Open EICHLER residence

Arterra Landscape Architectsand Klopf Architecture Renovated a classic EichlerHouse. Typical open interior/Outdoor design creates greater by extending the original glass wall connection.

The space is extended to the private side yard area by opening both sides of the living room.
The kitchen is located in a corner of the house, filled with natural light from all the glass. White walls, ceilings and countertops contrast with dark wood cabinets. The design still has the feel of the middle of the century, but it is still very modern.
1712square feetThe house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms on the side of the central living room. At the back of the house, while the kitchen, washroom and garage are in front of the house.
The living room on both sides has a wall that can be opened, making it feel like a pavilion. The outdoor patio is an interior extension that blends perfectly with the design.

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Modern handmade chair

YC1chair isYamanamiPart of the collection, designed by TokyoMikiya KobayashiforTakumi KohgeiDesigned. The wooden structure is made of oak or walnut, and the fabric-covered cushion gives the chair unique details.

Simple white rope passes through the small hole in the chair, through a leather pipe-like detail, which makes the chair back Become flexible and create a beautiful and unexpected back seat.

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Design of Danish architect and designer – ARNE JACOBSEN

Arne JacobsenBe a Danish architect and designer, he is best known for his simple and sleek chair design .

GreenPre Propchair isJacobsenfor Arko Oy Helsinkidesigned, the number is very small, never the version. This makes people think of Joe ColomboDesigned a limited number of lights, at about the same time, which makes people wonder who inspires who.

JacobsenMost popular design One Eggchairs can be found in most modern houses. This chair has been redesigned with many colors and fabrics.
It also inspired similar designs that can be found in home stores such as IKEA.

Jacobsen Design textiles too, like the one on the left. The wallpaper on the right is made by Scandinavian DesignerBorastapeterDeveloped , usedJacobsenpattern.

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Jake Dysonand his team has already spent10Year of time to perfect their lighting technology to overcome the currentLEDLights problem. Jake DysonThe results of extensive research have led to an incredible design——hisCSYS™ LEDWork light.

First,CSYS™Worklights overcome overheating problems, Absorb with heat pipe technology LEDThe heat. Second, they use gravity instead of the traditional tension. This means CSYS™Lights can be moved smoothly in three different ways——The arm of the lamp moves vertically using the balance pulley system.
high powerLED produces a warm white light with a fairly sensitive continuous brightness control. It even has a memory stick that can be turned back to the final brightness level.
NowCSYS™Lights include floor lights and table lamps. The height of the lights is from 31.8”to53.54”.

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Modern outdoor seating

LujoOutdoor Bean BagThe chair is his new work. These structured mats are very comfortable and can adapt to any outdoor element.

If you are looking for a more relaxing lounge experience, then choose it. When you are not using them outdoors, you can put them indoors, they are very versatile.
The modern hammock is an architectural sculpture-like piece that fits your backyard. Made of durable KwilaHard wood, you can put this handmade unique hammock anywhere.

These large outdoor mats are perfect for your backyard or patio space. They are also suitable for children and these are waterproof and filled with soft, compressive bouncy balls.

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Amazing frozen bubbles like glassware

Every winter, when the temperature drops to 0 below, Washington PhotographerAngela KellyStarting to take advantage of the cold weather and Blow out the bubbles to make beautiful ice crystals. She took photos for the “Life in Bubbles” series, and the beautiful snowballs and Christmas tree decorations look just like glass, and the effect is amazing.

KellyUsing homemade soap solution,Syrup and water create bubbles. Although some of the smaller bubbles smashed on the ground after freezing in midair, the other crystals retained the original shape. No bubble looks the same ,Everyone has a different pattern. Use elegant swirls and scallops,Feather etching, snowflake design decoration,These crystal spheres look so pleasing on a cold winter day.

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Australian catering industry introduces polyurethane flooring

There are no roads in many places. There are only a lot of people left. The roadside obstacles have been removed, and the road has been stepped on and stepped on. This is the way out. People will not be easily stumbled when they walk, and these roads will not be steep and difficult to walk. Now, the way people walk is basically stable, and the floor is laid, but the choice of the floor is also very important. The too smooth floor is easy to cause people to slip in the watery place, the rough floor is dry. The place will increase the friction of the shoes, people walk hard, and it is easy to wear the shoes.
The Australian catering industry has introduced new flooring, which is a polyurethane floor that reduces floor wear, increases friction, is not slippery, and is heat resistant, making it ideal for use in wet and watery areas. Moreover, polyurethane flooring can be seamlessly spliced, which not only facilitates cleaning, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria.

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Beautiful single space design in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This apartment is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is a beautiful single space. At the same time, this place was refurbished. The project was led by architect Flavio Castro. The apartment has an open space and kitchen, and the dining and living spaces form a large area. Customized very beautiful, each part, there is not much wall blocking, each has its own personality.

Living space is a simple and comfortable leisure space, decorated with two types of color buffers and two others Types of seats, including a simple black countertop and two yellow armchairs, illuminate the room. As you can see, all the features and different spaces are seamlessly combined. Open shelves, cube-shaped wooden structures allow for a smooth transition.

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Pavilion built in the park to help people rest better

This is a beautiful pavilion built in the park. There are often many tourists or residents in the park. During the holidays or other leisure time, they like to visit the park and enjoy the park full of vitality.

This pavilion is a retro building, a bit like an ancient pavilion. The pavilion is made of wood with a pointed roof on it, like a small attic. In the middle of the pavilion is a long wooden table with two chairs on either side, all fixed to the ground and cannot be moved. When people are tired in the park, they can rest in the pavilion and enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

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Madrid 21m2 apartment

The size of 21 square meters is usually a small room. If it is bigger, it might be better. It is hard to imagine living in such a small space. But sometimes, the interior design can surprise you. The scale becomes less important, when you have enough features around you to comfort you.

Take this apartment as an example. It’s only 21 square meters but it’s very attractive, not as crowded as you think. The apartment is located in Madrid, designed and manufactured by MYCC in 2012. It is spacious enough to allow a person to live and work here without problems. Designers use bright colors to make the space look bigger and more ethereal. The walls are white and the same colour is used on the ceiling and floor. However, you don’t feel cold and don’t hate it. The transition between rooms is seamless, which makes the apartment as a whole, not as a small space or a smaller area. The focus of the decorative function is comfort and practicality. Minimalism is a must-have design in this case, and it turns out that this is a very good choice. Although the apartment is small, this great design is surprisingly wonderful.

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