US media: Japanese Prime Minister’s cronies elected Governor of Tokyo, Abe’s “slow tone”

On Sunday, Tokyo, Yu Tian wanted to speak at his office.

China News Service, February 10, according to US media reports on the 10th, in the Tokyo Governor’s election held on the 9th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s former Minister of Health and Welfare, Yoichi Masuzoe Easily defeating the campaign team consisting of two fascinating former prime ministers to defeat the opponents’ efforts to turn the election into a referendum on Japan’s nuclear policy.

With the support of the popular Abe coalition government, the 65-year-old senior member of the House of Representatives has to win the election with an overwhelming advantage. His elections focus on issues that are not easily controversial, such as successful acquisition. The right to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, earthquake prevention and pension issues.

His main opponent is the 76-year-old former Japanese Prime Minister Hosokawa Hiroshi, who was supported by another former Japanese Prime Minister and Abe adviser Junichiro Koizumi. Hosokawa Hiroshi used the general anti-nuclear sentiment of the Tokyo people in the election, and many Tokyo people hope to permanently shut down all nuclear reactors in Japan.

The strategy of Hosokawa Hiroshi and Junichiro Koizumi initially caused a big response, but failed to win the support of voters, in part because another candidate supported by the Communist Party also played anti-nuclear cards.

However, the result of this election gave Abe a sigh of relief. The nuclear power plant that was shut down after the 2011 Fukushima earthquake in Japan was the top priority of the Abe government, because Japan’s huge energy import costs will drag the economic growth brought by Abenomics.

The victory of Yan Tianyi also reversed the situation in which a candidate supported by the Japanese ruling party lost in a series of local elections, including the mayoral election of a city in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan last month. This election is crucial for the relocation plan of the US military base.

But it can be seen from the election of the governor of Tokyo that Abe’s policy or the addition of a person is far from the support of 13 million Tokyo residents. As of 7:30 pm local time on the 9th, the voting rate of this election was only 34%, and the voting rate of the previous election was as high as 48%. In addition, from the perspective of local elections, the voting rate was also extremely low. . The main reason is that the weather is not good. Tokyo suffered the biggest snowfall in 45 years on Saturday. The snowfall in downtown Tokyo exceeded 20 centimeters, causing the urban transportation system to be partially paralyzed and the road to be slippery.

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The son of South African President Zuma was investigated for driving a car and hitting a person

China News Service February 10th According to foreign media reports on the 10th, South African President Zuma’s son Du Duzhane is accepting a murder charge investigation, after driving a Porsche sports car in Johannesburg hit a taxi, resulting in one person They were killed and two were seriously injured.

It was reported that the car accident occurred on the night of February 1st, when it was raining heavily, but it was not until this weekend that Duduzane was exposed, just after Zuma announced the day of the general election on May 7.

The report pointed out that if Duduzhan was confirmed to be driving recklessly, Zuma would be embarrassed again. Zuma is currently in a scandal and was accused of using 208 million rand (about $18.6 million) in public funds to upgrade security facilities for his private home.

The police confirmed the details of the accident but refused to disclose the name of the driver or victim. “One person died and the other two are still in the hospital. We are conducting a homicide investigation. & rdquo; Johannesburg police spokesman said. He said the investigation may take two to three weeks to complete.

A media report said that the deceased was a 30-year-old Zimbabwean citizen whose husband Dub condemned Duduzhan for not contacting the families of the victims and did not help to pay for the funeral of the deceased.

“ Du Duza killed my wife and I demanded justice. Whether he is the son of the president is not important. Justice does not look at who is equal before the law. ” Dub said.

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EU expresses dissatisfaction with Switzerland’s proposal to restrict immigration

Xinhuanet Brussels, February 10 (Reporter Sun Wen) The European Union expressed dissatisfaction with the proposal to restrict the free movement of people passed by the referendum on the previous day in Switzerland, and said that it will rewrite all bilateral agreements with Switzerland.

A spokesman for the European Commission said at a regular media briefing that the European Commission regretted the results of the Swiss referendum and believed that this result violated the basic principles of the free movement of people between the EU and Switzerland. The EU will continue to pay attention to the deep-seated impact of this referendum on the relationship between the two sides.

In a referendum on the 9th, Swiss voters passed a proposal against large-scale immigration with a weak majority of 50.3%. With the adoption of the proposal, Switzerland will set a limit for the number of immigrants in the country.

European Parliament Speaker Schultz said in a statement on the 10th that Switzerland cannot only comply with the agreements reached with the EU that are beneficial to itself. He reminded that Switzerland can’t limit the freedom of personnel and not limit the freedom of service and trade, so as to enjoy the benefits of the EU single market. Schultz believes that the EU and Switzerland need more communication on this.

Greece, the EU presidency, also issued a statement after the implementation of this referendum in Switzerland, expressing regret over the results of the referendum and saying that it will assess the impact of the referendum on the overall relationship between the EU and Switzerland.

The EU also issued a “Memorandum of EU and Switzerland” on the same day, emphasizing the importance of bilateral economic and trade relations, and pointed out that the results of the referendum in Switzerland will bring many problems to the relationship. According to the memo, the EU and Switzerland are close neighbors in terms of geography, politics, economy and culture. Close economic and trade exchanges benefit both parties.

The free movement agreement between the EU and Switzerland entered into force on June 1, 2002. The memorandum stated that the Swiss referendum was designed to decide whether to extend the validity of the agreement and expand it to Croatia, which is new to the EU.

In accordance with established practice, whenever a new member state joins the European Union, Switzerland will hold a referendum on whether to continue the free movement agreement with the EU. In September 2005, Switzerland voted and passed the proposal to expand the agreement to 10 member states of the new EU. Of the referendums held in February 2009, 59.6% of voters voted to continue implementing the agreement and expand it to Romania and Bulgaria, which are new to the EU.

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The Japanese government sued Hokkaido Railway Company for tampering with operational data

China News Service, February 10th According to the Japan News Network, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism decided on the 10th that it sued the Hokkaido Railway Company for fraud, attempted to conceal the operational data, and pursued its criminal responsibility.

The Japanese government accuses private railway companies of pursuing criminal responsibility is a rare case. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism stated that the Hokkaido Railway Company violated the Railway Business Law.

It is reported that the Hokkaido Railway Company deliberately tampers with train operations and management data in order to cope with government inspections, avoiding the responsibility of trains and fires caused by poor management.

Hokkaido Railway Corporation is one of the largest companies in Hokkaido, operating the main railway line in Hokkaido.

In recent years, the Hokkaido Railway Company, which manages and operates the railway industry in Hokkaido, has repeatedly caused serious safety problems such as train fires, railroad variations, and drivers deliberately removing emergency brake systems because of the slow management. Previously, the chairman and the president all committed suicide by jumping into the sea.

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The son of the President of South Africa opened a luxury car and hit a taxi.

China News Service, Johannesburg, February 10 (Reporter Song Fangcan) South African Howten Provincial Police confirmed on February 9 that President Zuma’s son Duduzane & Middot; Duduzane Zuma drove a Porsche on the 1st The sports car collided with a taxi bus, causing 1 death and 2 injuries. At present, the relevant parties have already investigated the accident.

The first disclosure of the matter was the Zulu newspaper Ilanga, which was confirmed by the Houten Provincial Police and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police after the proliferation of the media. The police revealed that the accident occurred on Grayston Avenue in Sandton, Johannesburg. At about 11 o’clock that night, a Porsche 911 Turbo sports car driven by Duduza was hit by a rental bus. A 30-year-old Zimbabwean woman died on the spot and the taxi driver was seriously injured and admitted to another elderly passenger.

According to South Africa’s handling of traffic accidents, if there is a person killed in the accident, the alcohol concentration must be compulsory for the perpetrator. However, the urban police who arrived at the news did not detect the alcohol content in Duduza, which was questioned by some people. In response, the Johannesburg City Police explained that the police officer who was on duty at the time found that Duduza had no symptoms of drunkenness and did not test it. An official of the police said that there was heavy rain at the time of the incident, and the weather was very dark and the visibility was not enough.

So far, no one has been arrested for the accident. A police officer said that the perpetrators are usually charged for murder.

On the 8th, the body of the deceased Dube has been transported back to Zimbabwe for burial. Her husband said that Du Duza had not contacted his family after the accident and asked about the funeral, which disappointed him. “Zuma killed my wife and I demanded justice to be done. & rdquo; He said. “ Everyone is equal before the law. ”

Duduzhane was born to Zuma and his second wife, Kate. After Kate committed suicide in 2000, Zuma was particularly fond of this son. After the accident, Duduzane has been refusing to answer questions from the media’s telephone and SMS interviews. It is reported that he will be investigated by the police this week. (End)

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Senior Philippine official thanked the Chinese Red Cross for assisting the construction of temporary school buildings

China News Service, Manila, February 11 (Reporter Zhang Ming) Philippine Education Minister Luis Tero met with Ms. Zhao Baige, executive vice president of the Chinese Red Cross, in Manila on the 11th, once again on the Chinese Red Cross in the typhoon of the Philippines. Haiyan & rdquo; Thanks to the construction of the temporary school building in the hardest hit areas.

Last November, the super typhoon “Haiyan” ruined the Philippines, and the school buildings in the hard-hit areas of Tacloban were seriously damaged. The Chinese Red Cross International Rescue Team spent two months in the hardest hit areas. Six towns, including Tacloban and Palo, have built 166 temporary school buildings for 20 schools, with a total area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters, benefiting nearly 10,000 students. Zhao Baige, executive vice president of the Chinese Red Cross, handed over the temporary school building to the principals of the local schools at a ceremony held in Tacloban City on February 10. Luis Tello, who was unable to attend the handover ceremony due to a leg injury, also issued a statement on the same day, “Don’t hesitate to thank the Chinese Red Cross for the humanitarian relief and aid construction activities in the Philippines.

Luis Tello expressed his gratitude when he met with Zhao Baige at the University of De La Salle on the 11th. Louis Trow praised the Chinese Red Cross for using the “fastest speed” to build these high-quality temporary school buildings, “Richard · Gordon (Philippine Red Cross President) told me on the phone only Temporary school buildings have been built in the disaster areas. It seems that these school buildings are comparable to the official school buildings. “Our principals will use these school buildings.”

Luis Tello said that from the experience of the Philippines in dealing with natural disasters such as typhoons, in order to restore normal life in the affected areas, schools need to resume classes, because children can go to school as usual, “Parents” Every morning, getting up and getting busy is a motivation, because you have to prepare your child for school.

Zhao Baige introduced the process of the Chinese Red Cross to assist in the construction of temporary school buildings in the typhoon typhoon area. She said that this reflects the Chinese people’s friendship with the Filipino people. “I was very encouraged by the fact that I saw many students walking into these temporary school buildings in Tacloban yesterday.”

At the end of the meeting, Luistro once again represented the teachers and students, as well as the people of Tacloban and the Filipino people, and thanked the Chinese Red Cross for giving the Philippines “real help”. . He invited Zhao Baige to watch a video clip on the tablet that thanked the international community for their assistance to the typhoon-stricken area.

& ldquo;I know that China-Philippine relations are currently in a difficult period, but you have demonstrated that we can truly overcome all these difficulties in dealing with natural disasters. Louis Trow said. (End)

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Saudi girls’ school prohibits male rescuers from entering the student’s death

The Saudi Girls’ School prohibits male rescuers from entering the student’s death

Saudi Arabia has always had a tradition of separation between men and women, especially for schools, which is even more stringent.

ChinaNet February 9 According to the French “Le Figaro” website reported on February 8, a young woman in a women’s university in Saudi Arabia died of a sudden myocardial infarction. When the rescuers arrived, they were unable to enter the campus because of their male status and delayed the rescue opportunity, causing the female students to die.

According to the official media of the Saudi Arabian newspaper Okaz, a public women’s university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on January 5, local time, —— A student had a sudden myocardial infarction and died after being sent to the hospital. When the medical staff rushed to the accident school, the female student’s tradition of being unable to enter the women’s campus due to the inability to meet the requirements of the man (the first-aid physician is a male) delayed the rescue opportunity and indirectly caused the student to die.

It is reported that the medical staff rushed to the school district where the sick student was located after receiving the call for help, but the women’s security department of the university refused to enter the school district within two hours after the emergency personnel arrived. And place them in a place where they can avoid meeting other female students. Subsequently, the school’s Defence and Order Department acknowledged this practice and insisted that the female students who were ill at that time did not wear the traditional clothing when they met with men and had to take this measure according to religious practices.

This cruel practice of the school’s security department has led to the loss of optimal treatment time for female students. Eventually, as the time for waiting for the medical emergency team to come to the patient was passed, the female student died in the school’s vice president’s room because the myocardial infarction was not rescued in time.

However, this situation was dismissed by the President of the Saudi King’s University, Badland · Omar, who believed that the emergency doctors were entirely in danger of carrying out rescue measures.

According to the “Okaz” news, a witness who did not want to be named, the classmate of the girl who was in the incident, indignantly described to the reporter the scene around the girl’s onset: “Some people Surrounded by her, crying exhausted, and some put some apples to pray for peace. But these are just stunned. What she needed most at the time was medical first aid. But until the end, there is still no medical team coming. At the time of life, legal religious ideas have not yet been established. & rdquo;

In Saudi Arabia, single-sex universities are particularly strict with requiring students to follow religious rules. Faced with the incident that has just been blasted, all the teachers and students of King’s University of Saudi Arabia have expressed their desire to conduct a thorough investigation to restore the truth to the public.

It is reported that religious issues concerning women’s rights have been repeatedly questioned in the country. On March 11, 2002, a fire broke out in a primary school in Mecca, and 15 trapped female students were burned alive. The reason was simply because the police followed strict religious practices and did not allow the victim not to wear a headgear. The scarf came out of school to face the male. (Internship Compilation: Sha Li)

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Strong storms in northern Greece have killed 7 people and injured more than 120 people

Xinhua News Agency, Athens, July 11 (Reporter Li Xiaopeng Yu Shuai Shuai) The latest data from the Greek government department shows that a strong storm hit northern Greece in the early hours of the 10th to 11th has killed 7 people and injured more than 120 people. .

The Greek fire department said at the press conference that day that in the disaster-stricken tourist resort of Chalkidiki, the storm caused the collapse of the car and the roof collapsed, including 6 children including 2 children. Foreign tourists died. In addition, the Greek Coast Guard also found the remains of a local fisherman.

A medical center staff member on the Chalkidiki Peninsula confirmed to the media that the center has treated more than 60 injured people.

It is reported that more than 80% of the households in the Chalkidiki Peninsula have been interrupted by inclement weather, and the Greek authorities indicated that they will fully restore the local power supply before the 13th.

Swiss referendum anti-immigration EU issued a memo “warning”

China News Service, Brussels, February 10 (Reporter Shen Chen) The Swiss referendum “opposing a large number of immigrants” caused a great uproar in continental Europe. The European Commission issued a memorandum on the relationship between the EU and Switzerland on February 10, which, while explaining the importance of bilateral economic and trade relations, highlighted the problems that followed the Swiss referendum against immigration.

EU officials pointed out in Brussels on the same day that Switzerland’s move seriously jeopardized its relationship with the EU and may lose its many priorities in entering the EU’s single market. German Foreign Minister Steinmeier reminded the Swiss government before attending the EU foreign ministers meeting that the referendum of the country’s referendum “opposing a large number of immigrants” is tantamount to lifting their own feet.

The Luxembourg Foreign Minister asked · Asselborn to speak more directly. He said: “Switzerland will pay for it. You can’t enjoy the priority of entering the EU single market on the one hand, but restrict the free flow within the EU on the other hand. ”

The European Commission issued a memorandum on the relationship between the EU and Switzerland on the same day, first explaining the importance of the relationship. The memo mentions that Switzerland and the European Union are close neighbors, both geographically and politically, economically and culturally. Switzerland is the EU’s third largest economic partner, behind the United States and China, before Russia and Japan. The EU is Switzerland’s most important trading partner and the two sides benefit from each other in economic and trade exchanges.

In the second paragraph of the EU Memorandum, the situation of personnel exchanges between the two sides was mentioned. The memo mentions that more than 1 million EU citizens live in Switzerland, and 230,000 EU citizens travel daily between the EU and Switzerland. At the same time, 430,000 Swiss people live in the EU member states.

The EU pointed out that the important cornerstone of EU-Swiss relations is the free trade agreement signed by the two sides in 1972. In 1992, the Swiss referendum refused to join the European Union. In 1999, Switzerland and the European Union signed a series of seven aspects, including seven aspects of the free flow of people. In 2004, Switzerland and the European Union signed separate agreements, including the agreement of the Swiss Federal Parliament to join the Schengen Agreement.

The EU memorandum subsequently mentioned a series of problems caused by the Swiss referendum anti-immigration, involving various aspects of cooperation in science and technology and education.

The European Commission’s rotating presidency, Greece’s referendum in Switzerland, “opposing a large number of immigrants” issued a statement after the results were released, expressing regret over the results of the referendum and saying that it will assess the overall referendum between the EU and Switzerland. The impact of the relationship.

On February 9, Swiss citizens voted with a vote of 50.3% in favor of a vote against a large number of immigrants, setting a ceiling on the number of EU citizens working and working in Switzerland. It is reported that the Swiss federal government will formulate a plan as soon as possible to implement the relevant decisions within three years. In addition, the Swiss government will resume consultations with the EU and its member states. Prior to the entry into force of the new agreement, the free movement of personnel and other binding agreements signed between Switzerland and the EU remained in force.

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Mursi talked with a lawyer and was called a supporter to protest “useless”

Data Map: Former Egyptian President Morsi first appeared at the Cairo Police Academy on November 4, accepting the trial of the alleged incitement to violence and murder of demonstrators in the demonstrations in front of the presidential palace last year.

China News Service, February 11th According to foreign media reports on the 11th, an Arabic newspaper published a recording recording a private conversation between former Egyptian President Morsi and his lawyer. In the recording, Mursi said that the protests of his supporters were “useless”.

The conversation in the recording took place during the early months of Morsi’s trial. According to the report, in the recording, Mursi asked the lawyer about the situation outside. The lawyer told him that protests and conflicts continued, but there was no effective result. People should sit down and negotiate.

Mursi agreed, saying that “this is useless for both parties” and said, “How can we stop all these deaths?” There are already enough people to die. & rdquo;

In addition, Mursi also asked a lawyer to deposit money into his prison account to enable him to live.

Another lawyer in Mursi’s team of lawyers condemned the recording, claiming that it violated Mursi’s privacy and constitutional rights and threatened to file a lawsuit.

An anonymous Egyptian security official told foreign media that the recording was released to inform the public that Mursi knew that the protest could not bring him back to power. Some security officials also said that Mursi knew that the conversation was recorded and he hoped to convey to the Egyptian authorities information that he was willing to negotiate.

The Egyptian military lifted its presidency on July 3 last year on the grounds that Mursi failed to resolve the current crisis facing the country. On July 26 last year, a court in Egypt announced the official detention of Mursi for 15 days. Since then, Mursi has been repeatedly detained and faces numerous charges.

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