Technology, standards are not mature, landing the Internet industry still 5 years

Some people say, 5G greatest value is not in the consumer space, but in the industrial end of things, everything from the Internet, to industrial automation, to the autopilot, 5G are energized killer application level; also been said that the expert mouth 5G landing scenario, is the mirror month. In terms of the whole industry chain, the necessity of 5G not seem to have good reason to convince frontline staff. 5G spark when you can have a prairie fire. Industry experts believe that, 5G landing in mature industrial sectors, as well as at least a five-year window. 5G improve plant efficiency more than 30% 5G application scenario in the industrial field, including things, industrial automation and control, logistics tracking, the plurality of industrial AR, cloud robot. “Different types of 5G service (eMBB, mMTC, URLCC) for different industrial automation applications, mMTC mainly for large-scale business of things , a large number of devices can be connected, it can make things the development of ultra-reliable broader .URLLC capable of low latency, suitable for inter-machine communications, industrial automation, etc. may require low latency, highly reliable connection of business. “5G international analyst firm IHS analysis of Syed Mohsin Ali and Alex West 5G has represented a wide range of application scenarios in the field of industrial things. From major carriers dominate the scene point of view, in industrial manufacturing, the use of 5G network of high bandwidth, high-definition video backhaul, remote expert guidance to assist; 5G and low latency characteristics of the network, innovation applied to the remote robot precise control, to man-machine cooperation, the robot arm so as to complete the reaction quickly at a particular scene. Such as Google AI Lab in cooperation with the excellent collaboration proud of robots, a more compact robotic arm training machine learning, robot to do the task in the past can not be achieved, in order to adapt to the different needs of the industrial scene. In April this year, Hong letter to the company “5G wisdom Factory” officially entered the production phase, the plant formerly known as Central China’s largest, highest degree of automation of wireless products manufacturing base. After the transformation, the robotic welding, assembly, upload the working status of the network at any time through 5G, the cloud platform for unified management with virtually no human intervention. Staff said: 5G-based industrial control interaction of the factory management wisdom becomes possible to enhance production efficiency than before the transformation of more than 30%. Ericsson5G and other giants of the vision, the use of 5G communication technology often improve some details leading to enhance the economic efficiency, such as Ericsson and Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Technology cooperation to improve industrial processes, real-time detection of production defects during manufacturing. In their calculations, a certain part of the rework rate was as high as 25%, the introduction of 5G and networking technology to achieve the automation, rework rate can be reduced by 10%, in terms of cost of the machine, then single Yepan Cheng could reduce 3600 euros, global leaf discs the yield about 100,000 a year, which means that real-time monitoring technology through 5G, a year cost savings of 360 million euros. Intel also demonstrated how to use 5G plant to reduce the occurrence of accidents. Through computer vision, artificial intelligence and 5G technology to create virtual danger zone, if someone enters the “danger zone”, 5G high speed low latency characteristics of play, the robot arm will automatically shut down immediately to avoid harm to people. When Adam Sobieski, general manager of Greater China gifted proud robots are widely used in the production line to accept the “IT Times” interview, said that they saw an opportunity, the plant uses a lot of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve “intelligent manufacturing”, while the integration and use relevant data to support its effective functioning is to rely on 5G technology. 5G technology will bring a lot of products, processes of change, in this process, many companies need to quickly adapt to the new production process requirements, it also brings challenges of flexible production, excellent proud also actively expanding production and 5G equipment manufacturers opportunities to help businesses reduce the threshold of automation, to adapt quickly to change. Line enterprises lack of demand, however, these magnificent imagination, and does not appear in the eyes of front-line business personnel. A higher market share of things all walks of life of their products, such as animal husbandry management, marked by ear, you can achieve recognition and detection to track management. But the relevant personnel told reporters, 5G even though it can achieve things wide field of connection, but from their perspective, not demand, 2G will be enough. 4.0 based on industry planning, Bosch recently launched VR glove with a built multiple MEMS sensors, 5G without help, can achieve precise tracking and gesture recognition Control Engineering Copyright based on innovative algorithm, perform hand movements simulation, and can achieve accurate gesture recognition and tracking, quantitative analysis, to improve industrial processes, mentionHigh economic efficiency. The necessity and value of industry versatility 5G in the industrial areas of the Internet are being challenged. A long-term facility to provide information services to the industry Wangqiu Chen (not his real name) told the “IT Times” reporter, even if he was optimistic about prospects for the development of 5G technology, but the current floor finite, not front-line plant attractive. Wisdom factory include logistics, workshop, production, quality control, equipment management, product research and development fields, through the existing network environment CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , each area can do automation and intelligence . For example logistics chain, the instruction can be issued so that, AGV, the specific materials, transmitted at a specific time in a specific amount from a location to another, thereby reducing the cost of manual handling. Through the information system and the robot arm is arranged to plant material, to complete the loading of the material, processing, testing, packaging process and automated production levels of synergy charge unit Copyright Control Engineering , logistic units, production process equipment and all materials needed factors of production to meet customer delivery and quality requirements. No blessing 5G, the current industrial networking, intelligent manufacturing developed in accordance with a specific speed. In the eyes of Wang Qiuchen, 5G does not seem particularly suitable location. “The integration of information technology and industrialization, relying on the network environment. Wi-Fi wireless susceptible to interference, fiber optic cable can easily be Waduan, off the network will bring huge production losses, and I look forward to 5G, stability is much higher than its high rate characteristics. “Wangqiu Chen said, the production process industry in the failure resulting in downtime, often affect the entire production line, or even the entire product delivery cycle, Wang Qiuchen of several customers over the broken network happen affect the production situation, is to ensure the stability control system industry is still dominated local, more immediate benefits 5G era is not to improve the reliability of the “wired” constraints, network. Wang Qiuchen concern is that China’s current level of development of the Internet of Things industry really is not balanced. Adam Sobieski observed in up to 10 years, both the BMW Dingolfing factory automation such well-known worldwide companies, or 3C factories located in Dongguan, China with high-quality, high-labor-intensive known; no matter how large manufacturers scale mass production of toys, or small quantities of many varieties of goldThey are a machine shop, are in different stages of automation, large gap between hardware and software basis, also reaching a lasting impact. “The current industry mainly refers to the Internet Industry 4.0, the majority of Chinese manufacturing enterprises in machine tools, production equipment, etc. still stuck in pre-industrial 3.0, 2.0, 1.0 and some in the stage, 80% in many industries rely on artificial.” Said Wang Qiuchen “artificial able to get the business, manufacturers do not see the long-term interests. and the information is not low cost, small projects only software we have two or three hundred million, plus hardware 500 million, manufacturing itself to tighten financial has always been cash flow is poor, it is difficult to come up with millions, tens of millions of net income to do intelligent building. “seeing another 5G industrial communication service quality is still no guarantee that things Intel China division chief technology officer Tommy He said that for the Internet industry, the 5G alone is not enough. Because of how low-latency control does not fully address the communication protocol, so the service can not fully guarantee the quality of communication, and industrial application of more stringent requirements for the delay, there must be a new technology aid. This is why universal explore TSN (time-sensitive network) in the industry today. Wang Qiuchen Also consider ecological 5G, 5G communication technology developed after, also need supporting software to support all current centralized system CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 5G supporting the development of distributed systems also requires a certain time. 5G analyst with IHS’s Syed Mohsin Ali and Alex West Experts also stressed the point is that the manufacturing sector is an area of ​​technology adoption cycle several times longer than the consumers. For example, most of the industry is still connected to the new node-based fieldbus, Ethernet has not yet become the default technology. As mentioned earlier, we are still in the early stages of deployment 5G, using this technology in the development of industrial areas also need 5–7 years. In addition, the development of 5G, but also brings new security issues need to be addressed. For example, network security issues facing the 4G era will continue in eMBB and grow the network attack surface in a low-latency operations (uRLLC). 360 security experts Huang Lin told the “IT Times” reporter, combined with industry for specific vertical industries, 5G make a scene difficult to achieve previously feasible. In terms of security, uRLLC original will not be linkedNet or relatively closed network connection to the Internet, which virtually expanding the network attack surface. Future more critical infrastructure and critical applications, the architecture will be on the 5G. Things industry has high commercial value, to study the vulnerability of someone 5G, the confrontation, the greater attacking force, 5G will face greater security challenges.

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