Beau Fixe has an interesting contrast

Beau Fixe has an interesting contrast, this contrast exists in metal frames and upholstered seats as well as backrests and arms directly. The design of the backrest adds a sense of maturity to the sofa, while at the same time making the design very simple and casual.
Although many furniture is generally inspired by nature and other ideas, the Bum Bum sofa is inspired by musical instruments. It has a tubular shape, and the light and sound provide a unique experience.
The Cloud sofa has a funky and fun design, and the matching stools are simple and quirky. Its exterior is suitable for those spaces that require a comfortable decoration, with a purely beautiful and friendly design.
The Geo collection includes a variety of interesting furniture, and this sofa is one of them. The entire series is defined by clean geometric forms and patterns that are in focus in one way or another.

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