Bauhaus apartment in Tel Aviv

Raanan SternThe studio has refurbished this1970 The Tel Aviv apartment, the apartment was divided into smaller spaces and turned into an open, light-filled home. Now, the slender space has a new open living room. The apartment uses five shades of gray to help highlight the changes between black elements and space.
The new restaurant and kitchen are placed on the outside, near the window, overlooking the park. The center of the apartment is a huge lounge/living area, With a wooden shelf unit, the steel frame glass door leads to the study.
A large mirror on the other end of the window reflects light into the living room.
Restaurant and kitchen with light colours Concrete tiled floor.
Kitchen Decorated with black cabinetry, metal details and American walnut.
Glass doors separate the study and the main living space, bringing more natural light.
The steel and glass partition separates the bathroom from the master bedroom, this is to 70 A tribute to the common materials of the age.

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