Britain was hit by heavy rains and the floods in the south were serious. The Prime Minister called the cabinet to respond.

There is a violent rain invading the southern flood. The Prime Minister summoned the cabinet to respond

The weather in the UK has been hit by bad weather.

China News Service, February 10, according to Taiwan’s “China Broadcasting News” on the 10th, the southern part of the UK was hit by a new wave of storms last weekend. Many villages were seriously affected by water and isolated from the outside world. Some railroad tracks were destroyed, causing the railway transportation to be interrupted. The coastal areas were hit by huge waves. British Prime Minister David Cameron held an emergency meeting of the cabinet on the 9th to deal with the flood crisis.

Since December last year, the United Kingdom has been hit by bad weather, especially in the south and southwest, where heavy rains and rains continue, and wet and cold weather continues.

According to statistics, last month was the most rainy and January day in the UK since 1766. Flood warnings have been issued in hundreds of places in southern England and Wales, and 14 locations along the Thames are listed in the “Severe Floods” area.

The weather forecast indicates that there will be more rain this week, and the water level in the southern river will continue to skyrocket, and the public must be wary of flooding the river. In addition, strong winds with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour may cause more road trees and utility poles to collapse. Traffic congestion and power outages are bound to worsen.

Hundreds of people in the south have been evacuated from their homes due to flooding. In the southern coastal areas, strong winds slammed the shore, the fog filled, and most shops were closed. Some breakwaters were washed away by big waves, and some railroads were washed into the sea, the roadbed was damaged, and traffic was interrupted.

The British authorities dispatched troops to assist in the sandbags and consolidate the dikes to protect them from water.

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