British suspended the “Golden Visa” to strengthen immigration review, the most applicants from China last year

The UK government recently announced that it will suspend the investment of immigrant visas from the global super-rich who wish to live and invest in the UK from 24:00 local time on December 7, 2018, until Investors who have submitted applications will not be affected until the new regulations are implemented in 2019.

According to the BBC’s BBC report on the 6th, this move is part of the UK government’s reform of the Ministry of the Interior aimed at solving organized crime and money laundering issues.

British Immigration Minister Caroline & Sdot; Knox said, “The UK will always be open to legitimate and sincere investors who are committed to helping our economy and corporate growth. However, we will not tolerate those who do not follow the rules and attempt to abuse the system. That’s why these new measures are proposed, which will ensure that only true investors who are planning to support British companies can benefit from our immigration system. ”

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