Glass 3D printing process by the “ban”, MIT amazingly

Some things, it obviously has been Akira in front of you, but you just do not notice it’s there! Do not believe? Figure look carefully, do not blink! ! !
figure above, in addition to an elegant lady, sophisticated headset, cabin wall and the blue sky, what else? Ha, yes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , of course, transparency, high hardness, and sealing glass it! We all know that glass is one of the “oldest” building material, its application in our modern life is very broad, small smartphone screen to big to-ceiling windows on skyscrapers, glass everywhere to show the “God generally great presence. ” “Standing on top of skyscrapers, quietly across the windows ……” unwittingly Control Engineering Copyright , small ears and echoed from the “Moon Princess” Meng Tingwei song cycle was play countless beautiful songs. “Relentless years of age a man , the moment faded youth Chunhui,” we miss the green years have gone, but we lamented the modern technology of social progress! With the continuous development and progress of 3D printing technology and materials technology, 3D printing material camp now encompasses a variety of materials ABS plastic, nylon or polyamide, PLA, wax, and a photosensitive resin such as polycarbonate, however, glass soon It would be “into the arm”, a common 3D printing materials. Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists launched G3DP2 system, further improve its molten glass 3D printing process. The first system is the transparent glass additive manufacturing process G3DP platform upgrade, capable of full control of the hot material by 3D printing system to make a stable final product.

G3DP2 compared with G3DP key parameters
The research results were published in the research paper “3D printing and additive manufacturing” (3DPrinting and Additive Manufacturing) of the peer-reviewed journal “transparent glass structure Additive manufacturing “(Additive manufacturing of Transparent Glass Structures) in.

Articles said Copyright Control Engineering , the system is a new additive manufacturing molten glass “will be a digital integrated heat control system and the three-zone axis motion control system in combination platform CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , can ensure product accuracy and repeatability and reliability while productivity increased dramatically, with industrial production capacity for glass materials, which are not in the past achieved. “the system is enclosed by a heating box and a second thermal control box. The former task is to receive molten glass, which glass is converted into three-dimensional object areas.
Thermal upper and lower modules exploded view of the motion control module (left); the entire cross section of the system, showing the internal details (right)
Glass extrusion system can be strictly controlled to ensure that impurities and crystal structural problems will not process damage. According to the US tech blog Tech Crunch Tweets that transparent glass resulting structures can be used for architectural or decorative purposes. We had a 3-meter-high glass column exhibited during Milan Design Week 2017, is one of the masterpieces G3DP2 production. The complexity of the geometric means projecting 3D printing glass, strength, accuracy and transparency, showing the great potential of the invention is applied in architectural design. 3D printing glass column exhibited during the
2017 Milan Design Week
to participate in the work of the MIT system researchers hope their invention can open the door to more glass 3D printing applications because the material in various industries It has many uses. They wrote in their paper: “By combining many material properties (such as transparency, strength and chemical stability) by the great advantages of wood and glass manufacturing technology of the future, we may create a new prototype multi-purpose building materials.” written in the last glass is an extremely complex chemical nature of the material, it is very sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature changes. Although the glass material for the 3D printing process has gone through such a long time, but it successfully joined the camp 3D printing materials, it really is a major breakthrough. Construction, automotive, aerospace, and medical and many other fields have a huge rigid demand for properties of the glass. We also look forward, glass While 3D printing materials sector “little fresh meat” mature quickly, soPeople’s lives more bright and transparent.

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