Beverly “big device” overweights the multi-unit washing machine segment

Recently, Little Swan teamed up with Suning Tesco to release its high-end brand Beverly Duplex Washing Machine. This is a combination of large washing and drying, zone synchronization, intelligent washing and precise delivery. It meets the current Chinese middle class. And the needs of two-child families for large-capacity, healthy zone washing and smart care, while Beverly’s high-end differentiated positioning has added more variables to the competition in the washing machine market.

Beverly Duplex Washing Machine

The multi-function washing machine was launched in the city two years ago. The characteristics of up and down double washing and large capacity cater to the needs of urban high-end consumer households, but this does not mean that there is no consumption pain point in the two-year washing machine.

“A year and a half ago, when we wanted to push the multi-function washing machine, we found that there were a lot of pain points, mainly focusing on whether we can wash and dry at the same time. To solve a series of problems with resonance and noise. The United States has pressed the idea of ​​pushing new products and spent more than a year researching and solving problems. Beverly & ldquo; large multi-function washing machine was born in this context.

Beverly & ldquo; Large multi-function washing machine is very good to achieve washing and drying partition synchronization. It adopts the upper and lower partition design of “3kg pulsator + 12kg drum”. In the same use space, the large capacity design of 15kg truly achieves the purpose of washing all the clothes of the family.

Among them, the lower roller 12kg design can meet the needs of all the items needed for the home. At the same time, the 8kg drying capacity design is far superior to the same type of washing machine drying capacity, as a partition washing machine. The representative work has done a real sense of “big wash”. The above 3kg pulsator laundry design fully utilizes the characteristics of simple operation and convenient washing of the pulsator washing machine, providing users with small pieces of clothing, especially the inner clothing, baby clothes and other health needs, and it is convenient to pick and place. Bending, effectively reducing the pressure caused by frequent laundry on the waist and neck, extremely human.

In addition, the DDM direct drive inverter mounted on the upper part of the product and the BLDC high-speed variable frequency motor mounted on the lower part, combined with the independent balance damping system, realize the true sense of partition synchronization, and the upper and lower barrels are mutually Independent, do not interfere with each other, highlighting the “big color.” And the intelligent laundry experts and the application of intelligent washing technology such as intelligent precision automatic placement make the operation of the product simpler and more convenient, which truly liberates people’s hands.

Behind the launch of the Beverly Duplex Washing Machine has a more realistic industry background. At present, the overall consumption structure of the household appliance industry is weak and the consumption structure is coexisting. The rising of raw materials has directly affected the profit level of enterprises. The market has higher requirements and awareness for the quality and brand of the updated products.

Under the premise of a weak washing machine market, the growth of the washing and drying machine is maintained in the fast lane. According to the data of Aowei Cloud Network, the retail sales of the drum drying machine in the first eight months of this year increased by 49.1% year-on-year. The market demand for the purchase of the partitioned multi-type washing machine reached 31.7%, which has great potential. It is expected that the market size of the district duplex washing machine will reach 3.8 billion yuan in 2020 from 380 million yuan in 2017. The launch of the Beverly Duplex Washing Machine adds momentum to the segment of the multi-purpose washing machine.

With the opportunity to cooperate with Suning Tesco, the beauty department (Little Swan, Beverly, Midea) washing machine and Suning Tesco also reached a cooperation goal. It is reported that Suning Tesco will use a strong supply chain, logistics resources and promotional resources to compare the first sales target of Foley Duplex washing machine to 10,000 units. Lu Jianfeng also said that in the next three years, the sales target of Midea’s washing machine in Suning Tesco will reach 18 billion.

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