machine vision inspection technology optimization services and product development

machine vision inspection systems manufacturers focuses on machine vision inspection technology optimization services and product development. It has in-depth and continuous tracking and research in related technical fields, and has a large number of high-quality, Experienced experts can provide customers with a comprehensive range of services. After long-term development, topvision Technology has established a complete technical force to provide comprehensive professional customized services in combination with different customer characteristics.

We have a good product and a professional team, the company is growing rapidly, we provide our customers with With the best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service, the company has an experienced and innovative elite technology research and development team. The company’s annual research and development capital investment accounts for more than 15% of the annual sales revenue. The company is innovating resources. Through continuous investment and accumulation, we have achieved fruitful research and development results. At present, it has more than 40 patented technologies and more than ten invention patent technologies. It is a national intellectual property advantage enterprise and an industrialization pilot base of the Ministry of Education.

Company Services With strong matching and wide adaptability, our advantage is to provide users with complete technical support and engineering services. Pursue the further development of technology development and provide more value to our customers. In the context of the intensified competition in the global market, as a partner that can be trusted by customers for a long time, topvision Technology will be more dedicated to the development of our company. Our aim is to provide customers with “golden service”. Since its establishment, the company has been relying on quality as the basis for survival and development, providing users with high-quality, cost-effective and high-quality services to win a wider market reputation! We will continue to innovate in the fierce market competition and strive to create famous brands. We believe that we will bring unexpected surprises and satisfaction to our customers.
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the existing vision system and combining it with machine control

B&R As an machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, it also incorporates vision into its entire control system architecture. With the strong application support in the automation field itself, it has aimed at solving the pain points of the existing vision system and combining it with machine control. The hardware and software, built an integrated vision solution, compared to the traditional visually independent solution structure, this architecture is more in line with the needs of the production line itself, because it will bring many conveniences that the original architecture can not provide.

The traditional vision system has become expensive due to the investment in the original hardware, communication, and software architecture, and has also been formed. The habits also make the change difficult, and as the vision of the automation of the “whole” architecture, the application of the standby vision is more global, and can be combined with the existing automation system to make the vision become “organic” Composition.


Synchronization concept

In visual inspection applications, how many Important synchronization points need attention:

(1) Lighting and imaging synchronization issues

For visual purposes, the good design of the lighting constitutes 70% of the success weight of the visual application. It provides the largest signal-to-noise ratio (Singal/Noise) for the detected object, making the image more prominent. And reduce the image of the unrelated part.

For different visual sampling, the LED illumination time must be optimally synchronized with the camera’s exposure time, which affects the image quality for high-speed motion. The object to be measured, the exposure for a long time will bring blur, so the illumination intensity, strobe, and color must be well synchronized with the camera, which is easy for integrated vision, because it is controlled by the same controller. The LED intensity of the illumination, the strobe and the camera’s focus, exposure, and imaging process are synchronized at very high speeds, which is impossible with traditional vision systems made up of discrete vendors.

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Ora puoi incidere le tue collane su misura anche con le foto

Realizzate in oro, argento e altri metalli preziosi e accentate con pietre preziose, diamanti e gemme mozzafiato, le collane da donna sono già distintive. Ora puoi incidere le tue collane su misura anche con le foto! Le collane personalizzate non sono solo divertenti da regalare, ma anche divertenti da progettare. Con la meravigliosa unione di pietre preziose personalizzate e incisioni personalizzate, le nostre collane personalizzate diventano un’espressione ancora più unica di te e dei tuoi cari. Molte di queste collane personalizzate ti consentono di aggiungere nomi, elegantemente incisi sui pendenti per creare un brillante tributo ai tuoi figli, familiari o innamorati. Le collane personalizzate per lui includono anche croci in argento sterling che possono essere incise con un nome o una parola breve. Che tu stia cercando una collana di gioielli personalizzata, un fascino delicato o una pila di bracciali bangle, sei nel posto giusto.

Quando decidi quali collane incise da uomo si adattano meglio a lui, prova a considerare ciò che indossa quasi tutti i giorni. Ogni collana personalizzabile che realizziamo viene accuratamente imballata per il tuo amico o la persona amata. Creare collane per fidanzati o tuo marito è un ottimo modo per ricordare un giorno o un’occasione speciale.

Three Sisters soufeel jewelry ha aperto la strada alla gioielleria personalizzata dal 2007 con uno stile da giorno a sera retrò e chic. I nostri gioielli su misura traggono ispirazione dalla bellezza e dallo spirito libero del luogo sulla spiaggia dove è nato. Ciò che rende questo gioiello personalizzato così eccezionale è che puoi mantenere la tua memoria, foto o design preferito vicino al tuo cuore. Realizzati con metalli preziosi e pietre, tutti i nostri gioielli stampati a mano sono realizzati proprio qui nel nostro studio nel sud della California dal nostro team dedicato di produttori di gioielli. Completamente su misura, offre una moltitudine di opzioni di personalizzazione.

The most beautiful and iconic library in the world

One of the most amazing features of the Tianjin Cultural Center is this extraordinary library, which has undulating bookshelves on the walls and ceilings to create a whimsical atmosphere. The library is surrounded by a large spherical auditorium. The ball and the shelf are lit up, giving the library a spectacular look. The design is a collaboration between MVRDV and the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute. The library has a collection of 1.2 million books.

The beautiful Cărtureşti Carusel Library, located in Bucharest, Romania, is an iconic building in the historic center of the city, with aristocratic interiors, full of charm and character, Numerous books, reading corners and art galleries. The building dates back to the 19th century and was used as a store during the communist period.

The old library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland has this amazing long room, of which 200,000 of the oldest books are kept in super high, two floors. The tall bookshelf makes up the stunning barrel ceiling. The library was built between 1712 and 1732 and added ceilings in 1860 to create more space for books as they fill existing shelves. Even today, the design is impressive and amazing.

The Admont Abbey is located in Admon, Austria, and is known for its beautiful Baroque architecture, art and manuscripts, as well as for its world. Famous for the monastery library. Located in the east wing of the monastery, the space is 70 meters long, 14 meters wide and 11 meters high.

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Iconic house gets fantastic transformation

Starr House – A house designed by architect Pierre Koenig can be said to be one of the iconic houses in the United States. If you think this house may be more beautiful, then you will be wrong. Thanks to Design Within Reach, this home has recently received major updates and is now the perfect backdrop for DWR’s furniture, equipment and accessories.

We visited this home as if this home has not been affected since the 1960s. All new furniture and fixtures seem to blend together, no matter how long it takes to create, this design is an excellent example of being able to transcend time. These collections will be stored indefinitely at the Starr House.

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Basket made using steam bending and lamination technology

Basket is the design of the design studio LAYER, which marks the third collaboration with the Danish brand FritzHansen. The basket is made of two wood technologies known for its long-established brands, including steam bending and lamination. A versatile design can be used to place magazines, paper, books, shoes, mats, and even wood.

The portable handle extends down to the foot for stability, made of sturdy steam-curved wood, while the softly curved basket is made of pressed laminated wood. The basket has three different finishes – natural oak, natural walnut and colored oak.

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Los Angeles Boutique Hotel

Located in the thriving design district of West Hollywood, La Peer is a new boutique Kimpton hotel that emphasizes design, art and style inspired by its neighbourhood. Designed by Gulla Jónsdóttir, it also serves as a designer studio gallery on the ground floor where guests can view and purchase custom artwork and furniture throughout the hotel.

Jónsdóttir uses earthy tones and natural materials such as concrete and leather walls, white oak floors, plaster walls, liquid surfaces and bronze pillars to create this urban casual atmosphere. Custom furniture and fixtures such as hanging lanterns, six-foot round candlesticks, curved brass ceiling details and cortical walls add to the hotel’s unique sense of space.

This 105-room hotel features a family of white oak with herringbone wood floors, a separate bathtub, living room, high ceilings and Jónsdóttir’s own furniture collection.

Guests can enjoy the indoor and outdoor dining areas of Chef Cay Lane’s Italian/Mediterranean cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant.

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A lounge space where you want to miss a flight

For some people, the start of a vacation begins when you land at your destination. For Air France members, it starts with Le Balcon, the new exclusive space for the Air France business lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at Terminal 2E.

Le Balcon was designed by designer Mathieu Lehanneur and is an architectural and leisure venue away from the airport. The curved structure has a gold-tone mirrored ceiling that reflects the movement of past travelers, while the glass show provides a glimpse of moving the plane on the runway.

The central bar is surrounded by a series of theatre seating, with large sofas, blue velvet, pedestal tables and connections. On the parquet floor, a large LED screen depicts a changing sky image throughout the day, mimicking the outdoor sky in real time. Combining wood, marble, glass and lighting, Le Balcon is designed to make your trip as easy as possible.

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4 containers become classrooms at Bard College

MB Architecture collaborates with shipping containers, and their most recent project involved designing media and technology classes for students at Bard College and receiving $100,000 in funding. Due to limited resources, they explored the stacking of two pairs of budget-friendly containers to form a 960-square-foot Bard Media Lab.

Another cost-saving measure is to prefabricate the building outside the factory and then send it to a location surrounded by trees. It is completely completed in half a day.

The lab will be used by different departments over time, so it is important to design the interior space flexibly to meet a variety of needs.

A large rotating garage door is installed to perform when the main interior space is used as a stage.

The window is placed at both ends to allow daylight to enter and visually enlarge the space.

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a wall mirror consisting of three materials and unusual structures

EstúdioParrado created a wall mirror consisting of three complementary pieces that are combined to achieve a harmonious balance. The Loop mirror combines concrete, metal rings and mirrors.

To eliminate waste, they turned to digital technology, especially CNC technology, so that every component can be assembled. The concrete foundation is formed after the machining of the MDF model to produce a polyurethane mold. The mold is tricky because it requires three parts to shape the notch that supports the mirror glass, a wall bracket and a pin that holds the frame together. The ring frame is a machined steel strip with two holes that can be securely mounted around the concrete pin.

In addition, only put them together – the mirror can slide into the concrete base, then the frame wraps around the mirror and locks onto the base around the protruding pin – without any glue screws or welding.

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