Can the bathroom use wooden floors? what is the benefit? What should I pay attention to when laying?

The answer is yes. In fact, in general, everyone is still more willing to choose the floor tiles, because they feel waterproof and wear-resistant. Of course, if you choose to install solid wood flooring, it is not impossible, but the floor made of ordinary wood can of course not It is used in the bathroom, but the introduction of a wooden floor made of waterproof material on the market can break this tradition. This new type of wooden floor is made of pure teak wood and has a very high density, so it can resist moisture and is not easy to invade.

What are the benefits of using wood flooring in the bathroom?

1, environmental protection: the advantage of wood flooring is that there is no glazed bricks in the composition of the cold and chemical additives applied to the chemical damage to the human body, and visually bring people a warm and elegant feeling .

2, non-slip: the wooden floor feels very good, soft, giving a sense of relaxation, the interior gives a warm feeling, unlike the floor tiles, stiff, cold, slippery than the wooden floor, easy to make Old people fall, so the bathroom floor is suitable for families with children or the elderly.

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3, easy to clean: the dirt on the floor is easy to clean, but pay attention When cleaning the floor, do not use a brush to brush the dirt on the floor, because the spiked material will damage the protective film of the floor and increase the gap of the floor. Over time, it will affect the life and efficiency of the floor. P>

4, good maintenance: the surface of the floor has been treated with professional floor maintenance oil. Therefore, it will not need professional maintenance oil to clean up like other wooden floors in the later stage, and it is very used in daily life. /P>

What should I pay attention to when laying the floor in the bathroom?

1, to ensure the sealing:

Even if the quality of the real teak flooring itself is over, more, We must pay considerable attention to the laying of the bathroom floor. We must pay attention to the strict sealing between each floor to better ensure that there is no water seepage gap.

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2, waterproof with glue

Using the sealant for sealing between the floor and the floor, and painted Sika glue between the ground and the floor, to enhance its water resistance.

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