Canada stops accepting investment immigration interpretation: raising the threshold because of too favorable

Canada stops accepting investment immigrants——

Is the door to 66,000 applicants closed?

Reporter Yang Ziyan

Although some applicants have been lined up for more than five years, they are ending when the Canadian federal government announces the 2014 Budget. Intentions for the Federal Investment Immigration (IIP) and Entrepreneur Immigration (EN) programs, with 59,000 investor applicants and 7,000 entrepreneurs having to face the embarrassment of returning applications. The matter has not been completed, and the technical immigrants will encounter the judgment of “one size fits all”. The specific truth, the reporter interviewed people who have been engaged in Sino-Canadian investment cooperation for many years to understand the details.

Canada’s aftershocks that will cancel investment immigration policy news will also occur from time to time. Because the number of Chinese people involved is too much.

In 2002, only 520 Chinese applicants submitted to Canada for federal investment immigration. By 2010, the number of Chinese applying for the program soared to 34,427. This number is already five times faster than the Canadian government can handle. With several pauses and opening, it finally came to an end on February 11, 2014.

Not a legendary “one size fits all”

According to Radio Canada’s news, a budget submitted by the Canadian Finance Minister on February 11th The report suggests that the investment immigration category may be completely eliminated.

The two categories of entrepreneurial immigration and investment immigration of the Federal Ministry of Immigration Canada have been suspended in 2011 and 2012 respectively. If the parliament passes the budget report, the Canadian dream of more than 57,000 investment immigrant applicants in China alone will be shattered.

The reporter asked the press officer of the Canadian Embassy in China on this matter. She said that the Canadian government has already sent a message on the matter. On the news page of the Embassy, ​​the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration welcomed the plan of the Minister of Finance and Finance, arguing that this would “end the long-standing backlog of applications and pave the way for the launch of the new pilot program. Ultimately meet the Canadian labor market and economic needs. ”

During the vacuum period of the policy, some immigration agencies “stay on the wait-and-see”, but there is also a rumor that “all the way” is a one-size-fits-all approach to skilled immigrants.

In this regard, Yan Changming, the vice president of the European and American Alumni Association and the president of the Canadian Chapter, who had just returned from Canada, did not agree. “Canada is an immigrant country that accepts nearly 220,000 immigrants each year. There are three main types: skilled immigrants, immigrants from family groups, and investment immigrants. The first two accounts for the majority, and the proportion of investment immigrants and entrepreneurs is not very large, less than 10,000. ”

“There is now a & ldquo; across the board & rdquo; does not match the real situation. Although it is suspended investment immigration, but the visa for business activities has been relaxed, and a number of round-trip visas have been signed for half a year. It is good news for businessmen with good records to relax to multiple round-trip visas for 10 years. & rdquo; Yan Changming said. “In addition, Canada will accept 100,000 Chinese students. The Canadian government hopes that some immigrants will familiarize themselves with the environment from the stage of international students and then immigrate, which will increase understanding and integrate into Canadian society. ”

Upgrade the threshold because it is too favorable

Numerous analyses suggest that Canada’s move is raising the threshold for immigration. The report submitted by the Minister of Finance shows that in the past 10 years, the federal investment immigration program has become a shortcut for foreigners to legally reside in Canada, but it seriously underestimates the value of Canadian residency and Canadian citizenship.

This point Yan Changming also admitted that, in comparison, immigration to Canada and other immigrant countries are indeed very favorable. After immigrants have obtained the right of abode, they can enjoy all the benefits of Canada. ”

According to the Immigrant Investor Program, Canada provides permanent resident status to foreign investors investing $800,000 (the figure was $400,000 by 2010). UK, Australia and New Zealand investment immigrants require an amount of $5 million to $10 million and do not provide prior permanent residency.

The travel and scholar scholars’ short rooms are sharp, since the Harper government of the Conservative Party came to power, regardless of the immigration minister who was dubbed “not to immigrate”, Kenny, who is now the Minister of Labour, Still his successor, current Federal Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris · Alexander, has constantly issued “and Canada’s economic immigration threshold is too low compared to other immigrant countries”, “can not continue to sell down” ” The tone of the wind gives a clear economic class immigration "price adjustment" signal.

Of course, Tao Xiaofang believes that this policy vacuum period has caused an uproar in China, and may also be the immigration intermediary’s “hunger marketing”, using “Canada refuses rich immigrants” to impress potential customers and borrow Machine price increases.

It’s not appropriate to over-reject immigration value

According to a report from the Ministry of Finance, the current investment immigration program limits Canada’s economic benefits. Studies have shown that investment immigrants pay less tax, compared to other types of economic immigrants, in the medium and long term.The possibility of staying in Canada is even lower.

It is estimated that in a 20-year career, the income tax on investment immigrants is about $200,000 less than that of federal skilled workers, or even $100,000 less than a homesitter.

Although Yan Changming understands the Canadian government’s policy of canceling investment immigration and entrepreneurial immigration, it cannot accept the reasons given by them. “At present, there are about 1.5 million to 2 million Chinese in Canada. They have made great contributions to Canada’s social and economic development, and their work has been recognized by all walks of life. In major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, Chinese investment in real estate, energy, and minerals has boosted local economic prosperity and won a good reputation. & rdquo;

But the current problem is that compared with the success in the fields of science and technology and economy, the Chinese are still weak in terms of participation in politics. The investment immigration policy adjustment that has greatly affected the Chinese has not fully sought the opinions of the Chinese community. “The Conservative Party policy has not been fully considered. The Chinese do not have enough right to speak. I hope that the adjustment of the policy will be based on the interests of the two countries, and more consideration will be given to the contribution and role of the Chinese, so as to promote the cooperation between the two countries more effectively. development of. & rdquo; Yan Changming said.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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