Bathroom products, shoddy, teach you to polish your eyes

The problems to be considered in the renovation are very wide. If you want to balance the needs of the whole family, the preparations in the early stage are indispensable. Based on China’s current national conditions, the current sanitary products in the decorative building materials market, counterfeit goods, parallel imports, many consumers are difficult to distinguish between authenticity. In fact, the fake and inferior bathroom decoration building materials are nothing more than the following characteristics, consumers can avoid being deceived by careful identification when purchasing. Here, I will give you a brief talk.
First, the use of trademarks to falsify the truth

For example, some brands of sanitary ware in some areas is a brand product formed in decades, now fakes flying all over the sky, it is impossible to prevent. Everyone buys a bathroom product, don’t just stare at whether it is an advertising brand, or to look at the quality and cost-effectiveness of the product.

Second, the confusion level is shoddy

This phenomenon is common in the circulation of various materials such as sanitary ware. Because the average consumer does not know how to do it, he spends money on high-consumer goods, but buys second-class products, third-class products, and even foreign products.

3, Zhang Guan Li Dai evasion detection

Some companies copy brand or best-selling products, fraudulent use of test reports and product manuals, with their own trademarks, and vigorously promote the fundamental Untested product. Xiao Bian reminds everyone to choose sanitary products or try to find a brand with a long history. Many new companies are just established, and the quality of products is not guaranteed.

Fourth, ignoring the standard of crude production

Some producers and operators use consumers do not understand the professional knowledge of bathroom and building materials, deliberately violate the relevant national standards, and harm the interests of consumers. For example, according to the standard, aluminum profiles with a thickness of less than 1.2 mm shall not be used for sealing balconies. At present, more than 90% of the aluminum profiles used for sealing balconies are below 1 mm, which poses a hidden danger of falling windows on the balcony. Some companies have used toxic solvents such as banned xylene and coal tar xylene to produce colorful paints, which are applied to the walls of thousands of households, so that people are harmed unconsciously. Xiao Bian also reminds everyone that some bathroom manufacturers produce defective bathroom materials such as formaldehyde, so do not blindly choose some low-priced bathroom products.

V. Stealing the column and taking profits.

Most of these phenomena appear on “foreign goods” or “quasi-foreign goods”. For example, some surf bathtubs, with imported or joint venture signs, claim to “all imported parts”. In fact, the key component of their products – the electric system is “home made”. At present, many domestic sanitary ware brands are comparable in quality to foreign ones, but they are slightly inferior in product heritage and creativity. This is only because of the precipitation of foreign brand history, so don’t blindly pursue what to import. It is believed that in the near future, Chinese-made sanitary products will occupy a considerable share in the world.

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