Brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne coatings What are the brands of waterborne interior wall coatings?

Water-based paintIt is a new type of coating product that is more popular in recent years. Some people still don’t know much about water-based paint. What are its advantages and disadvantages? When we buy water-based interior wall paint, which brands are better? Then the small series is simple. Let’s introduce the advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint and the brands of water-based interior wall paint.

First, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint

1, water-based paint can be mainly divided into water-soluble paint, water-dilutable paint Water-dispersible coatings, which are mainly used in interior and exterior walls, metals, automobiles and other fields.

2, water-based coatings use a small amount of low-toxic organic solvents, which is beneficial to Reduce air pollution, safer and more environmentally friendly. The coating of water-based paint has strong adhesion, even if the indoor environment is damp, it will not affect its construction. It has flattening performance, good protection performance and convenient construction. If the water-based paint is not used up, we can store it in a cool place.

3, water-based paint has high requirements on the cleanliness of the construction wall. If there is dirt on the wall, the coating film of the water-based paint will cause shrinkage. Water-based paints are more susceptible to sag due to temperature and humidity. It is prone to bubbles during baking.

Second, what brands of water-based interior paints

1, China Resources

China Resources Paint was established in 1991 and is a major A modern enterprise that produces water-based paints, architectural decoration coatings and other products. China Resources Coatings is in the leading position in the domestic industry, among which wood coatings are in the leading position, and its products have passed ISO certification, ten-ring certification and many other certifications. The company also won the honor of China’s famous brand products and consumers’ favorite green trademarks.

2 , three trees

Three tree paint is the main A modern enterprise that produces architectural coatings, decorative lacquers, etc. The company has established cooperation with internationally renowned chemical companies, has a first-class research and development base, and introduced world-leading production equipment to provide consumers with high-quality products. The company also received honors such as China’s well-known trademarks.

3, Dulux

Dulux is a well-known architectural paint brand owned by AkzoNobel. The company is strong in the world. Many countries have production bases and occupy market leadership in several countries. The company has won many honors such as China Building Coatings Famous Brand Award and Best After-sales Service Award.

4 , Nippon

Libang was founded in 1883, It is a world-famous paint brand with a service network covering many parts of the world. Its products have passed many certifications such as 3C certification, ISO certification, and ten-ring certification. The company has also won many honors such as national inspection-free products and green building materials.

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