Buy water purifier to solve the problem difficult to drink can not drink

“Dripping see people’s livelihood, clean water to send million.” However, clear spring water purifier brand Xiao Bian found in the interview, some of the old district of tap water, rust, scale is heavy, while others are more turbid, and even colored. Some residents can not drink, can only buy purified water, or to fetch water at the water district. How old residential water quality improvement? How to make as soon as possible area residents drink safe water?

the old district to solve the “hard water”, now ushered in the “difficult to drink water,” “Dare drink “of the situation.

Wang Shijingshan District Beijing lives, usually not boiled drinking water, bottled water station to send only the drink. “Cell was built in powder-like dirt after the late 1980s, the water released last century. Close the home sluice and then turn on the tap, out of the water a little flushed, a lot of water rust.”

Uncle Chen also met similar problems. His home is located in the former Beijing Chongwen District, the district built in the early 1990s. In order to drink safe water, the old couple had a day up and down the stairs, at the pure water supply to the area of ​​fetching water, “feels like back before the time of no running water. Fetch water and cumbersome and not worth!”
[ 123] in addition to drink tap water can not be assured, Ms. West, who lives in Xicheng District, Beijing Drum tower street song also met pipeline leakage problem. “The workers came to repair that this building Building age more than 50 years old building, most of the pipeline has been badly rusted. Because of the difficulty replace the entire pipeline, water rust problem can not be solved fundamentally, leaks occur only where can leak where to fill. “Ms. Qu said, before the news network said to be refurbished, but it has not resolved.

home water supply to solve the “hard water” problem, the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2020 92.1% of the urban areas of user drink tap water after purification treatment. With the improvement of living standards, now, part of the old district residents that “difficult to drink water,” “not to drink.”

Where exactly is the problem?

network, secondary water supply facilities in disrepair is the main cause of water quality is not ideal, “multi-Long flood control”, the high cost of maintenance of the pipe network transformation is difficult

from the factory to the home , tap to go through multiple links. According to Associate Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University, Yan Ming-wide, currently processes large urban water supplyIt is activated: water from the water source to the water – by coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, sterilization and other processes – delivered to households through the primary branch network. For some cells of high-rise buildings, typically requires a pressurized water tank, disinfection and other measures for secondary water supply.

Minister of Publicity Department of Beijing Waterworks Group, Liang said, the Group established a three-level water quality testing system, the source water, treated water, water pipe network end-user monitoring to ensure drinking water quality up to 106 countries health standard. Meanwhile, the group also accept third-party health departments regularly and irregularly detection of water quality.

Industry experts believe that the key-home water quality impact, many times that the “last kilometer” water supply. Yan Ming-chuan, part of the old district water quality is not satisfactory, mainly because of serious aging community water supply pipes, more water at first consider how to build community, much of the material pipe network, water tank position and other considerations. Many of the old district water pipe cast iron pipe-based, easy to rust over time. Off after the pipe is partially corroded, resulting in home water becomes muddy color, even causing leaks.

During the interview, Ms. song like that where the district pipe network, where the secondary water supply facilities fell into disrepair a few. Expert analysis, urban water supply system is more complex, large-scale reconstruction difficult to maintain two major presence. One of the difficulties

, is to manage decentralization.

Ms. Wang had to call the Beijing Municipal Water Company customer call center reflects the scaling problem, the operator said, issues of public tap water at home who to reflect, to whom depend on water. If payment is to go to the bank, by the water company is responsible; if to the property, the property by the responsible. And when Ms. Wang to contact residential property, the person in charge said that the low floor area of ​​residential buildings, there is no secondary water supply, fed directly from the municipal pipes. So she consulted the municipal sector, the person said only responsible for testing and repairing public network, the cell internal pipeline network owned property unit, property services company or housing construction sector management. “Asked around, I did not understand in the end who should control the cell water pipe maintenance.” Ms. Wang said, puzzled.

Experts pointed out that Beijing’s water system is a non-unified management, namely water before, during and after the water belong to the group, municipal, property, housing construction and other management of different departments, due to the maintenance of the pipe network transformation may involve multiple water supply systems, the need to coordinate, the operation more difficult.

bis difficulties, high costs.

During the interview, many people mentioned, “the old district pipe network maintenance difficulties, is not because of money problems? We usually pay water charges are not included in the pipe network maintenance costs yet?” [123 ]
E20, Peking University joint Research Institute Xue Tao said that the current water prices can not cover “all costs.” “While residents may feel water is not cheap, but in fact the current water generally less than 50% of the total cost price of water.” Xue Tao said, “As the old district built a long time, the old material used, the pipe network renovation costs will be far the price of water beyond the support capacity. “

and steadily push forward price reform, the elimination of secondary water supply facilities management vacuum, home improvement water quality

” general perception that tap water is the government provide basic public goods, products public welfare hindered the normal upgrade price of water. in fact, the price of water is one of the slowest factor CPI (consumer price index) in. “Xue Tao suggestions for improving the water quality of the old district home, on the one hand, you can implement integrated management on the basis of a clear division of responsibilities, increased coordination of efforts to avoid passing the buck. On the other hand, it can be modest and steadily push forward price reform, and the introduction of social capital to stimulate the vitality of the market.

During the interview, most people said that as long as the drink safe water, tap water can accept moderate prices.

“The basic conditions, with price reform and optimizing capital allocation of resources will have more possibilities,” said Xue Tao, also a pilot government cooperation and social capital (PPP) in certain areas, in different cities, inter-regional price differences and differences in the implementation of water supply, the establishment of healthy competition, advanced driving backward.

Xue Tao stressed, PPP is not the master key, urban water supply network tracking system is that once burst pipes and other problems than government departments, enterprises in this regard obvious lack of experience and coordination, overall capacity. “Urban water supply there is a strong public interest, even if gradually open their markets should weaken financing capabilities, strict qualification examination related businesses, to ensure the safety of the water supply.” Xue Tao said.

Although the water supply system is too early to fully implement PPP, not the reality, but some of the old district by district secondary water supply pipeline network and facilities maintenance and management services outsourcing, allow the water to flow through the security “the mostAfter one kilometer. “Industry experts believe that this approach should be promoted, but reporters found that, in practice, there is still a lot of difficulties.

to secondary water supply facilities, for example. Although the” Property Law “to define property secondary water supply facilities for all the owners, the owners should bear the maintenance responsibility; “secondary water supply facilities, sanitation norms” provides secondary water supply facilities shall annually conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection but reporters learned that, with. state-owned enterprises, and gradually push forward reform of the housing system, a group of old residential quarters of enterprises and institutions managed by the owners or unattended self-management, secondary water supply facilities, sanitation worrying.

in response to these old the existence of secondary water supply district facilities management vacuum, reporters learned that some cities to take the transformation of government-funded, or in accordance with the government, residential customers, water companies from each of the principles that raise reconstruction funds, the transfer of water supply enterprises after the transformation, by charging the secondary water supply service fee way for routine maintenance and management, to better improve the water quality.

water quality problems prompted the net ‘S birth.

water purification filter according to the principles of the house tap water through the ultra-filtering filter, can effectively remove the water of acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic compounds such as benzene, ethylene dichloride, ethylene glycol and other organic toxicants; general quality of the sand, rust, bacteria and the like can be easily removed yet clear spring water purifier brand professional high purity water treatment equipment. the filtration and purification, efficient removal of rust in water, particle impurities, colloid, bacteria and viruses, Harmonia odor, heavy metals and chloride and other harmful substances, water purifiers also fully reserved minerals needed by the body, long-term drinking is conducive to safeguarding human body and mind health, is currently the most accurate water purifier filter POU devices can deal with complex quality.

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