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2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Fellows Series Report 11

Yu Liping, President of Rothschild Greater China Determined to attend the “Great Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. On January 24th, 2018, —— on the 25th, she will be in the series of speeches, “What kind of “wonderful whispers” in the new business ecology, let us wait and see.

In 2007, a “currency war” made the name Rothschild very good in the country.

But compared to Rothschild, Yu Liping actually likes the name Rothschild.

Yu Liping is a member of the Global Executive Committee of Rothschild & Co. Global Investment Bank and Chairman of Greater China, and is a member of the Rothschild Executive Committee. It is worth mentioning that she is the only woman in the world and the only Asian. For her, this is a great glory, and it is the ultimate affirmation of her talent and performance.

In March 2010, China Geely Automobile successfully acquired Volvo Sweden, becoming the largest overseas auto industry acquisition in Chinese history. As the main trader of this acquisition —— Yu Liping, instantly became famous in the industry.

If “Currency War” is just a financial novel full of literary color, then Yu Liping will turn this novel into reality with a cool mind and professionalism.

Learning to not learn.

Like most successful people, Yu Liping was a top school.

She was the president of the student union during the middle school period and was twice rated as a Shanghai-based Sanhao student. However, she always believed that she would not have much academic achievements. “It’s hard for me to calm down and learn. My mom said that I am ADHD.

But it is such a “ADHD” student, and finally easily admitted to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

After arriving at the university, Yu Liping had more freedom. She served as the president of the student union in the first year of college. Active, capable and super-powerful is the most praise given to her by her teachers and classmates. But compared to academic research, she does prefer some more interactive social activities, and this personality trait also affects her career path to some extent.

Yu Liping, who is still in her school days, obviously has her own measure of success: “I think the key to success in a person’s success is to see if he is doing what he likes. Because only he is doing what he likes, he is easy to succeed. Success is not successful, it is not the outside world to comment, and one of your inner feelings is the most important.

After graduating, Yu Liping worked as a reporter, worked as a financial officer, and even worked as a foreign exchange trader wearing a vest, but these did not make her happy. After many times on the career path, a classmate of Yu Liping brought her and Luo Xier to the red line.

At that time, Rothschild was looking for a new independent financial adviser, and the position of the candidate was very high. Based on her understanding and understanding of Yu Liping, this classmate recommended her to Luo Xier. After the first meeting, the two sides hit it off. From the official entry into Rothschild in 2003, Yu Liping has been working for this company for 14 years.

In Rothschild, she can work 18 to 20 hours a day, but she is still full of energy, and business trips are more commonplace. She once joked that she had never slept in the same bed for more than seven days.

The story of snake swallowing elephant

Yu Liping in private is a very low-key person.

She rarely accepts media interviews, has not been on TV, and does not take the initiative to provide her own photos. The only exception was an interview with Bloomberg, Inc. at the request of the company headquarters. She took the initiative to propose to the headquarters when she took office that Rothschild Greater China does not need a public relations department.

This is not unrelated to Yu Liping’s early work experience. Her first job was to be an economic reporter at the Central People’s Broadcasting Station. “I have worked in the news industry and know the power of news propaganda. Yu Liping said, “For Rothschild, it is the best publicity to complete a well-known transaction with solidty.

Yu Liping said that the most famous of the dozens of projects in her career is Geely’s acquisition of Volvo, the largest multinational auto industry merger in China’s history.

This cross-border merger was given multiple meanings at the time: Geely hopes to reinvent it, from the cottage Rolls Royce to China’s Volkswagen and Toyota; the Chinese local government financing for Geely wants to pass Volvo’s China’s transformation to achieve industrial upgrading and job creation; bank practitioners watching the frog prince domestication of the Swedish princess’s fairy tale is worthy of emulation in the future; and the Swedish people with the Volvo brand are fortunate to avoid bankruptcy.

Li Shufu, the chairman of the Geely Group, had long since smashed Volvo Cars. Before he contacted Yu Liping, he did a lot of research. But at that time Geely’s market value was only about 300 million US dollars, and Volvo’s corporate value was as high as 1.8 billion US dollars. The difference is all solved by financing. This is the most difficult place in this merger.

At that time, the business of Rothschild China was just getting started. Yu Liping urgently needed a victory to win the popularity, and Li Shufu started this “snake-like merger”.

There are many difficulties in the process, such as convincing Rothschild to accept the acquisition and mobilizing global resources.Such as letting Geely, who is not known, enter the radar sight of Volvo and its parent company Ford and leave a deep impression.

The most difficult problem is financing. In the process of mergers and acquisitions, Yu Liping spent a full year in Sweden. During the past year, she visited the Volvo headquarters and the local government. With her witty mind and her perseverance, she finally got the support of the local government. The story of Geely’s acquisition of Volvo was also called “&ltquo;” a poor boy from China married a daughter of a European aristocrat.

Contrary to the general slogan of the outside world, this cross-border M&A achieved profitability in the same year, and later it was fully profitable. Today, China has built two car factories, and Volvo’s profit growth in the later period has set a new record.

Harsh perfectionism

In addition to his work, Yu Liping’s only hobby is international standard ballroom dancing.

She will spend time training in her busy work, and even specialize in dressing up with the dance partners to participate in the national standard dance competition.

Yu Liping regards the national standard dance as her second occupation. In her opinion, dance has something in common with her work —— persistence and tenacity. Technical treatment, physical pain, and bottlenecks after a certain level are constantly afflicting Yu Liping. Lack of persistence and tenacity naturally make it impossible for the dance industry to continue.

“ When I do things, I must be perfect and the ultimate. She joked that she wants to be the most successful national standard dancer in the banking industry; to be the most successful banker in the national standard.

After successfully completing the acquisition of Geely and Volvo Cars, Yu Liping has successively led China Chemical Group to acquire Italian Pirelli Holdings, CITIC Securities to acquire Lyon Securities, Bright Group to acquire British Vita, and China Dongfeng The car’s equity investment and strategic cooperation with Peugeot Citroen.

Today, more than 40 bankers led by Yu Liping have become the largest M&A advisory team in Greater China. In the future, she will continue to create the next glory in a confident dance step.

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