Effects of new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak of the equipment manufacturing industry and Countermeasures

This is a sweeping nationwide, pneumonia epidemic spread of the world, for many of our industries have had a significant impact, affecting some industries is still quite straightforward, quite severe, such as: tourism, catering and other services. Equipment manufacturing enterprises, and naturally can not isolate itself will be subject to the negative impact that a major epidemic. The adverse effects of the epidemic on the 01 equipment manufacturers from many aspects of this influence manifested, are: first, the production can not return to work correctly, affect the generation of progress. For most of the equipment manufacturing enterprises, generating activities are focused on the production base completed. This is a highly infectious disease, so that a large number of officers to concentrate production activities become very risky, should not be implemented. Normal production schedule, it is easy to be affected. Second, the product can not be delivered as planned, the customer receives the influence and use of the product. Products can not be planned production to customer delivery will naturally be affected. Although customers can understand, but after all, it affects the customer’s production and business activities. Third, after-sales service and support can not be on time, in a timely manner, affect the customer’s business activities. Equipment industry products, most of the need for reliable service. Epidemic affecting return to work with field service personnel to carry out maintenance activities, once the customer equipment in use fails, the service personnel can not troubleshoot as usual, it will affect the normal development of customer production activities. For example, , the production of anti- “plague” material (masks, protective clothing, etc.) production equipment if this case fails, the maintenance staff because of the impact of the epidemic has not been able to troubleshoot, then not only will affect the production of the enterprise, it will further affect the timely supply of “plague” of materials. Fourth, marketing and sales activities can not be carried out, affect orders and follow-up of business activities. Affected by the epidemic, equipment manufacturing enterprise marketing and sales staff not normally return to work, marketing efforts, product sales, new orders will be affected. And other end of the epidemic, the complete return to work after the production staff, a lack of orders, will further affect the production of enterprises. In particular, many customers and equipment manufacturers from around the world, their counterparts in other countries competing companies may take advantage of the impact of the epidemic by Chinese enterprises, Chinese enterprises away orders. 02 short-term and long-term coping strategies to face the epidemic adverse effects and challenges, equipment manufacturers should be addressed to the short and long-term perspectives:Short-term measures: a comprehensive teleworking based on Internet technology, teamwork, business management and control platform for the corporate office and to work together for all-round upgrade. Many of our equipment manufacturing enterprises have much room for improvement in this regard, especially when compared with the global company. Many of China’s equipment manufacturing industry enterprises, enterprises are still, small two-center, fewer multi-center single center. This single-center-based structure, allowing companies to adopt telecommuting, lack of power tools and mechanisms more collaborative. In the current large outbreak like this, employees can not be together much of the work would be difficult to carry out. Although such a disease many years before the event, and we firmly believe it will not be long to be effectively controlled. However, after the equipment manufacturing companies are increasingly going global Control Engineering Copyright , throughout the world, natural disasters, epidemics, major accidents, riots, local wars, etc., together, it is not accidental incident. Thus, China’s equipment manufacturing enterprises under the influence of a major epidemic this, should upgrade all-round business office, collaboration and business management and control system, making the work of the staff as much as possible not subject to space and time, so as far as possible at any time you can work anywhere; as long as the Internet, and more will be able to remotely communicate and collaborate. Further, such a system upgrade business, it is best not to use the system completely personalized development, but more versatile system. In this case, not only communication and coordination within the enterprise, but also can be linked under the license conditions and the corresponding system customers, suppliers, distributors and other business partners, to solve a series of external corporate sales, service, supply and logistics communication and collaboration. Furthermore, such a system, but also increase the future work of the staff of freedom in time and space, and improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Long-term measures: the Internet industry to develop and apply technology to create resource optimization platform and resource allocation platform to accelerate digital equipment manufacturing enterprise, intelligent restructuring. Upgrading office and collaborative systems, remote office can solve non-production front-line staff, timely synergies, but also to some extent, solve with business partners to communicate and exchange issues, but still can not solve the internal multi-sectoral, multi-part business between collaboration and optimal allocation of resources, depth of business collaboration between the more problems can not be solved equipment manufacturing enterprises and their business partners. In order to more fully address these issues, cross-industryNetworking provides a broad road! With the use of industrial technology and the Internet, by digitizing equipment manufacturing enterprises, intelligent transformation, can greatly improve the internal departments, coordination between the portion of the flexible and flexibility, but also greatly enhance equipment manufacturing enterprises and commercial between business partners (in particular, customers, suppliers) collaboration, support and cooperation. First, internal equipment manufacturing enterprises, the use of Internet technology industry can build resource optimization platform. On the platform, to the management and operation of equipment assets side, a big data and artificial intelligence technology and industry experience operational status of equipment status and performance of intelligent analysis, provide intelligent services for the production and decision-making. Thus, within the enterprise production and business activities, can greatly get rid of dependence on resources such as staff time and space. Meanwhile, the background of such a system are in the cloud, and therefore, will not have a physical dependence deployed position, with great reliability, flexibility. In this regard has been the leading practice CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , GE Predix, ABB Ability, Siemens MindSphere, Schneider Electric EcoStruxure and other leading multinational companies; domestic business elite, Trinity Group, the number of Internet root XCMG Xrea, Advantech WISE-PaaS, Kymmene technology industry internet platform, began to set an example for many equipment manufacturing enterprises! Second, in terms of depth of links between equipment manufacturers and business partner companies, the use of Internet technology industry can build a resource-allocation platform. The platform mainly in terms of organization and scheduling of resource elements , and optimize enterprise resource management, business processes, production processes, supply chain management and other sectors, to achieve equipment manufacturing enterprise and external user needs , innovative resources and docking capacity, capacity optimization and effective promotion of regional synergy. Resource allocation platform on behalf of the enterprise and platform are: Haier COSMOPlat, intelligent cloud Branch iSESOL, United States MeiCloud, aerospace and other cloud network INDICS. After the establishment of such a system based on Internet technology industry, China’s equipment manufacturing enterprises will be able to basically achieve digital, intelligent transformation! After the transformation, the production,Operations can greatly reduce dependence on individual employees, not to mention their working hours, depending on location; also can significantly deepening business links between equipment manufacturers and their business partners, synergy and cooperation between them not easily affected by local outbreaks, accidents, traffic between each other can be flexible to adjust, not because some employees are subject to time and space, and affect each other’s cooperation. In summary, this a pneumonia outbreak of companies in many industries will have a significant impact, equipment manufacturers can not escape. Related businesses, not only do not think this is an extremely fortuitous events without thought into it, do not be too pessimistic and feel unable to cope. We recommend these companies after careful thought, take the following strategies: short-term, comprehensive-based telecommuting Internet technology, teamwork, business management and control tool for corporate office and work together to carry out a comprehensive upgrade; long-term, to develop and use industrial internet technology control Engineering Copyright , to create a platform for resource optimization and resource allocation platform to accelerate digital equipment manufacturing enterprise, intelligent restructuring. In this way, China’s equipment manufacturing enterprises in the future global management, can calmly deal with various emergencies!

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