. Panasonic’s current overseas sales account for 16.6% of total sales, and the company’s goal is to increase this ratio to 22% by 2020.

The product has been introduced in Taiwan

According to the foreign media Impress Watch, the Panasonic environmental solution has introduced a whole kitchen product in Taiwan. For example, in Taipei City, a building called “Huanhua Yushi” has a 29-storey property. The selling point is that there are natural hot springs in each suite. At present, there are 214 suites installed with Panasonic’s overall kitchen “L CLASS”. According to the report, the property prices in Taipei have risen in recent years, and the public has paid more and more attention to the use of home space. Therefore, the storage of a powerful kitchen is favored.

In addition to the overall kitchen, Matsushita Environmental Solutions is also exporting sanitary wares to Taiwan. However, due to the large differences between China’s sanitary culture and bathroom layout and Japan, the awareness of the whole bathroom is not as good as the whole. The kitchen is high. Matsushita believes that in areas with high per capita GDP in Taiwan, the number of manpower in construction continues to rise, and the shortage of manpower is deteriorating. Because the self-contained sanitary ware adopts dry construction, the construction period is only one-third of the traditional wet construction, plus the quality is even better. Stable, so the outlook is promising.

The goals of the Panasonic Environment Program are clearly in mainland China and Southeast Asia. At the business meeting held in Taiwan, the company’s head of the company’s self-contained business division, Yamada, said that the goal of the equipment division is to sell 100 billion yen in overseas sales in 2030, 20 times more than 5 billion in 2018.

For the Chinese market, he said: “China (Mainland) houses are delivered in the form of blanks, and buyers need to find a decoration company to decorate, which leads to quality differences. To this end, as a national policy, China is pursuing the autonomy of residential interiors, which I think is our opportunity.

Powering China, India and Southeast Asia

Previously, Panasonic Environmental Solutions President Kitano said at a conference that the overseas market is the company’s future growth engine. In the current year, the current overseas sales of total sales increased from 16.6% to 22%, with the focus areas being China, Asia and ISSAMA (ie India, South Africa, Middle East and Africa). Kitano Bright expects sales of Matsushita Environmental Solutions in 2018 to be 2,06 billion yen, and the target for 2020 is 2,270 billion yen, an increase of 22%.

In fact, in addition to Taiwan, Matsushita Environmental Solutions began to lay out the mainland China market last year. According to a announcement by the company in September 2018, it has entered into strategic cooperation with China’s Guanglianda Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Linkage Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd., in addition to participating in the development, sales and rental of domestic construction site workers’ quarters. It will also join forces with other large developers to help Kunming’s urban development plans and gradually expand to other cities in China and Asia.

India is also an important market for Panasonic’s environmental solutions, and its pace of deployment is faster than in mainland China. Since October 2018, the company has started selling whole kitchens in India and has cooperated with large local developers to participate in the construction of other projects, such as “model houses”. The Panasonic Environment Program is expected to reach 10 billion yen in sales in India by 2025.

Panasonic Environmental Solutions is a well-known Japanese building materials company. In October 2017, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic. The sales in FY2017 were 1.9574 billion yen (about 1251 billion yuan), which is higher than that of the 骊住集团. 1,667 billion yen. Overseas, starting from the expansion of the Taiwanese decoration market in 2010, after the Malaysian in 2012, Indonesia in 2017, and officially entered China, India, etc. in 2018, the overseas building materials business of Panasonic Environmental Solutions has been in operation for nearly 10 years. .

Industry giants are betting on overseas markets

The global layout of sanitary ware companies is accelerating, especially in recent years, the industry has shown a global trend, and many companies regard overseas business as a new growth. Point, speed up the pace of marching.

In China, Kohler announced in February last year that it spent $25 million to build a factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. At the end of the year, it was also announced that it had acquired Liaoning Supor Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd. In India, last year, the first factory in India was officially put into operation. Kohler, which entered in 2006, opened its first technology center in the local area. Lejia, which accounts for nearly 30% of the Indian market, also actively added showrooms. The Southeast Asian market is also being continuously explored. TOTO officially started production in Vietnam’s new plant last year, and the smart toilet factory in Thailand has also started construction.

From the performance of these sanitary giants in recent years, betting on overseas markets can be described as inevitable. In the TOTO and the last two years of earnings, the Japanese market has been repeatedly mentioned; in the first three quarters of Weibo’s earnings report, the German domestic market showed negative growth, while the Asian market grew strongly; Geberit last year in Europe The sales growth rate is also low, with zero growth in the French market and negative growth in the UK and the Nordic region.

Obviously, the foreign sanitary giants are targeting China and Southeast Asia.Although the global economic integration is the background of the formation of the troops, the real reason behind it may be the weakness of the local and existing markets.

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How to prepare for the heating industry in 2019? German power can tell you okorder

The meaning of time is given. For the heating industry, 2018 is destined to be of great significance.

After a round of “oil-to-gas” policy dividends, the heating industry entered a period of 2018 from explosive growth to a quiet slowdown. Some people say that this is a worrying year, and some people say that this is a year of rebirth.

Even so, among the many brands, the old German power, which has always been regarded as the industry’s vane, is still eye-catching. What did Weineng do in 2018? What kind of inspiration can we provide for the brand opening 2019? Let us review it one by one.

Innovative breakthrough

In the course of more than 140 years of development, Weineng has created a number of world-renowned products. Evergreen products have been successfully sold in China in 2017. Breaking through 1 million units. The fruitful powers did not stop there in 2018, and once again achieved self-breakthrough.

Taking the powerhouse series as an example, this year, Weineng has launched a fully-imported “balcony wall-hung boiler”, which is a comprehensive outdoor balcony installation in southern China and low-temperature freezing in recent years. Specially developed for disasters, the performance of freezing and durability is outstanding. In addition to continuous innovation in wall-hung boiler products, 2018 can be described as a year of full-scale innovation of power innovation — active safety gas water heaters, second hot water cubes and other disruptive products, once again refreshed people’s recognition of the century-old know.

Take the second hot water cube as an example. This new product was unveiled in the industry at the ISH exhibition called “Oscar” in 2018. The water cube, characterized by “zero waiting”, has taken a big step in meeting the needs of Chinese consumers for comfortable water use, and has also led the water heater industry to enter the era of “zero waiting”.

At the ISH show, the VR+AR Smart Showroom also attracted the audience. Bring VR glasses and hand-operated handles to enter the virtual comfort time and space created by Power, and interact with comfortable home products ……

These virtual scenes appear in the movie “Top Player”. It was quickly applied under the power of Wisconsin, making it the most eye-catching player on the ISH show. Weineng VR+AR smart system is gradually landing the next store, giving users a different shopping experience.

With innovations in product and user experience, Weineng has also won several awards such as the “Warm and Cold Intelligence” and the 2018 Red Dot Design Award.

Combining the brand slogan of Wei Neng in recent years, mostly based on the warmth of this kind of introverted soft keywords, in the innovative expression of this, Wei Neng has always been low-key, but innovating In the matter of doing things, Weineng has always respected the industry. Vernon has continuously improved its self-requirement with innovation, and has also refreshed industry standards and user experience.


Sustainability has always been regarded as the brand DNA of Wei Neng. From Germany to the world, Wei Neng advocates sustainable innovation in different countries. Connotation, sustained release of energy.

In China, Weineng is not only a quality product, but also a meticulous professional service. While deeply cultivating the Chinese market, Wei Neng knows that the industry lacks professional talents. To this end, Weineng has continued to develop talents in China in recent years, and continues to increase the number of &mdash in 2018; —

In order to alleviate the shortage of first-line installation talents in China, Weineng introduced “Double System” The model, in conjunction with Nanjing Higher Vocational and Technical School, carried out the “Weneng Workshop Talent Incubation Project” through the advanced “Action-oriented vocational education form”. In 2018, the second phase of the Weineng Workshop was successfully held, and the trainees have gradually moved into practical positions to provide Chinese users with “global standard quality services”.

At the same time, covering the fields of products, technology, installation, post-maintenance, etc., to meet the one-stop training needs of the Wei Neng HVAC talent training base, after Shanghai, Wuxi, Wuhan, Xi’an, 2018 In Beijing, the company’s five training bases in China form a linkage and continue to provide HVAC professionals nationwide.

More worth mentioning is that in July 2018, Vailton held two industry skill competitions involving product installation and after-sales service.

In early July, Weineng held the largest installed technician skills competition in the industry in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, ——“Weineng Cup National Installation Skills Competition. A total of 24 top-line technicians, selected from the national 58 registration teams, participated in a five-and-a-half-hour heating system installation competition. The competition is fully integrated into the World Skills Competition. The examination questions, evaluation criteria, and procedures have all set higher standards. The judging panel is composed of many top experts from China and Germany. The final evaluation data is accurate to the millimeter.

At the end of July, Weineng held an after-sales service skills competition, convening national after-sales technicians to conduct skills training and competition. The contest is divided into two parts: written test and practical operation. The written test requires the technician to complete the answer in 10 minutes, and test the technician’s quick response ability. The practical link simulates the common faults in the user’s home. From the door to the completion of the service, the skills of the technician are fully evaluated. Level and service awareness.

Two large-scale installation and after-sales technician skills competitions not only provide opportunities for Chinese technicians to exchange ideas, but also allow Chinese users to go further from international standards for heating services and experiences.

From advocating clean heatingTo make the energy environment sustainable development; to focus on the cultivation of industry talents and promote the sustainable development of the Chinese market. The sustainability of the brand’s DNA is all about the big picture of the century-old brand.

In China for the summer of

In the summer of 2018, many of the WeChat’s WeChat step lists were all screened by Weineng employees and agents. It turned out that a large-scale walking activity was staged in Weieng throughout the summer. Weineng launched a hiker’s charity event among more than 30 branches and national agents across the country, advocating employees to contribute and contribute to the green and low-carbon cause.

From the perspective of the practice of corporate social responsibility, the public welfare model and concept of the company’s employees and distributors are in the forefront of the corporate social responsibility practice in the HVAC industry.

2018 is an important node for the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. As one of the earliest multinational companies to enter China, Wei Neng was invited to participate in the theme exhibition of foreign companies in Shanghai in 2018. At the exhibition site, Wei Neng entered China’s old photos and printed with the antique water heaters of Weieng White Rabbit, letting people see a century-old brand, crossing the ocean to China, and guarding the unforgettable moments of Chinese warmth and comfort.

Just like an exhibition, it can’t cover all the power of China’s power in China; the annual inventory of thousands of words can’t bring the wonderful features of Weineng 2018. But innovation breakthroughs, sustainable development, and three key points for China in China are worthy of the industry’s thinking and action.

2018 is about to pass, blessing the Chinese HVAC industry 2019 all the way.

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2018 Most Influential Brand Design Company Rankings okorder

In 2018, the end of the game came to an end, and there were many eye-catching things in the design industry. It was a year of progress for the entire industry. At the end of the year, take a look at the top five companies in the design industry that are most influential in 2018.

TOP 1靳Liu Gao Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

靳Li Gao Design KL&K DESIGN is an internationally renowned design consultancy company, Dr. Qiang Qiang and Mr. Liu Xiaokang Mr. Gao Shaokang is a partnership. The company leads the Chinese brand design with an international perspective and local experience, combining culture and commerce.

Reluctant Design Award

The Responsible Design Award for the 2018 Global Chinese Design Competition is dedicated A major event in the development of the design industry. The competition is dedicated to promoting the development of Chinese art design education with international advanced design and creative ideas and original and local design works. It is committed to inspiring and guiding the design thinking and ideas of college students with high standards of participation. To recruit talents for the entire design industry, and to shoulder the responsibility of the development of the design industry, we will make every effort to make it admire.

TOP 2 Guge Dynasty Brand Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Guge Dynasty is a professional enterprise brand image original customization, CSTP original brand industry model creation, forward-looking development The laboratory is designed and researched in one. In the past 10 years, Guge Dynasty has always adhered to the original spirit and professional attitude, with the core of Chinese Millennium culture as the core of the brand, creative interpretation of corporate brand.

Panda Cover Bowl

The Guge Dynasty focused on design in 2018, with multiple The brand has cooperated to make packaging design for the new products of Arowana rice, and to empower the Peach Blossom Water Squid brand, and cooperate with Liao Tianlang, the founder of the fire marks and firewood brand, to design the panda cover bowl. Not only strive to make progress in brand design, but also delve into the design of Wenchuang, and put forward a unique design concept for Wenchuang Design, to make a contribution to the design industry.

TOP 3 Hangzhou Heatwave Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd.

 Hot Wave Design is one of the most international, most creative and influential design companies. Active and innovative design and strict management have made “Hot Wave Design” have won a good reputation in the same industry. “Dry Wave Design has established in-depth cooperation with companies from different fields and backgrounds. After years of efforts, it is moving towards first-class design services and consulting companies with its own advantages and characteristics.

Travel Hangers

Heat Wave with Portable Folding Hangers, Hand-Drawn Vegetable Chopper Won the 2018 Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award, which was named by the media as “the top design award in the global Chinese market,” the Golden Horse Award in the design world. Although it is two small products, it has given the product a great value through design empowerment, demonstrating the strength of the heat wave design.

TOP 4 Panhu Packaging Design Lab

Pan Hu and his 12 small partners, Pan Hu Packaging Design Lab, assist customers in conceptual innovation and original design The commercial retail market has created billions of net worth, confirming the capabilities of the laboratory.

UN Year of the Dog Stamp

2018 is the year of the 18th year of the dog, the United Nations this year The stamp for the Year of the Dog was designed by Pan Hu, the chief designer of Pan Hu Packaging Design Lab. The United Nations stamps are created by artists from all over the world. Its circulation is very small compared to Chinese stamps. It usually does not exceed 50,000 editions. It is a precious stamp with special significance.

TOP 5 Shanghai Huahua Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd.

Huahehua is a unique strategic marketing brand consulting company in China. Since its founding 13 years ago, it has continued to create a series of original works for the Chinese market. Brand marketing success stories. Huahehua is “Super Symbol is the core of Huahua and China’s method of doing top-level design for the brand, creating a unique strategy and creative service of corporate strategy, product strategy, brand strategy.

List of 10 well-known marketing planners for the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up

2018 It is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. For this reason, the well-known marketing planning company of China’s 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was selected. It took three months to form this list. The list was selected by Huahua Marketing Consulting Company, Suoxiang Marketing Planning Group, and Shenzhen Adoption Marketing. Planning 10 outstanding marketing planning companies, this list is highly recognized by the industry insiders. Everyone thinks that all the evaluation data of this selection is fully quantified and the evaluation rules are completely unified. It is the most authoritative and fairest selection in the marketing industry in the past decade.

2018 is coming to an end. In the last month, reviewing this year, there are so many design companies that are focused on the design field to lead the industry. Looking ahead to 2019, the industry development is bound to become more prosperous. Thanks to the talents in each industry for making a huge contribution to the entire industry.

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The hot pot chef, Zhang Ping, adheres to the name of authentic Chongqing old hot pot with the “heart of the original craftsman”! okorder

“ Only one thing in life, to record this period, is also an era, a blink of an eye, this thing he has been obsessed for 23 years. An alley, a shovel, countless all-nights, countless times shovel, Zhang Ping is in this kind of insistence, has become a veritable “hot pot artisans.”

“One person is turning around one thing, and finally the world is turning around you.

In this world, a group of people used time to polish rough life. They used their own voices to go through hardships and offer works for those who want to marry others, for comfort and Care for the hearts of others and full of warmth. Zhang Ping is such a person. The hot pot is like a child he has to take care of for his life, and every diners who come and go, he treats him with sincerity and cares. In the eyes of many loyal diners, Zhang Ping’s hot pot is a miracle that can create vitality.

In 1995, Zhang Ping and his wife relied on a spicy table shop at four tables in Lushan Street. Livelihood; In 1997, Xiaoyu hot pot was born, Zhang Ping, the name of the hot pot restaurant, used the homonym of his wife’s name; in 2012, he was among the top 50 hot pots selected by Chongqing locals. He was famous; in 2014, he was on the tip of his tongue. On the 2nd China, it has become famous since then (but the counterfeiters have intensified, Xiaoyu Hot Pot was forced to change its name to Xiaowei Xiaoyu); in 2018, Chongqing Hot Pot Festival, Zhang Ping once again won the recognition of the Hot Pot Association and became The rare “hot pot artisans” in Chongqing.

“The young couple used their golden time for the rest of their lives in Lushan. The evaluation of Zhang Ping’s couple in the neighbourhood of the neighborhood is the best evidence of their ingenuity.

In the small facade of Lushan Zhengjie, everything behind them is their home, Zhang Ping The temperature of the couple with the palm of the hand makes every day in the boring life day unique, especially Zhang Ping’s deep research on the bottom material, so that the longer they live, the more fresh, the more plain and direct.

“The craftsmanship spirit comes from tradition, but it coexists with the present era. Wood sawers can be used for wood shaving, but the surface of the wood must be very smooth by the carpenter’s hand; production can pass through the assembly line, but there must be a process done by the craftsman. In the food industry, only the high standards of high demand for ingredients are the respect for this delicious food, and it is also a responsibility for diners.

Stone Column Red pepper, Hanyuan pepper, Hebei butter, Yungui yellow mouth ginger, special bean paste, is the selection of these five materials, Zhang Ping will be able to make flowers, and create a authentic Chongqing hot pot taste! The selection, Zhang Ping is also very particular about the dishes that are eaten, “To use the best, countless market surveys, select the best products in the category, and in the finest products, only the day is fresh. The ingredients can be sent to the table of the diners, and the delicious soup sparks with the red soup. Therefore, for Zhang Ping, the harshness of hot pot materials is a kind of silent reputation for consumers, and it is a promise that will be adhered to throughout life.

The people of this era are too impetuous, but the craftsmen can find the peace of the world in the hustle and bustle, just like Zhang Ping, because his life only makes one thing, so his heart Sufficiently quiet and firm enough.

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There are 11, 11 college alumni associations to hold single alumni association activities in Qing Dynasty. okorder

Shandong 2018-11-12 (Commercial Telecommunications)–

You have a pair of 11,27 college alumni associations to hold a single alumni association in Qing

“single Alumni Grand Friendship, Auntie Love Double 11,2018“ Double 1127 College Alumni Association Qingdao Single Alumni Association Activities, successfully held in the SKY88 Club (Shandong University Alumni Home) of the 27th floor of Qingdao Ginza Linghai Mansion, from 27 The 160 alumni of the Qingdao Youth Alumni Association of the college gathered together to use the alumni’s feelings as a medium to write a wonderful game and event in the island city.

This single association was convened by the Qingdao Alumni Association of Nanjing University and hosted by the Qingdao Alumni Association of Shandong University. The Qingdao Alumni Association of the University is co-sponsored (the host university Qingdao Alumni Association is sorted by registration: Nanjing University, Tongji University, Chongqing University, Hunan University, Dalian Maritime University, Shandong University, Tsinghua University, Ocean University of China, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics) Jilin University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Southeast University, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Yanbian University, Sichuan University, Dalian Polytechnic University, Peking University, Southwest Jiaotong University). At the same time, the event received enthusiastic support and sponsorship from more than 20 college alumni alumni.

The poster of this networking event also appeared on the outdoor golden screen of the Golden Lion Plaza in the downtown area, making this event extremely hot before the event started. The whole event is arranged on the scene, with the theme of “Sea and Sky”, with blue as the main color, highlighting the style of sea, heaven, nature and life. The atmosphere of the event was lively and the content was wonderful. The networking event designed the guests to build a platform for exchange and sharing. It created a relaxed and natural atmosphere for the 160 guests from 27 colleges and universities. It designed a fun and interactive atmosphere for interactive games, helping guests to find free time to communicate. Deepen mutual understanding. More than 100 single alumni who participated in the event not only gained friendship, but also gained love. Everyone in the interaction to enhance friendship, during the coffee break and free time to talk about their work and life in Qingdao and interesting things in school.

The last successful guest also came to the scene to bring sweetness to this year’s single alumni. share it. The event also specially arranged the marriage proposal and cake sharing links, so that everyone can bathe in the ocean of love, which is not only the first anniversary of the two people’s acquaintance, but also the testimony of the results of the Double Eleven activities. In the warm and romantic atmosphere, under the guidance and encouragement of the host, the guests wrote the number of the favorite object through the heartbeat card, and the brave male guest picked up the rose and confessed to the female guest of the heart. .

& ldquo;The Qingdao Alumni Association Single Friendship Association is a friendship between single alumni and alumni of colleges and universities. The great friendship between the conferences, the initial goodness, the public welfare, and the joint efforts of the alumni associations, in line with the purpose of high-end innovation, rigorous and realistic, united and win-win, to promote communication and exchanges between the Qingdao Alumni Associations of various universities, for alumni We provide intimate service.


1. Vice President of Qingdao Alumni Association of Shandong University, Jianuo Chairman of the group Guo Weijia.

2. Chairman of the Qingdao Alumni Association of Dalian Maritime University and Chairman of the Association of Shipping Service Industry Unions of the Southern District of China.

3. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Tongji University and General Manager of Dehua Beer.

4. Alumni of Peking University Qingdao Alumni Association and General Manager of Qingdao Chunyiyuan Tea Co., Ltd. Jiang Chunke.

5. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Tongji University and Lu Shaobo, General Manager of Qingdao Wardkang Electronics Co., Ltd.

6. Mr. Li Yupu, Chairman of Nanjing University and Chairman of Haohua Real Estate.

7. Yan Qingguo, alumni of Sichuan University Alumni Association and President of Korn Hospital.

8. Li Yueyan, alumnus of Qingdao University Alumni Association of Wuhan University.

9. Hu Qiuzhang, President of Qingdao Alumni Association of Wuhan University of Technology.

10. Assistant to the President of Qingdao Alumni Association of Ocean University of China, Wang Donglun, General Manager of Qingdao Cheji Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

11. Ding Deliang, alumnus of Tsinghua University Qingdao Alumni Association and general manager of Qingdao Aohai Media.

12. Li Jingwen, Director of Qingdao Alumni Association of Renmin University of China.

13. Qingdao University Alumni Association of Xiamen University.

14. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Hunan University and Wang Chunli, co-founder of Qingdao Magic Drink Coffee.

15. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Zhejiang University and Hu Chunguang of Qingdao Fuyuanquan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

16. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Qingdao Alumni Association.

17. Fan Dapeng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Qingdao Alumni Association of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Dean of Wentai Business School.

18. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Qingdao Alumni Association.

19. Chongqing University Alumni Association.

20. Xu Tao, Secretary General of the Qingdao Alumni Association of Nanjing University.

21. Jiang Xiubin, alumnus of Qingdao University Alumni Association of Shandong University.

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Knowledgeable culture and millions of net red anchors help the taste of Xiaoyu hot pot festival to win! okorder

In mid-October, the 10th Chongqing (China) Hot Pot Festival was held in Chongqing. The hot pot festival was very exciting. There were more than 70 hot pot brands and more than 300 hot pot suppliers. During the venue, the main stage was organized and played in an orderly manner, and each booth also spared no effort to interact with the visitors.

This hot pot festival, the taste of Xiaoyu hot pot has become a highlight. Xiaowei Yu, who did not participate in the ninth hot pot festival last year, returned with sincerity with special gifts this year. He has carried out many interactive activities on the spot, bringing various benefits to consumers and becoming popular in the hot pot brand booth. The corner of the burst. Every time the game is played, the booth of Xiaowei Xiaoyu is crowded with people. The people present are all engaged in it. The unique layered base of the special flavor of Xiaoyu, the Xiaoyu Supreme VIP Gold Medal, etc. The gift was delivered in full. The atmosphere on the scene was very warm, and the atmosphere on the line was also very enthusiastic. In the live broadcast of the anchor, millions of online viewers saw the grand occasion of Xiaowei Xiaoyu and had a lively discussion.

This hot pot festival, knowing the culture, has created a live broadcast plan for Yu Weiyu. Four net red anchors with millions of fans broadcast live, and the hot scenes of the hot pot festival were released online through real-time sharing, using the popularity and platform of the anchor to release the relevant information of Xiaowei Xiaoyu to the maximum extent. I was deeply impressed by the netizens who watched the live broadcast. The interaction between online and offline reached the perfect presentation of the two, showing the scene of the hot pot festival to consumers in many aspects, and releasing the Xiaoyu brand from many angles. Information. For Yan Weiyu, it can be said that both online and offline have achieved great success, and the exposure of their own brands has been achieved to the utmost, and the best results have been achieved. A successful online marketing has been done.

Knowledgeable culture invited four anchors for Yu Xiaoyu, namely the egg yolk girl, He Mengyu, Oli Baby, Su Xiaolu, the four anchors are good at different fields, all of which are KOL in the corresponding field. They have huge fans in live broadcast platforms and social media, and their quality is good enough. During the live broadcast, the four anchors expressed the scene atmosphere to the online audience at the hot pot festival venue, and fully released the information of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of Xiaowei.

Knowledgeable Culture Media Company focuses on creating every link for customers, so that every job can be put on the ground, and the entire culture and media industry is being looked at. All major companies are building “brand credibility, but building well” The premise of brand credibility must be to make every job come true. When performing work, every job is refined into everyone, and the orderly work arrangement makes every job proposed The staff completed the process in an orderly manner and found the person in charge of each job so that the work can be carried out in the implementation process.

The hot pot festival feast, more than 70 hot pot brands compete with each other every day, wanting to stand out from the crowd An easy task. During the four days of the hot pot festival, the knowledgeable culture not only won the popularity of the scene for Xiaowei, but also fought this beautiful battle for himself.

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Home-based enterprises carry out “targeted” marketing, scene sales new mode okorder

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From scenes to experiential consumption, to now more subdivided and precise “targeted marketing, home business research on consumers is deepening, but also need to pay attention to avoid “excessive marketing problems, not in order to Sales neglected the research and control of the product.

The scene display of home brand products is gradually changing from design style to “targeted marketing” for specific consumer groups.

The reporter recently learned that all the friends combined with the popular IP “Yanlan Raiders” to create the theme living room in the drama, IKEA continued to deepen the scene, designing the exhibition room according to hobbies and ages. According to IKEA, the exhibitions presented in this way are more grounded and there will be more attempts in the future.

“IP+Scenario, use the power of “Yanwei” to boost the brand

Bailu condenses the autumn, and rides the previous episode of “The Long Raiders” The style of the big pig’s hoof, the whole friend’s home uses the elements of color, pattern, material and other elements to create the theme living room, showing the different “single character” in the play.

In the whole drama, as if “hanging up” to survive to the last order, it is closely related to her heart-like character. Therefore, the living room of the hustle and bustle is based on the blue tone and is matched with the sofa of the same department, demonstrating its power. It is complemented by pink and pure white, which makes the scent of the heart of the scent. At the end of the semester, I entered a picture of a flying dance embroidered on the soft pillow, which symbolizes the charm of her ancient spirit.

Contrary to the elegant style of the shackles, the noble living room is particularly red. The whole space is given a red color, and the area is red, which implies that the nobles are only the identity of the Zhenggong, and then the white jade and stone lion ornaments are used to show their flying style. What is quite different is that it is equipped with a simple silver-white sofa of the Nordic style, revealing the outer layer of noble and sturdy, and hiding the temperament of the heart.

& ldquo;Hobby + scene, release the personality of the home experience

In addition to the “Yan Wei Raiders”, fell into “China has hip hop” & ldquo; pit people are not a minority. The reporter recently came to the IKEA Guangzhou shopping mall, and was just attracted by the hip-hop bedroom showroom. The dark black color occupies most of the space, and there are many performance photo frames, hip hop decorations, etc. on the cabinet, and the position of the instrument is placed at the side panel of the wardrobe.

It is unique that the bed is not placed on the wall as usual, but placed at the corner of the wall to form a hollow triangle. In this regard, the IKEA designer explained: “The original intention of placing the bed is to show that the hip-hop people are not willing to stick to the conventional characteristics, and the home is another embodiment of the personality.

It’s hard to adjust, and now many of them are active in the shopping platform. After 90, many of them are “collection control,” and IKEA designed a living room display room called “Collector”. Seeing the dark green wall surface to bring out the glass display cabinet around the living room, there are many glassware, old things, etc. in the cabinet, you can enjoy the collection without opening the door, and have dustproof function.

However, there is no large coffee table in the living room, and there is only a small round on the soft wool carpet. The designer told the reporter: “Whenever guests come to the house, the owner can have more space to show him. The collection of carpets protects objects from bumps when they are placed.

& ldquo; Age + Scene, facing different family members of each life

Adjacent to Hip Hop Showroom, there is a family of three for newborns. In the face of the arrival of newborns, novice mothers often have troubles. Into the bedroom, at the end of the crib, there is a three-tiered trolley with diapers, towels and other things to use every day.

Next to the crib is the parent’s bed. At the end of the bed of the parents’ bed, there is a rectangular chest of drawers. When you open it, it is filled with baby clothes, towels, diapers, etc., because it is close to the trolley. The chest of drawers is used as a small “storage station” for trolleys.

On the other side of the sink in the corner, the baby’s tub can be completely filled into the side slits, and there is a small square stool below. Before the mother takes a bath, the mother pulls the cart and then sets the stool. Take out the tub again, and finally take the water to start the bath. After the items are properly planned, the whole set of actions is as natural as the peers.

In the exhibition hall, Ms. Liao, who was pregnant for more than 5 months, told reporters: “I didn’t have the experience of taking the baby before, I found the things I want to use on the Internet, but I don’t know how to put it. put. After seeing this exhibition room, there is a very intuitive feeling, knowing where things should be placed, will be convenient.

The new model of scene sales is more grounded

The reporter interviewed IKEA Jiaguang, the public relations department of the Philippine Department of Marketing, and learned that this is the first time that IKEA has cooperated with real families. Brought into the mall. Yan Jiaxin told reporters: “Understanding the actual needs of customers, the exhibition room presented is more grounded. In the future, IKEA will try to add more technology, such as sound, projection, smell, etc., to the exhibition room to inject soul into the exhibition.

Designing the exhibition hall to match the consumer portrait by age

For the home sales of the home brand for the precise crowd, Ke Yong custom chairman Lin Yongtao believes that everyone’s lifestyle is not The most important thing is how to make consumers feel immersive in the exhibition and imagine the future life. According to Guo Shuang, secretary-general of the Guangdong Decorative Industry Association, the design of the exhibition hall by age is more in line with the consumer’s portrait.

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Youxuan software will be unveiled in 2018 National Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week okorder

Beijing 2018-09-07– September 17th & ndash; On the 21st, the National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week in 2018 will be held at the Chengdu New Century International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the annual professional event in the field of network security.

It is reported that from the holding of the first National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week in 2014, it marks that the national level has officially begun to actively promote the popularization of cyber security awareness. In June 2016, with the approval of the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group, the Sixth Department of the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Communist Youth League Central Committee jointly issued the The Notice of the National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week Activity Plan> decided to hold the National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week in the third week of September each year. In 2017, the National Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week was more informative and popularized cybersecurity knowledge to the whole society with diverse activities. As a national key safety promotion project, nearly 100 security companies participate each year and have now become the most important event in the field of information security in China.

2018 National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week, by the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Network Office, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the People’s Bank of China, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League The Central Government and the All-China Women’s Federation and other ten departments jointly organized. This session of the conference “network security for the people, network security depends on the people as the theme, activities involving rich and interactive network security Expo, network security technology summit forum (sub-main forum and sub-forum), with the meaning of legal significance Day activities, commendation of advanced models, skill competitions, micro-collections, etc. The specifications of the event are high, the scope is wide, and the professionalism is the highest. This shows that the importance of the state’s emphasis on network information security law education has increased year by year.

During the event, Youxuan Software will bring its own controllable domestic database, six core data protection product systems, and the industry’s overall solution. The booth number is Hall A-28; The keynote speech will be delivered at the Summit of Network Security Technology Series to share the latest achievements and future trends of basic software research for the audience; and to bring the exclusive text of the Internet Security Law and Interpretation to the guests and audiences of the site. At the same time, the excellent social education law research, the outstanding database experts, the data security experts, the solution experts will participate in the meeting, to solve the questions for the users who visited.

With the advent of the artificial intelligence era, big data and cloud computing have become the underlying driving force for modern economic development, and cloud security is an indispensable infrastructure for the digital economy era. The field of platforms has completely filled the gap for domestic companies. Youxun Cloud Database (UXDB) is a NewSQL database system built to adapt to the cloud environment. UXDB is fully compatible with the traditional relational database data modeling mode and guarantees the consistency of transaction processing (ACID). It also absorbs the horizontal scalability and high-speed throughput performance of NoSQL, supports big data analysis, and extends the JSON data. With format support, users can use structured and semi-structured data in the same database product. In addition, UXDB also has features such as support for statistical analysis, support for multi-tenancy, and high security.

Youxun Software starts with security and always focuses on core data protection. The six product systems include operating system security, database security, cloud security, operation and maintenance security, business security, and border protection. More than 20 kinds have been covered. Security products, from border protection to intranet security, from passive defense to active protection, excellent software core data protection products for users to achieve a full range of security protection, providing a complete solution for the industry.

Youxuan software products and services cover government, finance, energy, military, medical, statistics and other industries, providing users with stable, safe, industry-leading products and solutions, core data protection solutions Solutions, information security level protection solutions, statistical integrated business solutions, power intranet security solutions, financial integrated operation and maintenance solutions, medical and health systems information security solutions, etc., provide software users in all industries Feel at ease and safety.

Since its establishment in 2009, the company has always adhered to the road of independent and controllable technology, and integrated the development of technology research and development with legal education, in response to the issuance and implementation of the National Cyber ​​Security Law. The software has repeatedly published legal explanations and learning documents, and carried out education and publicity work for law-enforcement training in the company. The lively and vivid cases allow colleagues engaged in cybersecurity work to understand the law, abide by the law, protect the law, and guide the active promotion of the law. . In the National Cyber ​​Security Week of 2018, Youxuan Software continued the popularization of law education to its activities, and expanded its promotion and popularization of the Cyber ​​Security Law with its own practice, contributing to the national cybersecurity spiritual civilization construction.

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Smart home competition, it is not easy to stand firm okorder

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From the pressure of industry giants, smart home companies are also facing a common problem — — network security. There are many smart home products around home security and home security, but there are still a handful of components and processes that can provide adequate security in today’s industry. A smart home without security technology protection is just an empty talk.

In 2018, the smart home industry has been moving frequently and news has continued.

Internationally, in March, Amazon spent $1 billion to acquire smart doorbell startup Ring; in June, Google announced a joint venture with French retail chain Carrefour, and subsequently invested $550 million in Chinese e-commerce Jingdong In the future, Apple will join the Carrefour and Jingdong channels to sell smart speakers and voice assistants. In early August, Apple joined the smart home mesh network standard Thread Group and became a member of the board of directors. On August 15, Samsung launched the smart home IoT platform. , released a new generation of Samsung AI smart assistant Bixby and smart home strategy.

Domestic, ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi, Haier, Gree, Midea, Changhong and many other communication equipment companies and home appliance manufacturers have invested in the smart home Red Sea battle; ambitious Alibaba as an e-commerce company , also continue to develop smart home products. Smart homes have been in a tepid state since the fiery 2015. Technology giants and small and medium-sized companies want to eat this big cake. However, it is not easy to really gain a foothold in the smart home industry.

A super-strong and small start-up company is difficult to survive

Looking at the global smart home market, the business giant Amazon is riding a dust, followed by its rival Google, Apple Samsung is relatively bleak . Alibaba started a little late, but the momentum was amazing. According to the latest data from the market research company Strategy Analytics on August 15, 2018, this situation is expected to be temporarily difficult to shake.

In terms of smart speakers, Amazon still sits at the top of the list, with shipments reaching 4.8 million units, accounting for 41% of the global market. Followed by Google, its shipments were 3.2 million units, with a market share of 27.6%. Alibaba ranked third, with shipments reaching 800,000 units and a market share of 7%. Apple barely squeezed into the fourth position, selling about 700,000 HomePods in the second quarter, an increase from the same period last year.

Large enterprises continue to attack the city and always occupy the leading position in the smart home field. While continuously researching and developing new products to consolidate their positions, major companies have also merged and acquired small start-up companies to increase their equipment portfolio, making the living space of other smart home manufacturers increasingly compressed.

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring is a classic example. Ring has more than 1 million users in 2017, founder Jake · Seminov said in an interview with the Financial Times that he did not sell the company, thinking that with the expectations of consumers for any new product quality and With the support that comes with it, Ring is unlikely to compete with technology giants such as Samsung Electronics and Google in the smart home field. However, a few months later, he found himself caught up in the covet of Google and Amazon. Finally, Jacques · Seminov sells the company to Amazon to ensure it survives in the market.

Separate security devices have more security vulnerabilities

In addition to pressure from industry giants, smart home businesses are also facing a common problem —— network security. No matter which product the smart home industry is, the ultimate connection terminal is a mobile phone or a computer. There are many smart home products around home security and home security, but there are still a handful of components and processes that can provide adequate security in today’s industry. A smart home without security technology protection is just an empty talk. In recent years, the time for security breaches in smart home networks has occurred from time to time.

In August 2017, British security researcher Mark Barnes showed off the technology of invading Amazon Echo. With this technology, anyone can install malware on Echo and send the device’s voice input to a remote server. The new Echo released after Google has fixed the problem.

In January 2018, Trend Micro, a network security software company, confirmed that there are security holes in Sonos’s Sonars and Dr. Bose’s smart speakers, which can be used by hackers to play weird sounds or perform Alexa voice commands. Affecting smart home technologies such as door locks, air conditioners, and lighting controlled by these smart speaker voice assistants. The smart speaker manufacturer then released the relevant security patches.

On August 2, 2018, cyber security research team Cisco Talos published a paper stating that researchers at Samsung Smart ThingsHub (multiple DIY home networking devices designed to allow homeowners to remotely manage and monitor digital devices) ) Find 20 vulnerabilities, all of which are located in the central controller responsible for connecting to components of home IoT devices such as lights, thermostats, cameras, etc. This allows an attacker to control smart locks, remotely monitor smart home devices and perform other dangerous functions through a networked camera. A Samsung spokesperson quickly responded by saying that the device has been updated to fix the defect.

At present, smart home products can only rely on professional network security personnel to detect product technical vulnerabilities and submit them to vendors. Enterprises will update firmware in time according to feedback, fix vulnerabilities, and protect users’ privacy.This is extremely unfavorable for the overall development of the industry. It is necessary to formulate a set of unified standards as soon as possible so that the product inspection can be based on evidence, so that the market can develop steadily.

Conclusion: Although the smart home industry is optimistic, it also faces serious challenges. At the level of terminal-oriented consumers, the slow landing of products and the doubts of information security have caused some consumers to wait and see; the development of the industry is uneven, and there is no uniform standard, which has caused the development of the industry to fall into an embarrassing situation. Everything is hard to do at a glance, and smart homes have a long way to go, but one thing is certain: if companies want to gain a foothold in the smart home industry, intellectual property and patents are the key to success.

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