BASF is expanding its industrial coatings market in Africa.

The RRM Group is one of the largest steel production companies in East Africa, operating three production lines with an annual production capacity of 240,000 tons. The Pevicoat system from BASF, a computer-aided paint mixing system that mixes any color and gloss used in a short period of time.
BASF Coatings said: “With the management of wireless resources, we have successfully acquired important long-term partners, which will promote our continued development in this region. Africa is an attractive market for our industrial coatings. High quality products and excellent service are essential and we can guarantee this. & nbsp;
BASF business manager Precoatings EMEA said: “The African market is only part of the BASF strategy, but plays a key role in the future development of BASF’s industrial coatings. The rise of the African market, the increasing population and increasing urbanization rate, as well as consumer spending, BASF’s goal is to further expand its presence in Africa and open up new long-term potential businesses. ”

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