How to choose the cabinet door panel After reading this article, you have a score.

For example, when shopping in kitchen cabinets, many people ignore cabinets The purchase of the door panel. So, how to choose the cabinet door panel? The cabinet door is the key factor in determining the quality of the cabinet. Let’s take a look at it for you.

Select a beautiful, practical and tasteful whole cabinet to become the majority when decorating the kitchen The focus. But in the face of the market’s dazzling cabinets, people are often attracted by the modern and beautiful appearance of the modern cabinet to forget its quality and functionality, but also forgotten the role of durable goods and common items in their own home.

For example, when purchasing kitchen cabinets, many people ignore The problem of the cabinet door panel. So, how to choose the cabinet door panel? The cabinet door panel is the key factor to determine the quality of the cabinet. Let’s analyze it for you:

Solid wood door panel

The door frame is solid wood, with cherry wood color Walnut color and oak color are the main. The door core is medium density board with solid wood skin. In the production, the solid wood surface is usually made of concave and convex shape, and the exterior is sprayed to maintain the color of the wood and the shape is beautiful. This can ensure the appearance of the solid wood and the frame. Combined with the core board to ensure the strength of the door panel.

Style Features: It has the effect of returning to nature and returning to nature. The overall nature, luxurious classics, and simple craftsmanship and materials have won the favor of modern people.

Applicable kitchen: The traditional classical style requires a large kitchen space, U-shaped and island-shaped is a more appropriate form of the pattern. The rustic kitchen is also mostly solid wood, also requires the area Large, best with antique design tiles.

Benefits: Solid wood panels are a natural material, environmentally friendly, textured Good, natural texture, low thermal conductivity compared with other materials, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, no cold and shrinkage in winter Happening.

Broken door panel

Polymer polymer is a new type of material. It is called a defect-free board in foreign countries. It is double-stick inside and outside, no oil leakage, no water seepage, scratch resistance, It is called plastic board, the substrate is MDF, the surface is vacuum-blended or adopts a seamless PVC film forming process. It is the most mature cabinet material, and it is the most convenient and most suitable for people’s life.

Style Features: The high polymer series cabinet door panels are divided into two types: light and matte. Both the bright color and the gorgeous quality of the paint are more tough and wear-resistant than the paint. After a certain shape treatment, the fashion is classic, the gloss is delicate and the color is soft.

Applicable kitchen: The surface is smooth and easy to clean, with no messy colors and complicated lines, suitable for small families, Design a simple and bright kitchen, all practical.

Benefits: This sheet is not cracked, deformed, scratch resistant, stain resistant, and fade resistant. Rich in color, realistic wood grain, pure color monochrome. The seamless PVC film forming process does not require edge sealing, and there is no problem of opening the glue. Daily maintenance is also very simple and does not require special maintenance.

Molded door panel

Molded door panels are made of medium-density or high-density boards, with ash, black walnut, rosewood and sand Billy and other natural solid wood skin, or not attached to any veneer and skin, through high-tonnage vacuum molding machine, under high temperature, high pressure and high heat environment, using “one-time molding” or “two-molding” technology to produce low-carbon, environmentally friendly, beautiful , convenient, non-cracking, non-deformable door panel.

Appropriate people: Warm romanticism, like Jane, rural people

The advantages of molded board:Colorful, wood grain realistic, monochromatic color pure, no cracking and no deformation; molded plate color and texture are more abundant, the choice is relatively large; anti-scratch, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-fading; The surface of the molded plate can be made into various three-dimensional shapes to meet the different needs of different customers.

UV door panel

UV board is a sheet of UV-cured UV paint on the surface. UV is Ultraviolet (UV), UV paint is UV-curable paint, also known as photo-initiated paint. Simply put, ordinary wood board, calcium calcium board and other boards are passed through UV paint, and then dried by UV curing machine.

Benefit: After strong UV curing, the color is stable, and it is always new, effectively solving the problem of fading and chromatic aberration of the door panel; the mirror surface of the door panel is better, and the paint film is full without orange peel; it is one of the most environmentally friendly paint door panels in the world. The hardness of the door panel is twice that of other painted door panels, scratch-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and not easily deformed.

Fireproof panel

The door panel substrate is particleboard, moisture barrier or MDF. The surface is a fireproof board. (The fireproof board is composed of a substrate and a surface material, the substrate is composed of kraft paper impregnated with phenol resin; the surface material is composed of garnished with melamine, and the substrate and the surface material are cured into a fireproof board under high temperature and high pressure.

Features: It’s coming The more a new type of material is used, not only because of fire prevention. The construction of fireproof board has higher requirements for sticking glue, and the price of fireproof board with better quality is more expensive than decorative panel. The thickness of fireproof board is generally 0.8. Mm, 1mm and 1.2mm, generally used as veneer for cabinet door panels.)

Benefit: Fire door panels are the most used Door panel material, its color is more vivid, the sealing form is various, and it has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture proof, no fading, delicate touch and reasonable price. The comprehensive advantages of the fire door panels are in line with the development trend of the combination of “beautiful and practical” cabinets, so they are prosperous in the market.

Painted door panel

The substrate is a MDF, and the surface is baked at a high temperature by 6 times of imported paint (three bottoms, two sides, one light). The surface is polished, primed, dried and polished. It is divided into three types: bright, matte and metallic paint.

Style Features: The color is bright and easy to shape, has a strong visual impact, and is very beautiful and fashionable.

Applicable kitchen: Due to the variety of colors and overall styling, the size of the space is not an issue. A small area can choose between a flat shape and an L-shaped pattern with a light color to enlarge the space. The kitchen with a large enough area should pay more attention to the color matching. The bright red to the bright green is combined with the island shape and the corridor shape.

Advantages: Bright color, smooth surface, strong anti-staining ability, easy to clean; surface paint can be effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, no need to seal; no oil leakage, no fading. /p>

Acrylic door panel

Acrylic is also called PMMA or Acrylic. 100% pure acrylic is the best new material in the field of household building materials after ceramics. It is an important early development. Thermoplastics have a wide range of applications in the construction industry. In fact, many billboards are made of acrylic. Because of the different content of acrylic and resin, many merchants have different names, such as crystal door panels, also called resin acrylic. The door panels are actually acrylic cabinet doors.

Benefits: 100% pure acrylic sheet is unbeatable compared to traditional materials. High brightness, full color, strong three-dimensional effect, high hardness, good toughness, not easy to break, and repairable, can meet different products The pursuit of individuality. The cabinet door made of 100% pure acrylic is not only beautiful in style, durable and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the key to choosing the door is To choose brand cabinets, although everyone said that the materials are the same, but the brand-name cabinets are almost shoddy, and various problems will be revealed in a period of time.


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Bathroom products, shoddy, teach you to polish your eyes

The problems to be considered in the renovation are very wide. If you want to balance the needs of the whole family, the preparations in the early stage are indispensable. Based on China’s current national conditions, the current sanitary products in the decorative building materials market, counterfeit goods, parallel imports, many consumers are difficult to distinguish between authenticity. In fact, the fake and inferior bathroom decoration building materials are nothing more than the following characteristics, consumers can avoid being deceived by careful identification when purchasing. Here, I will give you a brief talk.
First, the use of trademarks to falsify the truth

For example, some brands of sanitary ware in some areas is a brand product formed in decades, now fakes flying all over the sky, it is impossible to prevent. Everyone buys a bathroom product, don’t just stare at whether it is an advertising brand, or to look at the quality and cost-effectiveness of the product.

Second, the confusion level is shoddy

This phenomenon is common in the circulation of various materials such as sanitary ware. Because the average consumer does not know how to do it, he spends money on high-consumer goods, but buys second-class products, third-class products, and even foreign products.

3, Zhang Guan Li Dai evasion detection

Some companies copy brand or best-selling products, fraudulent use of test reports and product manuals, with their own trademarks, and vigorously promote the fundamental Untested product. Xiao Bian reminds everyone to choose sanitary products or try to find a brand with a long history. Many new companies are just established, and the quality of products is not guaranteed.

Fourth, ignoring the standard of crude production

Some producers and operators use consumers do not understand the professional knowledge of bathroom and building materials, deliberately violate the relevant national standards, and harm the interests of consumers. For example, according to the standard, aluminum profiles with a thickness of less than 1.2 mm shall not be used for sealing balconies. At present, more than 90% of the aluminum profiles used for sealing balconies are below 1 mm, which poses a hidden danger of falling windows on the balcony. Some companies have used toxic solvents such as banned xylene and coal tar xylene to produce colorful paints, which are applied to the walls of thousands of households, so that people are harmed unconsciously. Xiao Bian also reminds everyone that some bathroom manufacturers produce defective bathroom materials such as formaldehyde, so do not blindly choose some low-priced bathroom products.

V. Stealing the column and taking profits.

Most of these phenomena appear on “foreign goods” or “quasi-foreign goods”. For example, some surf bathtubs, with imported or joint venture signs, claim to “all imported parts”. In fact, the key component of their products – the electric system is “home made”. At present, many domestic sanitary ware brands are comparable in quality to foreign ones, but they are slightly inferior in product heritage and creativity. This is only because of the precipitation of foreign brand history, so don’t blindly pursue what to import. It is believed that in the near future, Chinese-made sanitary products will occupy a considerable share in the world.

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Look at these before laying the floor, otherwise it will cause serious troubles

Resilient flooring is gradually being used in home life because of its environmental protection, slip resistance and wear resistance. But do you know? If the floor is laid in a situation where the environment is not up to standard, the floor will be prone to various quality problems after a period of use. Today, I will follow the small series to learn about the data that must be known before the installation of the elastic floor.
01, you must know the “ground flatness”

First, the flatness of the floor to be floored, can be placed on the ground with a 2M foot. If the ground is not flat, you need to use a tool to level it, and if it is serious, you need to re-level or do self-leveling. If the ground flatness is not up to standard and paved, it will cause problems such as floor collapse, uplift, arching, and noise.

02, you must know the “ground moisture content”

The moisture content of the ground can be measured by the moisture content tester (the moisture content of the ground requires standard: mortar and fine stone concrete ≤ 2%; reinforced concrete ≤ 3.5%; heating floor ≤ 1.8%), if the ground moisture content is too high, the elastic floor will have various problems in the later use, so if the ground moisture content exceeds the standard value, dehumidification should be carried out.

03, you must know the “toughness of the ground”

You can use the screwdriver handle or hoe to hit the ground to check whether there are holes or flaking on the ground. If there are holes or flaking on the ground, the ground needs to be reprocessed. Otherwise, after laying the elastic floor for a while, the sound will be heard because the ground is not solid.

04, you must know the “ground waterproof layer”

Check whether the waterproof measures are taken, because the floor is afraid of water immersion, the floor will be foamed, degummed, A series of problems such as deformation have made it unusable. Therefore, before the paving, it is necessary to check whether the waterproofing measures are done well, whether there is any leakage in the house, and if there is any treatment, the floor should be laid.

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About buying office furniture, Xiaobian gives you a few tricks

For the workplace, many tools are often used in the office, which helps us to get the job done better. Therefore, the position in the office is very important. The reasonable office furniture package can not only create a harmonious for you. The office environment can also improve work efficiency. So what are the office workers? Which office furniture brand is better? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

What do office workers have? Table

The table is an indispensable item in the work area, of course, the type is also diverse, such as the desk, conference table, small desk, etc., as the staff face every day. The right choice of materials, the choice of materials is very important, it is best to use pure wood, glass materials, and some plastic materials may have adverse effects on the body, and chemical smell, long-term use can make people feel dizzy or disgusting.

What are the office chairs?

In order to make the work less tiring, the chair is the most contacted and most active product. When you pay attention to the comfort, the chair designed according to the ergonomics can provide a healthy office environment for the staff. Of course, a good office chair is also a spiritual help for people who are always working.

What are the office-screens

These products have many styles And style, thin and thick, but they are similar, it is recommended to choose according to other equipment and layout style of the office area at the time of purchase. As we all know, the screen has a good isolation effect, providing office workers with a relatively private space, and can Make people pleasing.

What are the office cabinets?

In order to make the office area clean and tidy, the use of the cabinet is very necessary. It is mainly used for staff. Collecting and summarizing the copywriting materials, of course, also plays a role in decorating the office to a certain extent. Therefore, when purchasing, not only the practicality but also the aesthetics can not be ignored.

Which office furniture brand is good

1, Aurora


This brand has always been the focus of attention, and has been favored by the majority of users. For many years, it has served the consumers with professional and fast and friendly service concept. It is also the only steel, wood and chair factory in China. Office furniture brand.

2, Europe and America

Professional quality products and perfect service, which captures a large number of users and provides people with a good office experience, effectively improving the office environment and improving office Efficiency, so this brand is also very popular in the public’s field of vision.

Summary: Ok, the above is about the contents of office furniture, I hope that You provide some help, I believe that in the future office furniture selection process, friends will be more comfortable and buy their own satisfactory products.


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American cabinets, the pastoral style that you can feel without going abroad

Cabinets, the most important building material in our kitchen life. In the production of cabinets, the style is diverse and meets different home decoration styles. What are the characteristics of the American cabinets? Today we will introduce the relevant renderings of the American cabinets through the following related content!
Dark solid wood cabinets. The natural texture, with a noble atmosphere, the lattice storage cabinet design, integrated with modern glass decorative door panels. The white countertops are complemented by vintage tones and light yellow antique tiles that make you feel like you are back in the old days. The American style is played to the fullest and won the love of European and American people.

The wood-toned cabinets are designed into functional areas of varying sizes with beautiful lines. Embedding modern metal kitchen appliances, the modern sense is blended in the design, the sun shines on the space, the color is vivid, giving a full of vitality.

Use lighter dark green to bring visual relaxation to the entire space. The design concept is simple, the regular shape, with the hollow door panel, the fashion in the details. The whole space gives a small fresh feeling and looks very comfortable. Very in line with the aesthetics of the modern small young decoration crowd.
The beige cabinet has a trace of retro taste, and the door panel after the molding process has a concave and convex feel, which makes the cabinet more layered. The open kitchen, which is made of brown solid wood, gives the visual viewing a wonderful combination of tones and a sense of charm. The unique retro ceiling makes the American decoration elements get the right embellishment.

White painted cabinets with black material for the classic color scheme. The cabinet door panel adopts the simplest shape, and it feels very textured. The natural stone culture brick on the wall makes the whole space closer to nature. The warm yellow light makes the whole space look brighter and more tidy.
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What points should I pay attention to when accepting the floor?

How to choose in the face of the Da Ning destination board? It is recommended that you give priority to the material. The material of the floor is the key factor for the quality of the floor. Many people just understand the difference between the floor, the multi-layer and the solid wood, but they do not understand the acceptance of the floor. So how do you buy a floor? The following small series introduces you to the types of flooring and the selection of precautions to help you purchase the floor correctly.
First, look at the color of the floor

Some black-hearted manufacturers will secretly change the floor you bought into a part of the poor quality floor. The careless buyer will not be able to see it completely, so After the floor is finished, be sure to check the floor for color difference. If you have to make a bold proposal, let the workers re-paving.

If you buy solid wood flooring and parquet, it is worth noting that the pattern of each piece is different. If it is a laminate flooring, the pattern of each piece is the same.

Second, check the floor for sounds

The floor is finished without sound. If there is sound, the ground keel is not done well. When doing floor inspection, you can stand barefoot on the floor, walk around and see if there is any sound. If you find a sound, mark it with chalk, and then ask the master to check. For example, the place where this is easy to happen is in the wall and the doorway. Everyone should pay more attention.

Three, measuring the gap

Because whether there is a gap at the interface of the floor, whether the joint is flat or not, there is no lifting. At the time of acceptance, a 2m long ruler can be prepared to measure the gap between the floors. Under normal circumstances, it is less than 0.5mm. Remember to measure a few more places, and the pass rate should be more than 80%.

Fourth, whether the acceptance of the floor is deformed or warped

The acceptance of the floor is deformed and warped. The acceptance method is to use a 2 meter long ruler. On the floor, the flatness should not exceed 3 mm. Take a few more measurements, if the pass rate is above 80%, it is considered qualified, and vice versa, it is unqualified. Sometimes we will find that the floor is partially arched: if it is a solid wood floor, it is because it is too tight or the floor is too dry; if it is a composite floor, it is the quality of the floor. Therefore, the arching of the floor is a serious quality problem.

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Kitchen cabinet standard size recommendations

Kitchen decoration is a very important part of modern home improvement. After all, it is a place to make delicious food every day. So do you know the standard size of the kitchen cabinet? How much is the height of the kitchen cabinet off the ground? Let’s introduce it to you. When designing cabinet heights, there are many design factors to consider, which are the principles mentioned. How much is the height of the cabinet? The height of the cabinet here includes the height of the cabinet and the maximum height of the cabinet. When designing the height of these two aspects, we need to combine the height of the person who cooks at home. Generally speaking, the height of the cabinet workbench should be based on the bottom of the basin when the housewife is standing. If it is too high, it will make people feel tired. If it is too low, it will make people feel the acid back pain.
   cabinet height designed the design of the cabinet workbench, as well as the design of the cabinet wall cabinet. The height of the cabinet hanging cabinet is also very important. Generally speaking, it is still necessary to use the height of the housewife who cooks at home. Generally speaking, the housewife can easily open the hanging cabinet and can safely get the items inside. quasi. But also consider the size of your cabinet and the size of the entire kitchen.

  kitchen cabinet standard size

  1. Kitchen cabinet standard size: plastic cabinet decoration size (requires kitchen The net height is about 2.4 meters)

  2. Blister cabinets, solid wood cabinets (net height 2.400M high)

  3. Table height: 820mm Water height: 50mm

  4. Front skirt height: 60mm Countertop width: 600mm

  5. Height: 750mm Thickness of the cabinet body: 380mm

  6. Hood of the range hood: 170mm.
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High-quality door and window purchase Four major shopping methods can refer to

When we look at it, we can also touch it by hand at the same time. Look at the texture of the doors and windows. Some bump defects that may not be visible may be touched by hand. Good quality doors and windows, the hand feels smooth and delicate.

What should I pay attention to when buying windows and doors? I believe many people will encounter such difficulties. I don’t know how to identify the doors and windows. Good or bad, then the door and window clerk revealed the skills of door and window purchase, may help you.

Look and see the surface texture

When we buy windows and doors, You can use the naked eye to check whether there are some obvious scratches on the surface of the door and window. Pay special attention to the corners, whether there are bruises, etc.

Look at the gloss of the surface of the door and window, and see if there is any serious paint on the surface of the door, such as lacquering and bulging.

In addition, pay attention to the door and window. Production plant name, date of manufacture, QS logo, etc., bought three no products There is no quality guarantee.

2 Touch, touch the texture

When we look at it, we can also touch it with our hands at the same time to see how the texture of the door and window is. Some possibilities Unexpected concave and convex defects may be touched by hand. Good quality doors and windows, hand touched the surface is smooth and delicate.

Add another handle and other hardware Pieces, to see if there is a loose situation, or use the situation is not easy. Hardware should choose the better quality, do not want to buy cheap, can not be used for a long time or to replace, and finally not to spend more Money.

Three measurements, profiles Thickness

The thickness of doors and windows of aluminum alloy and broken aluminum is 1.4mm, and the quality is not enough when using profiles of 1mm or less;

There are many broken aluminum manufacturers that may Profile with thickness of 1.2mm to be processed, it is generally not a regular bridge aluminum.

The thickness of the profile is not enough, the strength is not enough, that is, it is easy to deform and has a short service life.

Selection of four materials and glass materials

It is recommended to choose double-layer tempered glass, which is safer, stronger and less prone to chipping.

The above are a few tips about the purchase of doors and windows. When you buy doors and windows, you may be able to come in handy.


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Did you accidentally let the solid wood floor enter the water? Don’t panic, use a small trick!

Because solid wood flooring is beautiful, durable and well insulated, it is very popular among people, but the bad thing about solid wood flooring is that it is most afraid of blisters and fires. The floor water is indeed a very headache, accidentally let the solid wood floor into the water? Don’t panic, use a small trick! What should I do if the solid wood floor is flooded?
1. The first thing to do when the floor is flooded, of course, is to dry the water!
You can first dry the surface of the floor with a dry cloth, then you can choose a practical vacuum cleaner to absorb the water vapor in the splicing gap of the water floor or use the cold wind file of the hair dryer to dry; then you can use some heavy objects Pressed on a small area of ​​upturned, after a while, the wooden floor will return to normal.
If after some time, the seams are bulging, but it is too far from the previous floor, you can try to wax the floor. The waxed floor after waxing will be almost the same as the original. If the color and shape of the floor are very different from the original one after waxing, then only the floor is partially replaced.
2. For floors that are more heavily influent, we can do the same!
If there is a large area of ​​water soaking, then we can’t handle it as simple as this. The floor should be carefully scooped up, placed in a ventilated place and dried in a “well” shape, and laminated with it. The weight prevents deformation from occurring and is generally reusable for better quality solid wood floors.
3. Small area of ​​water to pick up the board to dry and dry
In time to find a small area of ​​water, the ground can be cleaned, the board is picked up, the wet floor is dried and re-installed;
If the water intake is slightly larger, not only should the board at the leaking surface be picked up, but also the opposite board should be picked up in the direction of the keel arrangement, so that the internal circulating air carries the moisture. If you can’t determine the amount of water inflow, it’s best to pick up the board in turn according to the flow direction of the influent water, and check the moisture condition to make sure it is safe.
4. In fact, it is a large area of ​​water or a small area of ​​water, it is not recommended to lift the laminate floor to dry.
It is easy to damage the laminate floor, which may cause serious consequences that cannot be reused. It is best to quickly drain the surface water of the floor, then remove the baseboard of the floor, reveal the expansion joints, and disperse the water vapor by the expansion joints. However, depending on the amount of water inflow, it usually takes about seven to fifteen days for drying. Products that are better or have not been soaked for a long time can recover on their own. If they are still unable to recover after fifteen days, they should be considered for replacement.
The above is how to deal with the floor after entering the water, then how can we prevent it? What about the floor water?
Of course, anything prevents prevention from being treated, how to prevent solid wood floor from entering the water? Usually pay more attention to the windows do not open up, to prevent rain; often check the air conditioning, plumbing and washing machines for leaks.


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3 tips for decorating materials to avoid pits, is it simple to distinguish between natural and artificial stone?

Having money to buy a house is just the first step to become a family. If you want relatives and friends to think that you are successful, then you still have to stay after the formal stay, and the decoration of the house is better than the average family, even the style and material. All of them break through the price/performance ratio of existing and large houses. This kind of house is the key that can make you proud and let you know in front of your friends and family!

So in the process of home decoration, because there are still many disputes caused by the decoration materials, nothing more than the construction party The shoddy, or the owner’s material supply affects the speed and quality of the home improvement. These conditions are mainly due to the fact that the decoration company is trying to make a profit, to refill it, to shoddy it, and that the owner lacks understanding of the material and is cheap. So today, Xiaobian will teach you how to prevent scams in the decoration of materials.

Select anti-fraud The first trick, the four small principles of ceramic tile selection

The quality of the tiles is very important. Tiles are equivalent to our centering tea, something that we have to step on at every day. If it is not good-looking, my heart will be uncomfortable and embarrassing. If the quality is not enough, we will be uneasy, and sometimes we may feel that the ground will collapse! It’s very troublesome to find out that the problematic quality of the tiles is different from that of the original ones after check-in. Therefore, we must manually check the tiles and select the tiles. There are four principles:

First: Look! Look at the color, smoothness, etc. of the tile, the color must be bright and fresh is the material If the comparison is faint, it is estimated that it is damp or the material inside is originally watered during polishing or the raw materials are not beautiful enough! The surface must be smooth, the smooth surface is processed in the process of processing, the master is more careful, and the company chooses The equipment is also relatively good, can be said to be qualified products

Second: Listen! Tap the tile to see if the tapping sound is clear

third: Drip! Drip some water on the surface of the tile to see if there is water seepage. , the fourth measure, check the size of the tile to see if there is any error, etc.

The second measure of material selection and anti-fraud: the quality of stone has an impact

The quality of stone quality directly affects home improvement The effect, decorative stone is generally divided into artificial stone and natural stone, many merchants in order to profit, will be shoddy, take artificial stone to pretend to be natural stone, in fact, we can distinguish artificial stone and natural stone according to the characteristics of ingredients!

Artificial stone has a very unstructured texture because it is counterfeited and the pattern will be single.

Natural stone is just the opposite, it The texture is very rich, very layered, retaining the natural qualities, the pattern is more varied, and irregular

Select the third measure of anti-fraud: check the stability of the keel

The keel is used Supporting the shape, a material for fixing the structure, the keel wood should use the drying material, and it must be fireproof and antiseptic.

Good quality light steel keel He will have a snowflake shape after being galvanized on the surface.

So when we buy the ceiling, we can see if the keel has a snow-like galvanized surface, and the pattern should be clear, the hand feels harder, and the gap is smaller. The keel is a better keel with good quality.

Okay, the above are some pits that can be avoided by decoration materials. If you don’t know anything about this knowledge, you can review it today and write down the precautions. I think the useful little friends can quickly share the dry goods!

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