Simple and smooth outdoor collection

Milan DesignerFrancisco Gomez PazDesigned a set of outdoor product portfolios, named FGP . FGP by bicycle rack, bench, trash can and LEDStreet lights, each with a cast aluminum structure. Although these works are very simple and fluid, they bring a low-key elegance to the often boring outdoor work.

The shape of the bicycle frame simulates the frame of the bicycle.
The lamp is bent upward from the bottom to form the top of the triangle.
The backrest and seat of the bench are made up of narrow wooden strips It has various lengths.
Trash cans are equipped with the same narrow wooden bench.

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Interesting products from DENOE BCN DESIGN

Denoe BCN Design is a design duo, by industrial designerNoéand graphics and interior designersMaria José Composition, their work is inspired by everyday objects.

Fylis an easy-to-use chair with colored outlines around the curved metal.

Pennxero is a modular storage system that uses a pencil instead of a hook to hang your item.

Gipsyis a very simple no The back bar stool, it is light and colored.

Zeenis a fun rocking chair with a built-in magazine corner on the seat compartment.

NuusInspiration from Roots And the ropes, they are tightly tied together.

Pyois a fun birdcage-shaped lamp.

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Whimsical popcorn machine

Popcorn Monsoonmay be different from any popcorn you have ever seen. Jolene CarlierThe device designed looks both interesting and whimsical in design and functionality. She believes that the process of popping popcorn is a dull experience, and she wants to make this process even more exciting by using this unconventional structure. The end result is a unique invention that may be a minimalist sculpture at first glance. But you will immediately realize that this long bend can let you see the popping process.

UsePopcorn MonsoonIt’s very easy. First, you open the small tube next to it and pour the corn kernels into the large yellow base. Turn the metal heating switch over and wait for the corn kernels to be heated. When they pop open, they pass through the transparent slot to the other end. Watching the accumulation of popcorn and sliding it to another basket is very interesting and allows you to enjoy the process perfectly.

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DIY magazine hanging rope


rope Dry soilKey Ringpainting hook Chopsticks/Needle


Making two identical air-dried ball clays Wet hands knead until smooth.

2. Span>Roll one of the dried clay balls into a cylinder. Keep both ends flat and try to keep both sides as straight as possible.

3.Poke a cylinder with a chopstick or needle . Twist the chopsticks until it is wide enough for the rope to pass. Chopsticks/ Span>Acupuncture.

4.Make two such cylinders, wait24hours make them hard.

5.Through the rope from one end of the cylinder and tie it. Cut off the excess rope to make it tidy.

6.Put the keychain on the middle rope.

7.Through the other half of the rope through the cylinder and knot, it is also trimmed and neat.

8. Hang the keychain on the nails on the wall, then hang up your beautiful magazine. Be careful when hanging the first magazine.

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Refurbished Barcelona apartment

YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona recently took over a BarcelonaDiagonal MarRegional apartment renovation project. The transformed space focuses on larger public areas, bringing the most direct view.

The kitchen, living room and dining room are connected to form a common area.
The main color of the apartment is ivory white,, with a warm oak finish and deep graphite tones. The kitchen’s tailgate and a similar surface to the living room create a cohesive interior.
In the living room, dining room and studio, the windows are wrapped in a large graphite frame.
Living room with a CasadesusSofa, oneSata iColeLights , twoNelsoncoffee table ,oneMatèriaCarpet.
Gray tiles cover the entire bathroom, and the ceiling is covered with oak.

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London Design Festival 19 Greek Street Works B

Markus Friedrich StaabRecycling chair last year19 Greek StreetShow it on. His latest collection is inspired by Charlesand Ray EamesDCMchair. This time his work is paired with Forbidden Lakesplate. The plate is made by Israeli designerNoam Doverand Michal CederbaumDesigned. They used glaze to apply the picture to an old discarded ceramic dish.

TheseSplit Shelf also comes fromPeter Marigold, each compartment on the shelf is unique.

The theme of the lecture hall on the third floor revolves around health and sustainability.

This space also contains several key furniture designs.These include the Italian designer Moreno RattiandPaolo UlianDesigned bowls. The entire collection is made of marble tiles without any waste.

The top floor is a room full of dedicated meditation and health, with a range of yoga and meditation classes. Provide a moment of peace and reflection.

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Apartment made up of large cages

byPRODUCEDesign This100Sq.mThe loft is located in SingaporeNovina District. This is for his master, art collector, critic, writer and director of media marketing at the National Gallery of SingaporeWoon Tai Ho specially created. The design is based on the artwork he loves, reflecting his character and expressing his life, suitable for his outstanding gentleman temperament.

by watching the art he collected,PRODUCEDesignerJane Lee andHan Sai PorChoose focus on designmonoform Column. MonoformIt is a single, cage-like piece of furniture that connects all parts of the attic. This design is close to Woon Life style.

Cage structure can act as a bookshelf, a closet, a table and a wine rack, and more importantly, it is a sculpture. Slim steel rods appear in every space of the apartment to unify the design.

just as WoonI am tired of using art to show how much I love art. I want to live in a space that is a work of art.

Concrete sinks are also connected by hanging steel bars, each one inch is fully utilized.

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Sustainable bamboo house in Bali

2010Year, Elora HardyLeave her successful career in New York and return to her childhood home in Bali, where she decided to build a bamboo house To make a living. In the past five years, Elora and her team revolutionized bamboo architecture, which they believe is not yet fully utilized and is an ideal renewable resource. This group of talented artists has created several extraordinary bamboo houses in Indonesia. When I first saw these structures at the Green Building School six years ago, I just thought it all makes sense. It grows around us. It is powerful. It is elegant. It is earthquake resistant. What can we do with it next? ”Elora said.

EloraInspired by the use of bamboo by her fatherJohn Hardy. For me, the key is to develop the possibilities of bamboo, architecture and high-end design. I like to use craftsmanship to create creative and beautiful things, which can develop and save a new skill. , ”Elora said.

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Cat game room built with squares

cat cat cat (the best name in history?) recently5 Successfully launched their recent creations “squares” and received funding. "squares" is a modular package consisting of beams, cubes, tunnels, ramps and two connectors. You can easily build a personalized game room for your cat.

It is 100%Biodegradable recycled materials. Although it is light, it is very strong and can withstand the weight of any cat.

By random combination structure, it can be used for each stage The cat provides psychological and physical stimulation.

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Launch of new lighting & furniture collection (APPARATUS)

APPARATUSTwo new lighting series launched this spring,LINK PORCELAINandCYLINDER, and for the first time into the furniture sector WorksPORTAL TABLES.

LINK PORCELAINThe chandelier combines a ceramic chain with brass to create a balance between fragility and strength.
brings functional lighting to a higher designer level. The recessed directional lighting has a simple metal form that can be used independently or in combination.
is made of thick sandblasted ash wood, their bold form and rough appearance texture mimic the original furniture.

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