Dow introduces a preparation system for composite materials

Dow expands its investment in composites and VORAFORCETM TW 1100 series composites for fiber winding development, upgrading existing epoxy systems and providing polyurethane systems. This innovative, high-performance system allows cylindrical and conical structures to be enhanced while manufacturing power and drive rods, providing greater toughness and durability while being easy to install and maintain.
On the infrastructure, filament wound composites offer properties that are significant compared to conventional concrete poles. Due to the very light weight of the material, the transport efficiency becomes higher and the installation becomes faster and easier. Composite materials provide greater reliability and maintainability in the face of harsh weather. Overall cost effectiveness and durability are additional advantages of applying composite materials in the infrastructure.
Dow’s advanced composites offer significant performance, efficient processing and cost advantages for lightweight, rugged composites in the transportation, industrial, infrastructure, construction and wind energy markets.

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Daniel Libeskin Philippine Building starts

A 60-story skyscraper is under construction, designed by Daniel · Daniel Libeskind, a famous architect in Makati, Philippines, who declares this to be his pinnacle.

Daniel · Daniel Libeskind has completed a family tower in Singapore, designed The Century Stone Tower and the City of the World, a mixed office and apartment building in the southeast of the city of Manila.
The skyscraper of this design will be divided into three parts, of which the architect described it as “the crown”, the four outer walls of the building will use semi-reflective glass to show confidence in the Philippines’ bright future.

The building is set to be completed by 2018 and will provide a variety of apartment types, duplex units, Building infrastructure for residents, including a library, a swimming pool and a juice bar.

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Brazil’s Grand Lapa site completed

The Da Lapa site in Brazil has been completed and covers an area of ​​approximately 7,000 square meters. This site includes a shopping center, an educational and cultural protection agency, a greening plaza and a historic building ruins of the city ( Big Lapa Electric Car Factory). These building blocks come together to contain everything from the past, the present and the humanities, as if they are about the relationship between humans, history and society.

The construction of Miguel Dell has a clear structure with two expanded tree covers. A newly added shrub: the interior of the project itself, running along a wide platform, and other promenades parallel to the railway. Pedestrians’ existing flows are incorporated into the reorganization: the railway line to the entrance to the boulevard, the station and market, and the other to the square.
Local plans and programs are not uniform in terrain, and the user attendance environment is located in the lower and upper operating environments.蜿蜒 Curved walls, both retaining and utilizing existing trees, create an exclusive operating department with a bare courtyard.
Internally, special attention is paid to lighting and comfort. Regarding the two platforms, we chose the diffuse reflection and indirect use of natural light. The horizontal moving plate allows the sun to illuminate the square and the vertical structure is metal. The arched structure of light metal looks more space-like and the forces below are more even.

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Animal blood bricks that have been neglected

For years, scientists have been working hard to develop inexpensive alternative building materials. But there is a material that is unexpectedly strong, safe, and waterproof, just too creepy: animal blood. The recent architectural graduate Jack Hami realized this rich, greatly wasted substance that could be used as a building material in less developed countries. However, the controversial material is definitely a red environmental label as a beef cattle industry that has begun to pay attention to many negative environmental impacts, and vegetarians and various religious groups will certainly not rest under the blood house. However, Monroe believes that this innovative and beautiful idea may require the creation of new jobs and the potential of a cleaner community.

A cow produces 8 gallons of blood. Why not try to recycle this material into a useful form? When Hami organizes the time and blood experiment, first disinfect and then add sand. Once, the baked product was glued together in a glue. The experiment has not yet established a professional production line, but the glue-like substance is surprisingly waterproof and perfect for arid climates and erosive environments.

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Waste wood with lighting to create a new life

Marc Stefan combines high-tech LED lights and wood scraps to create a beautiful look. These works are all waste wood collected from timber mills, local rivers and even firewood. The built-in LED with embedded low-energy adds a layer of paraffin to the surface, and the decaying wood becomes a magical presence.

The mixed work of Mark Stefan combines art, furniture design and accent lighting. They remove the section of the wood itself and then carefully craft embedded LEDs and wires in it. Then carefully fill the resin. The soft light is created by embedding irregular LEDs with calming and surprisingly natural effects. It gives us a feeling of surprise and legend. Large pieces of wood can be added to the utility as a simple seat. Although there is no actual direct lighting, it can behave like a light in a real space such as a room. In today’s low-power, raw materials, it has been found that surprisingly refined objects can have a smaller impact on itself.

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The fir floor is very popular among consumers.

The fir floor is a floor made of fir-based material. It has a straight texture and a uniform structure. The floor made with it has the natural texture of the fir. After the artificial secondary manufacturing, the texture of the floor is even. The surface is smooth and delicate, and the touch is excellent. The fragrance emitted by it can kill bacteria in the air and inhibit human pathogenic bacteria, but it will be frequently maintained. Chinese fir, soft texture, aroma, corrosion resistance, is an excellent material for the production of flooring. The fir floor in the market is also very popular among consumers. Is the fir floor good?

  Introduction to Chinese fir flooring

  Fir flooring, as the name implies, is the floor made of fir-based material. A tree species with a fast growth rate. The root system of Chinese fir is very developed. It is easy to survive but not easy to set. In the process of its growth, it shows a strong growth personality. After years of wind and rain, it forms a texture. Excellent fir is the preferred material for making the floor.

  The main material of the fir floor is fir, which has a straight texture and a uniform structure. The floor made of it is left with the natural texture of the fir, which has been artificially manufactured. After that, the texture of the floor is even, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the touch is excellent. The fir itself has a natural fragrance. This fragrance is very light, not only does it have a pungent phenomenon, but also the fir alcohol in this fragrance is certain. It can also play a role in sterilizing and inhibiting human pathogens, and is very beneficial to human health.

  The advantages and disadvantages of Chinese fir flooring

  I. Advantages

  1.Chinese fir It emits a hint of natural wood scent, and the cedarin contained in fragrant fir can kill bacteria in the air, inhibit human pathogenic bacteria, inhibit various skin inflammations, and have various beneficial effects on the human body; />
  2. Fir furniture is placed indoors to eliminate fatigue and relieve stress. It also has the effect of traditional Chinese medicine. The ancients also used fragrant fir as a bath barrel and foot bucket;

  3.Fir furniture features: balance, harmony, close to nature, warm rural style, very suitable for family atmosphere;

  4. The material of the fir is very tough and light, very easy, economical and practical, and the oil contained in the material is very low, and the distribution of yin and yang colors is very uniform.

   II. Disadvantages

  1. Although the material of fir furniture is lighter and softer, relatively speaking, it can not help but collide. In a high temperature environment, it is easy to crack, and it is easy to be smeared, and sometimes it is easier to deform.

  2. Because of the characteristics of fir furniture, the maintenance will be more frequent, because the quality of the fir itself is relatively light, so it is not dirty, it needs to be maintained frequently. .

  3. When the fir furniture is used normally, it must be avoided in the sun to avoid fading. Need to be light, avoid heavy pressure, avoid sharp damage.

  Fir floor construction method

  1. The laying of fir floor should be installed before the interior decoration.

  2. The floor must be cleaned before installing the floor to ensure that the floor is level, dry and free of debris.

  3. The cement floor must be dry, the water content should not be high and 14%, and the laying must be flat and firm, be sure to use the special nail for the threaded floor, the end of the keel should be nailed.

  4. It is necessary to leave a 10 mm or more expansion joint between the floor and the wall. The board and the board are assembled and tightened together, and a distance of 10-15 mm is required between the keel and the wall.

  5. After the installation of the floor is completed, it takes a month to polish the paint. (The seam is normal before unpainting, and this phenomenon will disappear after painting).
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Big pipe bridge on the banks of the River Hull in Kingston, England

The Black Steel Bridge has a distinctly robust and curved form in River Hull, making it a memorable milestone, a unique hull and industrial and maritime heritage. In the winning entries of the International Design Competition, the bridge has been built with the original concept of the competition team, the main contractor and M&E with the engineer Qualter Hall, architect McDowell + Benedetti and structural engineer Alan · Baxter.

The plan includes a new landscaped garden and plaza landscape architect Holon and lighting by Sutton Blades joint venture with Kulkany And an integrated public art work. Located in the center of Hull, East Hull is on the Kingston Bridge, connecting the hull’s undeveloped industrial landscape on the east coast of the Old Town Reserve. Designing a broader master plan will unlock the riverside’s potential to promote the first phase of the wider regeneration downtown east of the city.

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What should I do if the cabinet drawer slides are not working well?

Many cabinets are designed with slide rails, and the slide rails are a more important part of the drawer operation. Sometimes the cabinet drawer slides will be stuck. What should I do? Fixed in the cabinet of the furniture. In the body, the drawers or cabinet plates for furniture enter and exit the movable hardware connecting parts, and the slide rails are suitable for the drawer connection of furniture such as cabinets, furniture, document cabinets, bathroom cabinets and the like.
How to remove the drawer slides?

First of all, you need to make sure that the home is the kind of slide rails, such as three sections of track and two sections of track.

The cabinet is then easily pulled out, but it must be kept in a stable state when pulled out so that it does not hurt the cabinet and the track when it is pulled out. Look again at the sides of the cabinet with pointed buttons. If you see it, try to press down with your hand. If you can press it, you will hear a click, then take out the cabinet.

But don’t use too much force when you press it. If you press it, it means something is stuck, you need to check it. After pressing, gently and keep it flat to remove it, so that it will not cause too much damage to the track. After re-extracting, verify that the track rails of the drawer are deformed or otherwise appear. If deformation is encountered, usually adjust the position of the deformation and fix it. Then put it into it in the original way, which can easily complete the disassembly of the drawer slide and the installation of two major problems.

Now you should know the solution to the lock on the drawer of the cabinet drawer, I hope it will be useful to you.
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Principles of choosing interior wall coatings

How to choose a home improvement paint that is consistent with the overall decoration style of the home room, which is both healthy and environmentally friendly, is a problem that the decorator is very concerned about.
Following the principle of material selection

The interior wall decoration coating is one of the main materials for home decoration. The selection of interior wall coating generally has the following principles:

Functional requirements

Different functional areas have different coating requirements. For kitchens, toilets and other tidal parts, paints with good water resistance should be used. The bedroom, living room and other parts should be selected with good decorative effect, fine layers, paint with certain scrub resistance, colorful paint and so on.

Consider the effect of decoration

As an interior wall paint, the decorative effect is very important. Because this is to choose a layer that is delicate and durable, the color is light and fresh, and at the same time it must be coordinated with the color of the furniture.

Consider the construction performance and construction conditions of the coating

It is generally believed that the home decoration should give priority to the one-component soluble coating, and the construction method is best to brush. These materials have low odor and are easy to operate. If solvent-based coatings are used, better ventilation is required. If you choose two-component materials, you should pay attention to the accuracy of the ratio, and the second should be used within the specified time, and can not be stored for a long time.

Select different coatings for different base layers

For example, concrete and cement base layers require good alkali resistance and opacity. Optional latex paint, scrub resistant interior paint, colorful pattern paint, etc. Do not choose melamine paint for lime and plaster walls. Non-alkaline coatings should be used on the wooden base.

Shelf life

Paint refers to the general name of various paints, but in the consciousness of ordinary owners, paint generally refers to wood lacquer, which protects the furniture surface and plays a decorative role. . Usually the most used decoration for the owners is polyester lacquer. It is a solvent-based paint made of polyester resin as the main film-forming raw material. It has a corresponding shelf life, basically 12 months after leaving the factory. The polyester paints of some well-known brands have a shelf life of 24 months after leaving the factory. When purchasing paint, consumers should first check the date and shelf life of the product packaging to prevent the purchase of paint products that have passed the expiration date or the expiration date.

Indoor coatings are selected in accordance with the five principles.

Five major selection methods

Be sure to pay attention to the following methods when purchasing paints:

1. Try to buy in the formal market or specialty store with heavy credit. It is mainly because the quality of the interior wall paints sold by these enterprises is qualified according to the results of the supervision and inspection conducted by the Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in recent years. The rate is higher.

2. Identify the logo on the product packaging when purchasing, especially the name of the factory, the address of the factory, the product standard number, the date of manufacture, the expiration date and the product manual. It is best to purchase products that have passed ISO14001 and ISO9000 system certification. The quality of these products is relatively stable and there are no quality problems.

3. Purchasing the products that meet the “GB18582-2001 Interior Decoration Materials Interior Wall Coatings Hazardous Substances Limit” standard and the environmental certification mark.

4. When purchasing, pay attention to observe whether the packaging container of the product is damaged or swelled. When buying, shake it to check if there is any cementation. If the paint appears, you cannot buy.

5, usually most paints can not be opened on the spot to check the intrinsic quality of the products, so consumers must obtain valid invoices such as invoices and construction instructions when purchasing.

In addition, the corresponding paint can be selected according to local conditions. For example, a room with a large flow of people should use a paint with good pollution resistance, aging resistance and good color retention, such as strong stain resistance and good color retention. Wei coating and nalte interior wall coating are especially suitable for living room walls; according to the climatic characteristics, the south should use coatings with good moisture and mildew resistance; in the north, it is suitable to use low temperature and good construction coatings.
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The Dominican Monastery was transformed into a conference and cultural center

A ground-breaking adaptive reuse program in Ptuj, Slovenia, in front of the site of the Dominican Monastery. The 800-year-old building has been converted into a congress and cultural center, and multi-level history has been preserved within its borders. Construction in the public domain has now reopened and recovery will continue.

Over the years, this former abbey church has seen a variety of uses from hospital care and social housing to museum exhibitions. This latest move seems to protect the recovery process over the past few hundred years and return to the scene with its proximity to its original function (the monastery was once used as a cultural and scientific center).

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