China plans to initially establish a standard system for the Internet industry in 2020

Recently Control Engineering Copyright , the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Standardization Management Commission jointly organized formulated and issued a “comprehensive standardization of the Internet industry guide system.” Guidelines proposed Control Engineering Copyright , will focus on developing the current industry standard technology for emergencies, plans to 2020, the initial establishment of the Internet industry standards.
Guidelines point out that the Internet industry as a new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth integration of the product, is increasingly becoming an important cornerstone of key support and deepen the new industrial revolution “Internet + advanced manufacturing,” the future industrial development will produce full directional, deep-seated, revolutionary impact. Internet industry to build networks, platforms, security system three functions through the system Control Engineering Copyright , to create a human, machine, material new comprehensive Internet network infrastructure Control Engineering Copyright to form a new industry and development of intelligent application mode, is an important foundation to promote the manufacture of power and power network construction, it is strong support for building a moderately prosperous society and socialist modernization drive power. It is understood that guide contains the current status of the development of Internet technology and industrial construction next content ideas and objectives , and made plans to 2020, the initial establishment of the Internet industry standard system, focusing on the development of the plant industrial development within the network, network resource management, edge devices, industrial large data and other emergencies standards; 2025, developed more than 100 standards, focus on promoting support industry applications standardization work, the basic completion of the unified, integrated, open industry Internet standards. The launch of the guide, will help guide the current and future period of time the Internet industry standardization work, to solve lack of standards, lag, repeated cross and other issues, the Ministry of Industry and the National Standards Commission will continue to guide dynamically updated sound, in order to speed up the establishment unified, integrated, open industry standard Internet system.

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