The call of the consumer, this is the product we want

The formation of the market depends on the relationship between the buyer and the seller. The exchange of goods of equal value and use value, the seller gets value, that is, money. The seller gets the value of use, which is the product. In this mutually beneficial and win-win exchange activity, a market has been formed. The same is true for the sanitary ware market. Dealers want to get better profits, they must fully grasp what kind of products buyers need, and the buyer is also trying to express their own needs and use the limited money to get more benefits. So next, let’s take a look at what both parties care about. The buyer, that is, what the consumer needs, is what kind of product.

Distributors may sometimes be confused as to why I think my product is unique among similar products. However, sales still have not been able to go up. In the end, what went wrong? Consumers sometimes enter the store to go back and forth and repeatedly think about it. They can only return without success. They must also underestimate why they are so many products. There is always no one I want. In the end, what kind of products can hit the pain points of consumers? What are the words behind those who say nothing but say it?

1. Look good

The previous home products are almost purely practical. It is good to use things, that is good products. Now with the improvement of living standards and the improvement of people’s quality of life requirements, just the use of things has not been so easy to capture the hearts of consumers, does not mean that this consumer has become a blind “appearance association”, but a good-looking The appearance of the decision really determines the first impression of the consumer on the product. With a good impression, there will be motivation and motivation to continue to understand. Therefore, when designing a product, how the sense of body feeling should be a point that the dealer is absolutely worth noting.


All kinds of products are flooding the market. The material market has already reached a level of saturation. In order to obtain more benefits, many unscrupulous businesses will not hesitate to reduce costs to obtain greater black income. Last year, because of the safety accidents caused by the quality of sanitary products, one by one, it also sounded the alarm for many dealers. Although the essential purpose of doing business is indeed to make money, but the conscience of people can not be lost at any time. To pursue your own profits under the premise of ensuring product quality, to be a qualified businessman is the right business.

3. Cost-effective

The number and type of products seem to have increased, but there are few products that can balance quality and price. The consumption of young people seems to be more casual and even impulsive than those of the older generation, but all consumption is not all about irrationality, but it will still be well thought out. After all, no matterAfter several years of rotation, the money is not falling from the sky, and the price and quality are more likely to stand out in more products. In fact, the consumption of modern society only seems to be casual, but in fact there are more necessary thinking. Impulse consumption is only a minority, quality and quantity are the key to determining sales and winning consumers.


The fast-paced life brings a high quality of life, but it also accelerates the deterioration of the living environment. In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution has always been put on the top of the agenda, but it is too complicated to solve. It is not a temporary smashing of the roots. It is really a hard battle. Various companies in various industries have joined the big queue of environmental protection, in order to optimize the environment as quickly as possible. Especially now, environmental protection has long been a social topic. Whether men, women and children are more and more concerned about their behavior or whether they will cause environmental burden, green sanitary products have gradually become the pets of the product market. Although I don’t know how much improvement I can make for the optimization of the environment, I always try my best to get a little bit of strength, and I can be satisfied both physically and objectively.

5. Personalization

The rise of the younger generation of consumer groups has brought about the unique but necessary needs of personalization. Material filling and even flooding, every time you go to the home store, there are many kinds of products, enough to see the dazzling and unpredictable, but the more you look at it, the more you feel the same, there is no special feature. The bathroom is an indispensable room in the home, and the decoration and layout are naturally not vague. From the ordinary overall style to the details of the bathroom hardware decoration style, has become the focus of consumers. How to highlight your personality, this is a demand that consumers are destined to consider when purchasing products.

Customized home gradually becomes Mainstream, the sanitary market is naturally standing on the cusp of such a cusp. Only a rapid transformation, as far as possible to achieve personalized custom bathroom, in order to keep up with the trend of the times and meet consumers.

In the final analysis, no matter what evolution and transformation, it is still for the satisfaction of consumers. Therefore, to listen to the voices of consumers, we can make the most suitable bathroom products.

Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the “2018 Quality Inspection Li Jian Action Work Plan” notice, requiring local quality inspection The department focused on smart toilet seats, hot water faucets, smart homes, furniture and home improvement products, and carried out anti-counterfeiting activities.

AQSIQ requires local quality inspection departments to use smart toilet lids, hot water taps, smart homes, furniture and home improvement products. Focus on products, and cooperate with consumer product safety standards to build a fenceSpecial action, strictly check the production of products that do not meet the national compulsory standards or explicit standards, shoddy It is illegal to pretend to be a qualified product, to falsify or fraudulently use the name of another person’s factory.

There has been a phenomenon in the bathroom industry that fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and infringement of patents of others, and the use of legal weapons to protect rights Difficulties. In November 2016, a business consulting company hired by Jiumu Kitchen and Wash found that four sanitary ware dealers in Liuzhou produced and sold the patented faucet products of Jiumu Kitchen and Bath without permission. After Jiumu obtained the certificate, four sanitary ware dealers were brought to court. On March 19, the Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court held a trial and ordered the four sanitary ware dealers involved in the case to stop the infringement and compensated Jiu Mu.The economic loss was 94,000 yuan.

Nine animal husbandry and kitchen anti-counterfeiting rights The operation was fairly smooth, and there were not too many obstacles from discovery to evidence collection, litigation, and claims. Now, some illegal elements have modified other people’s patent products, exploited legal loopholes, illegally infringed by lawful means, and made the law more insidious, which brought considerable difficulties to the company’s rights protection. Compared with Jiu Mu kitchen and toilet, the Whale Sanitary Ware is not so lucky.

On March 22, according to the Nanfang Daily, from June 2015, the Whales and Baths have received Nearly 30 dealers across the country complained that a company’s the same product offer was nearly one-third lower than the wave whale sanitary ware series. About 30 employees of Whale Whales were defending their rights. From the failure of many negotiations to the final settlement outside the court, the rights protection was finally resolved in two years. Foshan Chancheng District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau and the relevant person in charge of China People’s Insurance P&C Foshan Chancheng Branch recently delivered more than 70,000 yuan of patent claims insurance compensation to Lang Whale Sanitary Ware.

This whale whale sanitary rights case is regarded as a typical case of providing patent protection for enterprises in Foshan Chancheng District. Its typical is that Whale Sanitary Ware compares the infringing products with the products of Whale Sanitary Ware. The similarity is extremely high. There are 2 series of products, 7 appearance patents are suspected of infringement, and without exception, they have applied for appearance patents. . In order to win the lawsuit, the Whale Sanitary Ware has invested about 30 people from the evidence collection, litigation and reconciliation. It cost about 150,000 yuan.

This whale whale sanitation case is only a microcosm of the bathroom industry. This case reflects a real problem, why is the cost of infringement so small? Why is the cost of corporate rights protection so high? Why is the company as a defender in a weak position? In reality, the anti-counterfeiting balance is inclined to infringement rather than to rights protection?

At this year’s two sessions, Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong and Guizhou Maotai Chairman Zhang Deqin also called for the protection of intellectual property rights. Even CPPCC members have proposed to severely punish fraud, and proposed a falsification, a proposal for life-long liabilities. Recently, the topic of Sino-US trade war has attracted people’s attention. Some experts believe that the trade deficit between China and the United States is not large. The biggest problem between the two countries is the dispute over intellectual property protection. In terms of intellectual property protection, the state has made great efforts and made significant progress, but there is still a long way to go. For the sanitary ware enterprises, the road to learning is farther away.

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The new house has a doorway and you are worth collecting!

For floors has always been a problem that plagues many decoration owners, especially for patients with deep phobias like me. It is really puzzling to choose what kind of floor. Today, Xiaobian brings a welfare post to patients who choose phobia. Let’s take a look at it.

1. Indoor lighting Conditions limit the choice of floor color color

The choice of lighting space is good for the color of the floor. However, space with insufficient lighting should pay attention to the choice of ground materials with high brightness and suitable color, and avoid the use of dull materials.

Want to choose a white floor to create a refreshing For families with a home atmosphere, it is best to use a lighter white color, which can create an atmosphere, and avoid the color of the wall and the light weight of the top-heavy look.

Rongshida floor brings you some More commonly used floor and wall color matching:

1 green wall with yellow floor

Like a family with a slightly yellow floor, the wall can use the adjacent color rule, choose the green color adjacent to the yellow, which can create a very warm feeling.

2 black brown floor Ivory with pink tones

The black-brown floor belongs to the dark floor. It has a distinctive personality and has a strong appeal and expressiveness. The use of pink-toned ivory can form a unity with the dark floor. Sense.

3 deep Brown floor with cashmere

Dark brown floor is a darker floor than black brown floor. If the floor is matched with pure white wall, the floor will be too dark, and the beige with the same color can make the space more spacious. The elegant atmosphere comes out.

Second, floor color and age Relationship

A younger age like a full-bodied, richly-patterned, color-impacted floor, so that it looks energetic; middle-aged people are more mature, and most of them prefer a lighter, lighter and warmer floor on the brighter tone; The people who like it like the thick, solid and luxurious dark floor.

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Ceramic brand output still needs multiple forces to work together

At this stage, Chinese ceramic tiles not only face one-on-one anti-dumping investigations, but even the “price priority route” once used is like It won’t work anymore. How can China’s ceramic tiles go in the future? How can we complete the transformation of old and new kinetic energy from low-end processing to high-end? The low-end lock of the value chain is almost the strategy and positioning adopted by the global ceramic tile importing countries for Chinese ceramic tiles!

This has become a difficult problem for ceramic tile companies and traders.

In order to break through the current predicament, a batch of ceramic enterprises have embarked on The road of brand output, but at this stage, the brand output still has problems such as high operating cost and weak brand awareness. Therefore, respondents believe that the government, industry and enterprises should jointly work together for the future output of ceramic brands. work hard.

The low-end lock of the value chain becomes a problem for ceramic tile companies and traders. Breaking through the dilemma, a number of batches of Tao enterprises have embarked on the road of brand output, but at this stage, the brand output still has problems such as high operating costs and weak brand awareness, and the future of ceramic brand output, government, industry And companies should be united and work together.

The advantages of overseas investment and construction are numerous, but not all companies are suitable for this strategy. From the OEM output to the leading export brand, the ceramic industry’s own brand output is facing difficulties. However, in the future, the country, industry and enterprises must cooperate with each other to jointly export the ceramic industry. The road to transformation is helping.

After more than 30 years of development, Chinese ceramic tiles occupy the international market A certain market share. Before 2015, China’s ceramic tile exports have been on an upward trend. However, in 2016, the export volume and export volume of Chinese ceramic tiles ushered in double-digit decline for the first time. In 2017, exports and exports fell again.

The OEM output is dominant

In the course of more than 30 years of development, before 2015, the export volume and export volume of Chinese ceramic tiles were basically stable. The trend of growth. According to data released by Qi Bin, executive vice president of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, the export volume of Chinese ceramic tiles has increased from 590 million square meters to 1.139 billion square meters in the nine years from 2007 to 2015. Exports rose from $2.13 billion to $8.33 billion; the average price was raised from $3.61/m2 to $7.31/m2.

However, since 2016, China’s ceramic tile exports have ushered in two consecutive The annual volume and price fell. In 2017, China’s ceramic tile exports reached 821 million square meters, down 23.6% year-on-year; export value was 4.426 billion US dollars, down 20% year-on-year; average unit price was 5.39 US dollars / square meter, up 4.7% year-on-year; 2016 China ceramic brick export volume was 1.074 billion yuan Square meters, down 5.7% year-on-year; export value of 5.53 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 33.6%; average unit price of 5.15 US dollars / square meter, down 29.5%.

All Chinese ceramics companies or trading companies have always taken the price priority Routes are exported through various channels. Today, OEM exports still dominate, and the mode of exporting their own brands is relatively small. “The price of our products cannot be sold, which is a common problem faced by the ceramic industry.” Liu Yamin, senior engineer of the Inspection and Quarantine Comprehensive Technology Center of Foshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said.

The bottom of the story, or Chinese ceramic tiles are mostly exported by OEM. In the international market, the influence of brand influence is weak. The low-end lock of the value chain is the strategy and positioning of Chinese ceramic tiles in developed countries such as Europe and America.Tiles are mostly exported by OEM, so the price is difficult to raise. In the past two years, the average price of Chinese ceramic tiles has dropped from $7.31 per square meter in 2015 to $5.39 per square meter in 2017.

From OEM to export brand

Exhibit export, weak brand influence, price priority…more and more The export situation of Chinese ceramic tiles is striving for high-end development. In order to get rid of the low-end lock of the Chinese ceramic tile value chain in the importing countries of the global ceramic tile, a batch of Chinese ceramics enterprises such as marble tiles, Jinyitao, Owenlai, Bode, LA’BOBO ceramic sheets and so on have stepped onto the brand. The road to the output.

At present, the products of Jane’s marble tile have been successfully landed including Italy, France, etc. More than 60 countries/regions. In order to speed up the pace of global layout, since 2015, Jane’s marble tiles have been invited to attend the CERSAIE ceramic sanitary ware exhibition in Bologna, Italy for three consecutive years.

September 27, 2016, Jane’s marble tiles are 9 Invention, the “GANIINTHEWORLD – the ninth generation of Jane’s marble tile new product launch conference” was moved to the 300-year-old Italian royal castle Palazzo Albergati.

From OEM to export brand, Jane marble tiles continue to be overseas Construction of exclusive areas and specialty stores to provide products while assisting local agents to expand the market.

From OEM to export brand to participate in the global ceramic industry chain division, ten Over the years, Jin Yitao’s comprehensive competitiveness has been continuously improved, and it has also been carefully arranged globally. According to the relevant person in charge of Jin Yitao, the promotion of Jinyitao’s own brand is the focus of its current overseas market construction.

In which, in 2017, Jin Yitao was established through overseas branches and operated overseas. Bravely “going out” in the form of holding a group to build a platform. Jin Yitao has its own stores in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Australia, the United States, Thailand, Japan and Turkey.

In June of the same year, borrowed from Liansu Group to lead the Global House. The platform, Jin Yitao and many pan-home industry brands “carry out the sea”, also has the exclusive exhibition hall of “KITO” in Sydney, Australia.

LA’BOBO Ceramic Sheet Marketing Manager Xie Yicai told reporters that LA in recent years ‘BOBO ceramic sheet has successfully established dozens of specialty stores in Australia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries. Overall, the average export unit price is high and the sales volume is increasing year by year. For the active trade in China and the international market. For companies and international buyers, LA’BOBO’s brand recognition is quite high.

In general, Chinese ceramics brand output is nothing more than two modes ——Professional stores (special sales areas) and direct sales branches. “Whether it is a specialty store (special sales area) or a direct branch company, compared with the OEM output, it has a direct effect on enhancing brand value, strengthening channel control, increasing product prices and even increasing sales.” Xie Juncai told this reporter.

The operation of the direct branch is cumbersome compared to the store (special area). However, resources such as brands, channels and customers are in the hands of enterprises, which can promote the long-term development of enterprises and brands.

It’s worth mentioning that Liu Yamin reminds the global ceramic companies that they must Pay attention to overseas trademark registration. Specialized stores (special sales areas) and direct branches generally use the unified VI image. If the brand trademark is pre-registered locally, this is not conducive to the brand entering and opening up the local market, especially those countries that attach great importance to the protection of trademark intellectual property rights. /area.

Production Sales Localization

Not only ceramic enterprises, traders, ceramic equipment companies are also seeking development and transformation. From the production side, Weimei Group has invested in the establishment of a ceramics factory in Tennessee, USA. Keda Jieneng and Guangzhou Senda have also built the Tefu Ceramics Factory in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and other African countries.

At present, except for Keda Jieeng and Senda, there are already Guangdong, Chinese companies in Fujian, Zhejiang, Hubei and other provinces have invested in building ceramic factories in Africa. In 2011~2017, Shanghai Wangkang Holding Group Co., Ltd. built three ceramic factories in Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and other African countries; in March 2016, Diyuan Ceramics in the eastern industry of Dukam, Oramiya, Ethiopia Park investment and construction…

In addition, according to relevant insiders, At this stage, many ceramic companies are also brewing overseas to build ceramic factories. In October 2017, Chairman Huo Chichang of the Board of Directors of Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Group went to Uzbekistan to report and establish 8 “intelligent and automated” ceramic tile production lines.

For a time, some ceramic companies regard overseas investment and construction as a breakout exit One of the effective ways of dilemma. It is true that the advantage of overseas investment in building ceramics factories lies in the localization of production and sales, and the reduction of logistics and transportation costs. The most important thing is to avoid various trade or economic barriers such as anti-dumping and tariffs.

But Liu Yamin pointed out that not all ceramic companies, trading companies or ceramic equipment companies They are all suitable for investing in overseas factories. Take Guangzhou Senda as an example. It is an international trading company approved by the State Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Commission to enjoy import and export management rights. It has more than 10 years of operating experience in Africa. Not only familiar with the local culture and culture, but also have local employees, and the local sales network, channels and resources are very rich.

Long-term export of products from China, the cost of tariffs, logistics and other intermediate links is extremely high, In order to maximize profits, Senda plans to set up a ceramics factory in Kenya in 2015. In the process of equipment selection, it will contact Keda Jieergy. The two sides will hit it off and form a joint venture to establish Tefu Ceramics Co., Ltd. Establish ceramic factories in African countries such as Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania.

Therefore, respondents confessed that it is important to invest in building ceramic factories overseas. And be cautious, you must make other layouts when you are familiar with local laws and regulations, employment conditions, and local culture.

Own brand output is difficult >

A few days ago, Huang Yongguang of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce spoke at the National Brand Export Declaration Training Course It is pointed out that the brand effect of Guangdong enterprises is not prominent due to long-term processing trade. Although the cost increase is basically in sync with the increase in the selling price, the effect of the brand effect on improving the profitability of foreign trade is still not outstanding.

In the past two years, the transfer of processing trade has accelerated, with Guangdong’s share A quarter of the country, the pressure of steady growth of foreign trade is large, and the policy focuses on stable share and investment attraction, which has been compressed.The space for brand policy. For a long time, the existence of a large number of foreign trade agents in Guangdong, the existence of a large number of processing and OEM, the existence of a large number of foreign trade small and medium enterprises, the meager profits of enterprises, the pressure of production and short-sightedness have made the creation of international brands difficult:

(1) The international recognition of the brand needs to be improved. Many brand products are not recognized and accepted by overseas merchants because of their low popularity and insufficient influence. Brand companies are desperate to export more and more without OEM. According to the company, many international brands have strong strength and capital, strong R&D and design capabilities, and a mature marketing system. The importers are also very strong in distribution. They only hope that Chinese companies can provide high-quality products at low prices. Does not accept Chinese brands, thus limiting the space and initiative of the development of independent brands.

(2) Corporate brand awareness is weak. Some enterprises believe that their own brand investment is large, long time, slow effect, high risk, not as good as OEM production, and the benefits come quickly; some enterprises do not register trademarks in the brand export market, the trademark protection awareness is weak; more corporate brand building It has only stayed at the basic work of foreign trademark registration, and brand management has not yet become a development strategy of the company.

(iii) High brand operating costs. In addition to having a certain core competitiveness and mature product quality, creating a private brand requires a lot of money and time for the brand investment. The overseas marketing cost is high. If you enter the European and American markets with your own brand, you need to establish a corresponding marketing network and after-sales service, and you must have a marketing team familiar with the local culture and language, and the operating expenses of the brand are very large, creating a high risk for international brands. Long-term, small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to bear independently.

Chinese ceramics companies face the same difficulties because of long-term OEM output Chinese ceramic tiles have been labeled as “low-end in the value chain”. It is difficult to reverse the image and export products in the form of own brands. However, the Chinese ceramic industry should still export the brand to the outside world. Worth waiting.

Country, industry, and enterprise linkage

“In recent years, Jin Yitao has been concentrating on the global desire to export its own brands. The share is constantly expanding, which is not only the vision of enterprise development, but also the project promoted by the state.” Liu Yi, the brand department of Jinyitao International Trade Co., Ltd. said.

On March 30, the national brand export declaration specification training class started in Hangzhou The General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Commerce’s anti-counterfeiting office, and industry experts gave special lectures on export brand declaration and brand building. Representatives from Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce Huang Yongguang and Jinyi Ceramic Tile attended the training class.

Visible, not only companies are trying to export brands, but the state also encourages corporate brand output. Huang Yongguang believes that in response to the low-end locking strategy of the value chain, China should establish an internationally influential rating agency and establish China’s own brand evaluation organization, which is to seize the strategic high point of creating a brand to create a good soil and atmosphere for brand internationalization. Chinese brand drums and calls.

In addition, to increase the international influence of Chinese ceramic brands To allow ceramic enterprises to better export their brands, respondents also offered advice and suggestions from two perspectives: industry and enterprise.

On the level of the ceramic industry, Liu Yamin believes that ceramic enterprises and industry organizations must “Building a group”, the “China Ceramics” brand is launched internationally, just like the “Foshan Ceramics” regional brand in China.

“In short, it’s necessary to work with companies, industry associations, and social groups. Higher than international evaluation standards, and through this standard for rigorous evaluation or certification, screening quality ceramic tiles with excellent quality and colorProducts, a company can be one or N models, and then gather together to produce the “Chinese Ceramics” brand, to create a quality benchmark, in the international (except design) and Italy, Spain and other products.

In addition, the China Ceramics Exhibition can no longer be the stage for Chinese brands to dance alone. We must find ways to attract more excellent ceramic brands from Italy, Spain and other countries, so that the China Ceramics Exhibition will receive the attention and attention of international buyers.

At the same time, Chinese ceramics enterprises must use the exhibition to achieve “going out”, and more active in Spain, Spain, Bologna, Italy, etc. From “order export” to international marketing transformation, develop diversified markets.

From the perspective of enterprises, it is necessary to understand more about the market status of export destination countries, including product and construction requirements, customs policies, etc. Chinese ceramic enterprises can not simply stay at the level of selling bricks, and must deepen the market application range of products. Consider the color, fancy, etc. of the product; from the space application, consider the physical properties of the product.

From the proportion of ceramic tiles (export volume) flowing to various places last year, In order: Asia 60.31%, Africa 14.59%, North America 9.3%, South America 8.63%, Oceania 4.11%, Europe 3.04%. Customs clearance policies, construction requirements, Chinese ceramics companies in these countries are clear? These countries / Whether the region has signed a preferential trade agreement with China, Chinese ceramics enterprises must know that in order to better export the brand and maximize the benefits.

Deputy Director of the Customs Department Lu Tongzhou also said in the National Brand Export Declaration Training Course that a considerable number of enterprises in China are unclear about the export declaration management policy for export export goods. Including export benefits, in order to protect the interests of brand exports, Lu Tongzhou introduced three steps for export enterprises to enjoy: first, determine whether export goods can enjoy preferential tariff treatment; the second step, apply for certificate of origin; the third step, Export customs clearance management.

Although the export path of Chinese ceramic brands is long, but the future can be expected, the state, industry and enterprises must be multi-party linkage, paying attention to brand output.


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The details of the five hydropower renovations that can’t be ignored, please fix the renovations, and will not be pitted again.

   Hydropower transformation has always been regarded as the top priority in housing renovation, and it is also the concern of most owners, if it is under construction In the process, if the hydropower transformation is not taken too seriously, then it will directly affect our future life. Even if it is serious, there will be water leakage or fire, which will not only disturb the relationship between the neighbors, but also give ourselves The life brings threats, so before you renovate hydropower, it is necessary to know more about the things that need attention. Then you can’t easily overlook the details of the five hydropower renovations. understood.

  1, when decorating the bathroom, don’t forget to waterproof, especially If you are grooving on the ground, there will be a shower area in the bathroom. If the shower area is not closed, then the wall surface should be 180 cm or more. Before the cement is applied, it should be 24 hours. The closed water test, after waiting until there is no problem, can be prepared for paving.

  2, circuit construction in hydropower transformation, generally need to be divided by three colors of wire , fire line, neutral line, ground line, usually, the red line represents the fire line, the blue or green line is the zero line, and the yellow and green color line is the mark of the ground line.

  3, if the pipe diameter is less than 25 pvc electric pipe, be sure to use the upper elbow when turning It is not possible to add elbows and bends. Turning should try to avoid bending at right angles. In addition to the special space of the kitchen and bathroom, the circuit wiring should be as far as possible. After completion, paste it with pvc glue. At the interface.

  4, at home, there is no shortage of hot and cold water pipes, and when installing hot and cold water pipes, It should be two centimeters above the wall. When laying the wall tiles, it is also necessary to require the bricklayer to ensure that the wall tiles and the water pipe nozzles are kept flush after the laying is completed. If the size is not suitable, then If you install the water heater, it will become annoying when you tap the faucet. You need to purchase additional parts such as the pipe clamp, the inner wire, and so on.

  5, after the hydropower transformation construction has been completed, it is necessary to conduct a pressure test If you find a problem, you need to repair it in time. If you wait until the other construction projects are completed, you will find the problem. If you fix it again, it will become troublesome.

  The original small hydropower wiring project has brought us so many hazards, if there is a little If the details are not noticed, it will pose a serious threat to our lives. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say that hydropower transformation has become an important part of the decoration. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to this aspect and do not leave it to themselves. Any security risks.

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Solid wood floor color difference Solid wood floor installation precautions

Solid floor is purely natural, each piece is different, and because of this change, it is natural, aura, printed board and composite floor Artificially made, it is easy to produce visual fatigue after watching for a long time. In 2017, the popular “Wolf Wolf 2” and “Red Sea Action” and other movie generals are full of handsome gas, and the scars of the soldiers are the most handsome! The color difference of the wooden floor is the most beautiful!

Why there is color difference in solid wood flooring ?

Every floor is Life from the forest, trees growing in every corner have their own “character”. During the growth of trees in large forests, due to the large environment, different places of growth, shady and sunny, the same species in different regions are different, even in the same forest, trees may appear different. Color and texture. The so-called “color difference” means that the color of the same piece of wood is not the same, but the difference is great, but in the whole piece of ground after laying, the color is dark or shallow, which appears in the same color wood. A little difference, and this “must exist” and “normal existence.”

solid wood Is the floor color difference a quality issue?

Because of wood properties The appearance of color difference on solid wood flooring is normal. At present, no matter whether it is a national standard or an enterprise production standard, color difference is not used as a standard for testing quality. The state has no clear regulations on the “color difference” of solid wood flooring. Related solid wood flooring businesses are more frank, strictly speaking, there are no two identical solid wood flooring.

If you care about color, Solid woodWhat can I do with the floor color difference?

1, floor color and Indoor wall, light matching: Try to install the floor with large difference in color on the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed and other places that are not easy to be noticed.

2, the method of mixing the color difference: the same The deeper and lighter floors in the color number are cross-mounted, so that the effect of the installation is uniform, beautiful and natural. If there are more than two rooms, you can install a darker floor and a lighter one. You can also choose to install the living room first, then install the floor with a slightly larger color difference on the bottom of the bed. Where to go.

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Yuba top ten brands hot recommendation 2018 Yuba brand which is good

Yuba is the bathroom A kind of lighting heating appliance, which allows us to not be frozen when bathing in winter, so that the bathroom space can maintain a suitable temperature. There are two types of heating methods in the market: the air heater and the lamp warmer. However, the brand of the production Yuba has A lot, today Xiaobian will introduce you to Yuba top ten brands.

Yuba Top Ten Brands1, Carved

It is a large-scale modern private enterprise in Shanghai. It is a large-scale company with the name of China’s well-known trademarks. Its Yuba products have distinctive characteristics and occupy a stable market share.

Yuba Top Ten Brands 2, Opus

Aopu is a famous trademark enterprise in Zhejiang. It is a major manufacturer of sanitary products. The brand has a good reputation in the research and development and production of Yuba products, and is trusted by consumers with high safety and high environmental protection.

Yuba Top Ten Brands 3, Dingmei

Dingmei is also a manufacturer of electrical products in Zhejiang, and a state-level high-tech enterprise. It has a prominent position in the industry. Its Yuba products are required to be perfect in all aspects of production.

Yuba Top Ten Brands 4, Baolan

Baolan is one of Yuba’s top ten brands and has a very high reputation in the industry. Status, with a large scale and strong strength, its products are widely praised by people from different regions.

The top ten brands of Yuba 5, celebrities

The famous family Yuba of Shanghai Longsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is also a well-known Yuba brand. Its products are rich in variety and are loved by many consumers.

The top ten brands of Yuba 6, CUCU Chuchu

The Chu Yu brand of Yuba products and ceiling products are affiliated to Zhejiang Chuqiao Electric In the domestic industry market, it has a very high comprehensive strength.

The top ten brands of Yuba 7, Vantage

Zhongshan Vantage is a younger brand, but its reputation is well known in the industry. Its products are rich in variety and have a very modern design.

Yuba Top Ten Brands 8, Beautiful

Mei’s electrical appliances are well-known in the industry, and their Yuba products are also very well-known. They have great advantages in the production and export of white goods. Occupy a large market share.

Yuba Top Ten Brands 9, Panasonic

Company It is a Fortune 500 company and a famous Japanese brand. Its product business covers many fields and it can be unique in its own industry. Its Yuba products are also excellent.

The top ten brands of Yuba 10, Aohua

Aohua is a very common home appliance brand with a high penetration rate. You can see Aohua’s products in your life, and its Yuba products are also extremely competitive in the industry.

Edit Summary: The above is about 2018The top ten brands of Yuba hot recommendation introduction, these ten brands of Yuba products are very quality assurance, ranking in no particular order. I hope that the content shared by Xiaobian can give you some reference. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to our Qijiawang information.


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Cabinet decoration tips, give you the need

Cabinets are a must-have part of modern kitchens, and they are also closely tied to our lives. So for the cabinet decoration knowledge, we have to know some, so we can have some ideas and insights when decorating the kitchen cabinet.

The composition of the cabinet can be divided into several parts, including countertops, door panels, cabinet gold and electrical appliances. So when decorating cabinets, we should pay attention to these parts. We can use the following analysis to understand some of the aspects of cabinet decoration.

Cabinet Decoration knowledge point one: the choice of countertops, cabinet There are many kinds of countertops, such as artificial ordinary stone countertops, quartz stone countertops, natural stone countertops, and stainless steel countertops. These kinds of countertops have their own advantages and disadvantages, but from the use of these years, the quartz stone and stainless steel countertops are subject to The level of popularity is high and durable.

Cabinet renovation knowledge point 2: cabinet door panel For the whole cabinet is a very important part, the door panel of the cabinet has melamine board, painted door panel, solid wood door panel plastic door panel, PVC molded board, we should be the best choice when we are decorating the cabinet, melamine board. This panel has a good fire and wear resistance.

Cabinet decoration knowledge point 3: When decorating the cabinet, the hinges used are also very particular. But on the outside, it is difficult to distinguish between high-quality hinges and inferior hinges. It is necessary to choose a hinge that is once stamped, has a thick hand and a smooth surface. A good hinge has a thick coating on the surface, so it is not easy to rust, firm and strong, and has a strong bearing capacity, so that the cabinet door can be stretched freely.

Cabinet decoration knowledge point four: For the arrangement of the electrical location of the cabinet, we are also Pay attention to the cabinet decoration. Cabinet appliances should not be placed too close to the sink and faucet to avoid leakage due to excessive humidity.

( Provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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From the kitchen of the future, you can have it now

June 30, Zhisheng The brand opened in the red star Meikailong Suzhou New District Shopping Mall! The popularity of the scene is hot, and various wonderful links are presented in turn. From the joint Tencent AI accelerator and the introduction of Foxconn management system, to the CQC quality certification, Zhisheng integrated smart kitchen has been at the forefront of the smart home industry.

Opening event on the day of the event

The on-site intelligent robot swings with the music, and the robot dance is lively. The opening ceremony is officially kicked off. Let consumers get a close look at the cutting-edge AI technology.

Robot Dance is lively, AI technology is one secondGet

Industry leader’s speech, based on the present and looking to the future

Mr. Zhong Zhifeng, CEO of Zhisheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in giving a speech, summarizing the wisdom of Zhisheng from the perspective of corporate culture, technical strength and industry layout. All aspects of the kitchen, highlighting the products of Zhisheng are subject to China Quality Certification Center Quality control. In the future, Zhimin will also go all over the country to bring more intelligent and healthy life to more families!

Zhong Zhifeng, CEO of Zhisheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Red Star Mr. Lu Qingwen, Vice President of Meikailong Business Consulting Co., Ltd. said that Red Star Macalline is willing to work with Zhisheng to develop smart home field and lay out the smart home ecosystem. I believe that through the advantages of Red Star MacallineReplenishment can truly achieve a win-win situation for cooperation.

Mr. Lu Qingwen, Vice President of Red Star Macalline Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

The singer’s crown show, pushing the atmosphere to the climax

The famous singer’s crown is the ambassador of this opening event, who will perform at the scene, perform many classic songs on the spot, and invite fans to sing along the stage. I personally participated in the sweepstakes and sent gifts, which once pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

Event Ambassador – Pin Guan is the opening ceremony for the flagship store in Suzhou

The title invites fans to sing along the stage

The crown is awarded to lucky consumers

Opening a lot of red packets to make profits, on-site signing is hot!

After deep understanding of Zhizhi’s integrated smart kitchen, the on-site guests responded enthusiastically, and they entered the store to visit and consult under the attraction of Zhisheng smart products and opening activities. Many customers decided to place an order on the spot, and the first day of sales was as high as 800,000!

In-store staff explain products and attract consumers to stop

Intelligence Suzhou flagship store opening ribbon cutting

The opening ceremony of the Suzhou flagship store of Zhizhi Integrated Smart Kitchen is perfect, but this is not the end. Zhisheng has far-reaching goals and more possibilities. In the future, Zhisheng will continue Develop and innovate in the field of AI technology to create more high-quality kitchen and home smart products, and detonate the latest trend of smart lifestyle.

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The arrival of the post-lighting era What are the prospects of the five major application markets?

The era of post-lighting is coming, traditional lighting and new markets are reversed. LED general lighting has long been in the “Red Sea”, the growth is weak, and the new application market is booming. The market for new display technologies, intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, landscape lighting and plant lighting has been increasingly deployed by LED companies, and the market has never been more vibrant.

In 2018, the market seems to be dull, but in reality it is undercurrent. The company is struggling to capture the commanding heights in the new application market. So, what are the market prospects for new displays, smart lighting, automotive lighting, landscape lighting, and plant lighting? And see GGII decomposition!

Micro/Mini LED

Previously, Apple wanted to reduce Samsung Display panel reliance, through the acquisition of Luxvue, actively develops a new generation of display technology Micro LED, but considering that Micro LED still has more problems in technology and cost to overcome, TGII believes that Micro LED business It still takes about 3-5 years.

In view of this, the Mini has a lower technical threshold and is easier to commercialize. LEDs have been popular and researched by manufacturers such as Sanan, Huacan, Jingdian, Guoxing, Ruifeng, and Jingtai. Many companies claim to have mass production capabilities.

GGII believes that Mini LED backlight + LCD can be mature LED and LCD technology Combining and realizing the function of OLED panel at a lower cost is the future development direction of high-end LCD panel; at the same time, with the increase of domestic demand for large-screen display and the reduction of the price of Mini LED, the Mini LED display is expected to start gradually. GGII predicts that the application market size of Mini LED in 2018 is expected to reach 300 million yuan, of which backlight is its main application direction. The Mini LED is expected to maintain growth of around 175% from 2018 to 2020. The size of Mini LED market will reach 2.2 billion in 2020. .

Smart Lighting

With the official opening of the Internet era, the lighting industry has transitioned from the traditional lighting era to the intelligent lighting era, in the Internet Under the catalysis, technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent lighting, and Internet of Things have emerged. According to the data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the scale of China’s smart lighting market reached 26.4 billion yuan in 2017. GGII expects the smart lighting market to reach 38.7 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 46.6%.

Attracted by growing market demand, including 昕诺飞, OSRAM, Domestic and foreign lighting companies such as GE, Op Lighting, NVC Lighting, Sunlight Lighting, and Tuning Technology have been deployed. In addition, the involvement of technology giants such as Jingdong and Xiaomi has caused the intelligent lighting industry to heat up rapidly.

Automotive lighting & emsp; In recent years, LED car lighting has matured It has become a blue ocean market with a focus on layout. As we all know, LED automotive lighting has gradually become the mainstream of automotive lighting due to its long life, low energy consumption, small size of light source and beautiful appearance, and the market scale has also expanded.

According to GGII data, the overall market for LED automotive lighting in China reached 24.5 billion in 2017 Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26%, along with LED car lighting began to gradually penetrate in the mid-end models, LED car lighting will maintain a rapid growth in the future, GGII expects China’s LED car lighting market is expected to exceed 42.5 billion yuan in 2020.

However, domestic companies are still in the initial stage of key technologies for automotive lighting, and the front-loading market is relatively difficult to cut into. Only a few companies (Hongli Zhihui, Jingke Electronics, etc.) are laying out the pre-installation market. Therefore, in the short term, the aftermarket is still the first choice for most domestic enterprises to enter the automotive lighting market.

Landscape Lighting    Since 2017, landscape lighting has welcomed the industry During the blowout period, local governments have accelerated the construction of urban landscape lighting. Urban outdoor night lighting has gradually expanded from the previous real estate building to urban landscape lighting, and the urban landscape lighting market has huge space. GGII said that thanks to the promotion of policy promotion in various countries and regions around the world, the scale of the landscape lighting market continues to increase. In 2017, the size of the Chinese landscape lighting market reached 67.8 billion yuan.

In the future, as the urbanization process continues, I believe that in the next few years, whether it is a line Cities, or second- and third-tier cities, demand for landscape lighting will continue to grow rapidly. In particular, the state’s policy on urban public lighting, urban landscape renovation and smart city construction in the PPP model is still increasing, the real estate landscape lighting market is developing rapidly, and cities along the high-speed rail and tourism culture cities are lighting the landscape. The emphasis will be strengthened, and multiple positive factors will jointly promote the continuous and rapid growth of the demand for landscape lighting.

In this context, GGII expects the size of the Chinese landscape lighting market in 2018 It can increase by 25% year-on-year and will reach 84.7 billion yuan.

plant lighting


In contrast to traditional agricultural practices, plants produced by plant lighting are not affected by the natural environment and are acceptable More suitable light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and nutrients can be continuously produced even in severe weather conditions or disaster weather conditions, and is suitable for promotion to dry and high latitudes.

GGII statistics show that the number of LED plant factories in the world is increasing in 2017 Due to the rapid growth of demand for small plant lighting systems after the legalization of cannabis cultivation in the United States, the output value of LED plant lighting systems in China reached 4.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62%. The output value of plant lighting lamps reached 1.235 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61%.

Currently, China’s plant lighting is still in the early stages of industry development, plant lighting products Still relying on the export of low-end products, domestic plant factories have problems such as low input-output ratio, high product prices, and shortage of comprehensive talents, which restrict the development of China’s plant lighting industry, but plant lighting represents future agriculture. The development direction has been strongly supported by the agricultural departments of various countries. Domestic and foreign giants such as Sanan Optoelectronics, Mitsubishi Chemical, BOE, and Panasonic have also laid out on the mainland, which has brought new impetus to the development of Chinese plant lighting.

GGII expects that the output value of China’s LED plant lighting system will exceed 6.2 billion in 2018 Yuan, the output value of plant lighting fixtures will exceed 1.7 billion yuan.

In summary, the five emerging application markets are still at a high growth stage. In the era of post-lighting, when the traditional lighting growth is weak, how will domestic LED companies choose? How to make efforts and layout in emerging markets?    June 10, held by Gaogong LED “2018 (tenth The 6th) High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum will be held at the Westin Canton Fair. At that time, Jingyuan Optoelectronics, Huacan Optoelectronics, Heidico, Liard, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Xinyichang, Bilda, Mingwei Electronics, Jiansen Technology, Hyun Shuozhi, Mulinsen, Sanxiong Aurora, Zhaochi Well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers such as OSRAM, Jingke Electronics, and BYD will share their post-lighting era strategy and new market development strategies.


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Italian LED and smart lighting market is expected to expand significantly

Researchers at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy presented a report on “Efficient & Smart Lighting”, which described a scenario in which the Italian LED and smart lighting market is expected to be double-digited by 2020. The speed is growing. This means that in 2020, in addition to the intelligent lighting market worth 140 million euros, the Italian LED market will certainly grow from 900 million euros in 2015 and exceed 1.2 billion euros.

(Image from the Internet)

Research at Politecnico di Milano The People’s United Trade Association is working together on LED lighting and smart lighting solutions for residential, industrial and public lighting. Studies have shown that although the future development of LED technology has great potential, the penetration of current LED technology is still low. The report also pointed out that by 2020, LED and intelligent control systems will increase from 8% to 42%.

The store (third-party market) is characterized by low penetration of LEDs and high penetration of intelligent lighting solutions. In the office, LED and smart lighting solutions are very popular. But in terms of industry, the growth rate of the two is very slow. Among them, the largest share of the residential sector, the main reason is the rapid expansion of LED lights in the home.

Let’s take a closer look at the forecast of the Italian lighting market in 2020. The number of LED products for home lighting in Italy will reach 400 million. Compared with 2015, the industrial lighting market will grow by 80%, and the installation ratio of LED products in Italian manufacturing plants will account for 20%. In terms of public lighting, the number of LED street lights will reach 3.5 million in 2020, saving 1TWh of electricity per year (5% of total electricity).

Intelligent lighting in the office is more popular

In the office sector, the market for LEDs and smart lighting is very broad, they are not only more efficient but also smarter and more user-friendly. The lighting system includes intelligent control and management equipment with a comprehensive range of sensors and smart city service infrastructure.

(Image from the web)

The report states that in 2020 In the year, more than 680,000 households in Italy will be involved in smart lighting products (almost 2.7% of the total number of households). Compared with the 180,000 households in 2015, there is a significant increase (0.7% of the total number of households); in the industrial sector, 20,000 small enterprises, 770 medium-sized enterprises and 150 large enterprises will realize smart technology in 2020. A total of 20% of the total number of enterprises will be expected to increase the penetration of intelligent lighting in business and office. In public lighting, the proportion of smart street lights is expected to increase from 3% in 2015 to 8%.

During the past five years, the Italian LED and smart lighting market is expected to usher in a substantial expansion. How should domestic companies enter this high-growth period and win the Italian market? There is such an opportunity in front of you. …

The 6th Italian International Electronic Lighting Exhibition (Illuminotronica 2017) will be held in Padua, Italy, from October 6th to 8th, 2017. The three-day Italian lighting fair is hosted by the Consortium Tecnoimprese exhibition company. It is supported annually by the local government and promoted by the Italian Electronics Association and the Italian Lighting Association. It is the only and most professional international electronic lighting in Italy. Exhibitions, the scale of the exhibition is increasing year by year.

The high quality products and innovative design displayed in the last Italian International Electronic Lighting Exhibition are a combination of technology, innovation and design. It is a milestone in the development of Italian LED lighting and home intelligent lighting technology. It also laid the foundation for the next expansion of the category of exhibits and the display of new lighting technologies.

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