The core components of domestic robot manufacturers to develop OVERVIEW

Chinese industrial robot market is occupied by international giants, one very important reason is reducers, servo motors, controllers and other core components are mostly imported, so that the domestic brands cost compared to foreign brands robot robot is not much advantage. Domestic migration of low-end robots since 2013, China has become the world’s largest consumer of robots, for three consecutive years ranked in the world top spot in the industrial robot market; at the same time, domestic production of industrial robots also showed explosive growth trend. Substitution push the machine around the transformation to industrial robots and automation industry has brought a huge market, but the key components of domestic robots have been “enslaved” phenomenon has never much of a breakthrough. Industry robot on the lower chain into three levels: upper core components is mainly reducer and a control system, which is equivalent to the robot’s “brain”; midstream robot body, i.e., the robot “body”; the downstream system integrators, dependent on upstream and midstream of core equipment to do product integration.
not only the high end core components of dependence on imports, the world’s major patent applicant in industrial robot industry has not seen Chinese companies on the scene. It is understood that Japan’s Yaskawa Electric Company and FANUC respectively 5823 4512 patent applications among the world’s top two, ABB has 2231, Samsung 2016, Hitachi 1907. It also further validates the Chinese industrial robot production capacity is currently relatively low-end bias. For China’s industrial robot industry, the need to optimize and upgrade in technology and products. If you want to order a breakthrough in essence in terms of core components, need to pay more patience and commitment. The good news is, with the booming high-tech industry, China’s machine manufacturers gradually realize the importance and necessity of the core components of industrial robots in the robot’s mainframe, expected to break the foreign monopoly in this field, reduce the cost of the host robot, find a way out of domestic robots. For the core of robot parts manufacturers, there is a good news. Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin said, will further integrate resources industry innovation, promote the establishment of innovation centers robots, focusing on the core components can enhance the quality and reliability, and carry out robot pilot demonstration, application and personnel training. In addition, many local governments to implement intelligent machines and equipment upgrades substitutions to give financial capital subsidy. This will reduce prices to a certain extentThe high cost of industrial upgrading, promote the development of the robotics industry pace. Three core components: controller, servo motor and reducer of three core components of an industrial robot controller, servo motor, reducer is the main bottleneck of China’s robot industry, accounting for 70% of the cost of the robot. Controller Controller minimum gap at home and abroad. The controller is the brain of the robot, publishing and delivery operation command. Including hardware and software in two parts: the hardware is industrial control boards, comprising a number of master control unit, a signal processing circuit section and the like, domestic brands have mastered; software part is the control algorithm, the second development, domestic brands stability, response speed, ease of use is still lagging behind. Controller problem is that, because of its “nerve center” status and relatively low threshold CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , mature robot controller Manufacturers generally develop their own, to ensure the stability and maintenance of technical systems. So the market share of the controller is consistent with the robot body. The international community has KEBA, Beckhoff, B & R controller manufacturers provide such underlying platform. So in the current environment of domestic enterprises specializing in the development of the controller would be more difficult. Opportunity controller that standardization and openness. Existing robot controller enclosed structure, to bring openness poor, poor software independence, fault tolerance is poor, poor scalability, lack of network function and other shortcomings, can not meet the requirements of intelligent and flexible. Development of modular, standardized robot controller, users at all levels to open a development direction of the robot controller. Our 863 also has been established. Robot unified interface is a big trend , may occur controller modules provide a platform for future-oriented enterprises. Servo motor servo motor competition, foreign investment the right to speak. Servo motor in the robot as an execution unit, the main factors affecting the performance of the robot. Stepping into the main servo motor, AC and DC, the robotics industry is the most widely used AC servo, accounting for about 65% of the servo motor and controller closely associated. Self-supporting capacity of the servo system is taking shape, large-scale servo brand has more than 20. Domestic product range and more power in less than 22KW, the technical route and close to the Japanese products. From the market scale, in 2016 our country servo motor production output of about 3740,000, demand of about 7.47 million units, the domestic servo motor sales reached 10.26 billion yuan. At present, the servo market is still dominated by foreign brands CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , mainly from Japan, Germany and the United States brand, in 2014 China accounted for about 56% of the servo product market share, while the remaining 44% the market share of Taiwan’s newly developed servo and local brands. Among them, Japanese brands in the OEM market, especially small and medium monopoly advantage; American and European brands in high-end equipment and production lines more competitive. In contrast, domestic brands started late servo, stepper is the original multi-product supplier and provider of CNC products developed from the low-end market as the main competition, in recent years, sales of domestic product is at servo in the gradual upward trend, in 2016 the market share of domestic brands servo has reached 46.8%. Controller and servo system closely associated with, the user selects the sort are reliable stability, price, service, and cost-effective service to start from the direction of domestic enterprises breakthrough. But the need for motion control long-term in-depth research, a lot of capital investment and a long period of market-proven, are high on technology, capital, personnel requirements, domestic companies such as robotics new song, new and up, Kymmene technology, GSK , Estun other with similar conditions. Gear reducer robot market is highly monopolized domestic reducer unable to achieve a comprehensive import substitution. Reducer for precise control of the operation of the robot, greater torque transmission. Divided into two Copyright Control Engineering , mounted on the base, arm, shoulder and other heavy load position RV and harmonic reducer mounted in a light load position of the arm, wrist or hand, etc. wave reducer. RV reducer monopolized by Japan Nabtesco, Japan harmonic gear Hamer NACCO dominant. Harmonic gear structure is relatively simple, only three basic components, plus Hammer Cashier’s patent had expired, domestic harmonic gear is not a big gap compared with foreign countries. Wuxi green harmonic gear has been widely used in the domestic robot above. RV reducer core difficulty lies in basic industries and processes. RV reducer purely mechanical precision components , material, heat treatment process, and high-precision machine tools are indispensable. Our long-term backwardness in these areas and not rely solely on aEnterprises can be resolved. To combine a plurality of components 200, demanding precision, the matching tolerances between the parts to be many years of experience. China’s Qin Chuan, bicyclic rotation, green, blessing, harmonic drive, etc., in recent years in the development of technology has made some independent research and development of innovative achievements, but tackling performance remains to be done. Internationally, the highest popularity of Japanese reducer, except for ranking points out of twelve Hammer NACCO and Nabtesco, there Sumitomo, Po and other new brands also popular. In China, there are green, blessing, Lectra precision, Qinchuan Machine, Nantong-Hong, Hengfengtai, double loop transmission and other manufacturers. However, the current domestic and imported products reducer, there is still a gap. Although in recent years the strength of China’s manufacturing enterprises generally on the rise, reducer manufacturer may have purchased Hamer Naco, Nabtesco high-end processing equipment used, but industry sources said that in the design, materials, heat treatment, processing technology etc., domestic manufacturers still insufficient. Nanjing Si Ruien organic Hou Songchuan general manager has said steel process harmonic gear reducer, has been done for a Hammer Nacho minutes (processed) two workpieces, are still present, many domestic shaper traditional process, slow wire technology; RV reducer cycloid processing, Nabtesco uses the latest forming mill and generating method, every minute can be processed two to three products, and domestic efficiency is still very low and do not have mass production condition. Even so, domestic reducer areas there is still a group of pursuers. In summary, the three core components of industrial robots in order to get a breakthrough in essence, need to pay more patience and commitment, especially reducer, the greater the expectations, the greater the pressure, but the outlook is impressive. Meanwhile, China’s industrial robot technology talent is very scarce. It describes the core components of domestic manufacturers in the domestic robot technology independent research and development, our country needs to increase investment in key technologies and research and development. GSK robot strategy set up their own systems integration team, facing enterprise applications, in order to seek market penetration. This on the one hand help solve the problem of system integrators favor of foreign brands from inertia, are reluctant to try homemade robots; robotic hand turn on a bridge enterprise and enterprise applications, which will help adjust the robot R & D. Eston company is one of the few domestic manufacturers of various types of core components with a controller, AC servo, reducer, and other core components of the robot independent intellectual property rights, the production capacityThe product is widely used in automation and control, they are among the best in the market share of domestic brands. “After years of research and investment, the company’s industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing systems product has obvious advantages in welding, palletizing, loading and unloading, bending and other fields. Some products, such as bending and robotic work cell, technology has reached the international leading level. “Eston chairman Wu Bo said. New and up with independent intellectual property rights in the control and drive technology of the robot body, the six degrees of freedom independent research and development of industrial robots, SCARA, network type servo systems and other innovative products. Ji Yi, chairman of introduction, the company’s SCARA robot on the subject of international brands, production for the first half of the robot body has exceeded the number sold thousands of units, established a technology leadership position in the domestic robot and motion control industry. At present the key technologies are the core components of a major breakthrough, partially achieved a small batch of industrial applications, reduce external dependence industrial core components. This can not only reduce the cost of domestic robots will also break the foreign brands constraints. It reached a new issue of convertible bonds successfully raised 880 million yuan. “From the future development trend, the company’s production capacity robots, one of convertible bonds to raise investment project is to solve the problems of the company’s production capacity robotic products.” The company official said. Build a complete industrial chain layout of many robotic companies with the capital markets. 17 June, new and up to 405 million yuan acquisition of research and development, manufacture and sale of servo drives and other motion control system products started mountain ITES, through the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment control layer, driver layer, the implementation layer, equipment level, engineering and other physical layer, to create “core components – the body – applications – information” of a complete industrial chain development pattern. Eston 2016 by 950 million yuan set by the financing for the project robot intelligent manufacturing systems research and development and industrialization, intelligent robots and other factory upgrade. “The company robot body production capacity of around 2000 units / year, sufficient orders in hand, but tight capacity situation. The company has been doing production capacity to prepare for the rapid expansion of the market, under construction in the 180 acres of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing industry Park planning capacity of 15,000 sets of robots. “Eston chairman Wu Bo introduction. While improving production capacity, Eston this year completed the acquisition of a wholly-owned British TRIO, holding Germany M.A.i., shares of US companies and a number of overseas investment BARRETT mergers and acquisitions, ahead of the layoutIndustry cutting-edge technology, and developed based on TRIO motion control servo system controller + ESTUN complete solution. HKUST intelligence has acquired permanent dry Electrical last year, Xiao Hua and precision crown caused by automation, completed the “smart transfer robotic arm (hand) -AGV (feet) – flexible production line (body)” in one complete industrial chain layout. Weihe Tool & Die: Weihe River in Shaanxi Tool & Die Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Province robot reducer Engineering Center, National Robotics reducer intelligent manufacturing plant construction and demonstration projects China Industry Alliance member units of the robot. Since the enterprise who have military enterprises, so for a long time did not enter the public view, the past two years began to enter the civilian market. Tool & Die Weihe robot products for the RV reduction gear reducer, after the company producing precision gears, with strong R & D capabilities. Gree Smart Equipment Technology Research Institute: Zhuhai Gree Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary, was established in September 2015, is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the smart equipment manufacturers. Currently, Gree intelligent equipment products covered by the servo robot, more than 10 fields of industrial robots, intelligent warehouse equipment, intelligent detection, heat exchangers, special machine tools, unmanned automated production line body, CNC machine tools, over one hundred kinds of product specifications. Motor Han: Han Precision harmonic gear reducer team to theoretical calculation and finite element analysis, combined with sophisticated detection system to obtain vast amounts of test data using multi-objective optimization means regression, non-standard design breakthrough success of difficulty double arc, research and development harmonic gear having breakthrough products. Taiwan State: Taiwan State Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, its sales in the mainland to establish a set of precision gear is a series of product development, production, sales integration of professional manufacturers. Main products are: induction motor, reversible motors, brake motors, brake motor speed, torque motors, DC motors, worm gear motors. The past two years, the downstream demand for industrial robots popular, manufacturers increasing the size of the body, promote the development of the core components of domestic manufacturers, with so many new forces to join, which makes the future development of domestic industrial robot more worth the wait. However, many industry insiders pointed out that the problem faced by alternative parts made in one hand, a low market share, the other is the quality of reliability and stability remains to be improved. However, a major listed company executives said the company is currently designed for high-end customersThe complete solution, the procurement of core components of industrial robots mainly from foreign-funded enterprises. “We can not afford the quality and performance issues between domestic products and purchasing their product solutions overlay may lead to risks unless the customer explicitly requested localization in the core components we still tend to purchase foreign goods.” But domestic industrial robot products with high price advantage, the scale used in low-end manufacturing sector is growing. “The huge domestic market in low-end manufacturing scale domestic industrial robot development provides opportunities for Coupled with the high end situation gradually opened, the future of China’s industrial robot industry will continue to maintain high growth.”

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