Mursi talked with a lawyer and was called a supporter to protest “useless”

Data Map: Former Egyptian President Morsi first appeared at the Cairo Police Academy on November 4, accepting the trial of the alleged incitement to violence and murder of demonstrators in the demonstrations in front of the presidential palace last year.

China News Service, February 11th According to foreign media reports on the 11th, an Arabic newspaper published a recording recording a private conversation between former Egyptian President Morsi and his lawyer. In the recording, Mursi said that the protests of his supporters were “useless”.

The conversation in the recording took place during the early months of Morsi’s trial. According to the report, in the recording, Mursi asked the lawyer about the situation outside. The lawyer told him that protests and conflicts continued, but there was no effective result. People should sit down and negotiate.

Mursi agreed, saying that “this is useless for both parties” and said, “How can we stop all these deaths?” There are already enough people to die. & rdquo;

In addition, Mursi also asked a lawyer to deposit money into his prison account to enable him to live.

Another lawyer in Mursi’s team of lawyers condemned the recording, claiming that it violated Mursi’s privacy and constitutional rights and threatened to file a lawsuit.

An anonymous Egyptian security official told foreign media that the recording was released to inform the public that Mursi knew that the protest could not bring him back to power. Some security officials also said that Mursi knew that the conversation was recorded and he hoped to convey to the Egyptian authorities information that he was willing to negotiate.

The Egyptian military lifted its presidency on July 3 last year on the grounds that Mursi failed to resolve the current crisis facing the country. On July 26 last year, a court in Egypt announced the official detention of Mursi for 15 days. Since then, Mursi has been repeatedly detained and faces numerous charges.

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舛添 wants to be elected Governor of Tokyo or strengthen the power of Abe’s regime

China News Service, Tokyo, February 9 (Reporter Sun Wei) On February 9, the Tokyo Governor’s election began voting. After 9:00 pm, the results of the invoice showed that the former Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare had to vote for the Tokyo Governor. Since the supporters behind Yan Tianyi were actually Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he was elected or strengthened Abe’s ruling power.

The Tokyo Governor’s election, which was held after the resignation of the former governor of Tokyo, was held on the morning of the 9th. Among the candidates, the former president of the Japan Lawyers Association, the former president of the Japan Lawyers Association, Yudugong, the former Minister of Health and Labour, and the former Prime Minister, Hosokawa, and the former aviation chief, Nagata, and the young man, were 16 people.

The aging policy for the younger generation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the disaster prevention measures, and the city construction for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have become the focus of this election. Former Prime Minister Hosokawa played the slogan of “Zero Nuclear Power” and received the support of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. As a former Prime Minister, the governor is rare in Japan. The election situation has received much attention because it is a must for the LDP. The candidate created a strong threat. And because of the support of Abe, he was always full of enthusiasm, far ahead of other candidates, and was elected.

On the afternoon of the 9th, the reporter of the China News Service came to the polling station of Gangnan Primary School in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Seeing that the flow of people at that time was sparse and the atmosphere was cold, there were not many people voting. According to Mr. Song Yuan, the head of the election committee of the district, as of 4 pm, the estimated number of voters was more than 1,500. According to Kyodo News, the turnout rate as of noon was 7.86%, which was 9.76 percentage points lower than the voting rate at the same time as the previous election.

This year’s 65-year-old Yan Tian wanted to be a minister of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and a party representative of the New Party Reform. On the evening of February 9th, the company in Tokyo reported the inaugural ambition: “To make Tokyo the best city in the world. We will promote the construction of welfare, disaster prevention, and the Tokyo Olympics. ”

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A military transport aircraft crashed in Algeria, killing 77 people

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, February 12 According to Reuters, a military transport aircraft carrying soldiers and their families in Algeria crashed on the 11th, killing 77 people. This is the most serious air crash in the country in more than a decade.

According to Algeria’s national television station, the plane crashed near the village of Ouled Gacem in the eastern part of the country. The wreckage of the aircraft smoky, and emergency personnel searched for the survivors and the bodies of the victims.

Earlier, military sources told the Algerian news agency that the crashed C-130 military transport aircraft carried 99 passengers and four crew members. Algerian media said that all 103 people on board were killed.

But the Algerian Ministry of Defence said that 77 people were killed in the crash and the cause of the crash may be due to bad weather. The Ministry of National Defense said that a special committee has been set up to investigate the cause of the accident.

It is reported that the wrecked C-130“Hercules” military transport aircraft took off from Taman Lasset Airport, 2000 km south of the capital Algiers, to the third largest city in Algeria Tantin. At around 12 noon local time, the plane crashed in the mountains of Umbuwaji province, 50 km from Constantine.

Algerian President Bouteflika announced on the same day that a three-day mourning will be held in Algeria from the 12th.

In March 2003, a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed on Algerian Airlines, killing 102 people.

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Accident at the nuclear power plant in Otwil, three generator sets off the grid

China News Service, July 18, according to Russian satellite network reported on the 18th, Russia’s National Atomic Energy Group’s nuclear power plant operating subsidiary Rosenergoatom said that due to a power outage of a substation in the Kalinin nuclear power plant in Tver, three generator sets off the grid However, there was no problem with the nuclear power plant equipment.

The person pointed out that “a power outage at a substation in the Kalinin nuclear power plant caused the transmission line to be disconnected and the first, second and fourth generator sets to leave the grid. ”

According to sources, “this accident will not affect the equipment of the nuclear power plant, and the reason is under investigation. ”

Ban Ki-moon encouraged the DPRK to implement a reunion agreement between the Korean and Korean separated families

Xinhuanet United Nations, February 10 (Reporter Ni Hongmei Gu Zhenqiu) UN Secretary-General spokesman Nesirki said on the 10th that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held talks with Kim Yong Nam, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK, in Sochi, Russia. And encourage the DPRK to implement an agreement on the reunion of separated families in Korea and Korea.

Nesirki said at a regular press conference held at the UN headquarters in New York that Ban Ki-moon and Kim Yong-nam discussed the issue of the reunion of separated families in Korea and South Korea. Ban Ki-moon encouraged Kim Yong-nam to implement the agreement on the reunion of separated families. Completion, thinking that this matter belongs to the humanitarian category and should be separated from politics.

Nesilki said that the two sides talked for more than 30 minutes. Ban Ki-moon also invited Kim Yong-nam to participate in the climate summit to be held in New York on September 23 this year.

The Korean Red Cross Society agreed to hold a meeting of separated families in Mount Kumgang, North Korea from the 20th to the 25th of this month. A spokesman for the policy bureau of the DPRK National Defense Commission issued a statement on the 6th, urging South Korea and the United States to cancel the joint military exercise to be held at the end of February. It also said that it will reconsider the agreement reached between the DPRK and the ROK on the reunion of separated families.

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Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles: Death junction, Mona life is joking!

Original title: Death junction, Mona life is joking!

Recently, a serious car accident occurred at the intersection of Highway 93 near the Dolan Springs, Arizona, and Pierce Ferry Road, a self-owned 9 Chinese citizens. Driving illegally at the intersection, was hit by a truck in the north, causing one Chinese citizen to die, four seriously injured and four slightly injured.

This is the third accident involving my citizens at the intersection since 2016. In July 2016, the self-driving car carrying four Chinese tourists did not follow the rules when they left at the intersection. They were hit by a bus that was driving northward, and four people were killed on the spot. In March 2018, the vans of seven Chinese tourists stopped at the intersection and did not follow the rules. They were hit by trucks in the north, causing 2 deaths and 5 injuries to Chinese tourists.

From Las Vegas (the Consulate-General of San Francisco) to the Skywalk (Glass Trestle) on the western edge of the Grand Canyon National Park (the Consulate-General in Los Angeles), in Dolan Springs Turn left nearby, cross the northbound lane of Highway 93, and take the Pierce Ferry Highway. At the intersection, the left turn road has a white solid line, the right side has a STOP (parking line) sign, and the north side lane has no STOP mark. According to the traffic regulations, the northbound vehicles have priority access rights under any circumstances. The left-turning vehicles must wait here for parking, and let the northbound straight-forward vehicles pass. Analyze the causes of the accidents at the intersection, mainly:

First, the driver drives the vehicle in violation of the rules. The driver or neglected the road and roadside traffic signs, did not stop waiting according to the regulations; or misunderstood the meaning of the STOP logo, thinking that first-come first-served; or misjudge the other car speed, the heart is lucky, rushed through.

The second is to judge the time required for the self-driving car to pass through the intersection. The intersection is wide. After the vehicle stops, it takes a certain time for the vehicle to start and accelerate. The vehicle with more passengers is longer than the vehicle body, and the starting acceleration is slower. It takes longer to drive through the intersection.

The third is to make a mistake in the safety distance and time of the northbound vehicle. There are fewer vehicles on Highway 93, and there is a flat line near Dolan Springs. Many vehicles are more than 65 miles speed limit. The actual speed of the northbound vehicle may be much faster than the visual inspection, and the time to reach the intersection is much shorter than the estimate.

The Consulate General in Los Angeles reminds Chinese citizens, especially self-driving tourists and international students. Las Vegas is only 2 hours drive from the Grand Canyon Glass Trestle. The round-trip time is sufficient on the day. In order to hurry and grab time, take risks and be especially careful at the intersection:

First, rent a vehicle, especially when renting a van with more people, be sure to understand and be familiar with the length of the vehicle body. The performances of starting, speeding, and braking are different from those of ordinary small cars.

Second, understand and abide by the local regulations, especially the meaning of traffic signs. At the intersection and similar intersections, pay attention to deceleration in advance, be sure to stop the vehicle completely, wait patiently, and make sure that the main road vehicles are allowed to go. .

Third, it is necessary to determine whether there is sufficient safe passage time according to the distance and speed of the main road and the condition of the vehicle, and only pass when it is confirmed that it is safe enough. Otherwise, I would rather continue to park and wait, and don’t rush to rush because of the urging of others.

In addition, the Pierce Ferry Road is a two-way, non-isolated county-level road with general road conditions, narrow shoulders, rugged bends, and frequent traffic accidents.

An Australian student was expelled from North Korea for anti-DPRK activities

Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang, July 6 (Reporter Cheng Dayu Jiang Yaping) According to the report of the Korean Central News Agency on the 6th, Australian students studying in North Korea, Alik & Sdot; Sigli on June 25 The day was captured by the relevant North Korean authorities and was deported on July 4.

The report said that the investigation found that he (referring to Sigley), under the instigation of the anti-DPRK media, used his international student status and repeatedly handed over the information and photos obtained through the collection and analysis to the anti-DPRK media. “Sigley acknowledged the espionage of his system to collect and provide information on the internal situation of North Korea to others, apologizing for his violation of North Korea’s sovereignty and repeatedly asking for forgiveness.”

The report said, “The North Korean government expelled him on July 4 for humanitarian reasons”.

US media said the US should be wary of reducing the strategic risks behind nuclear weapons

Not long ago, US Secretary of State Kerry advocated a diplomatic solution to the nuclear proliferation issue, and recently reached an interim agreement with Iran to suspend Tehran’s nuclear program. However, the US National Interest website reminds the Obama administration that it should carefully consider its nuclear foreign policy, because if failure will eventually lead to the worst situation, various threats will follow and — once it is aware that Iran has nuclear capabilities, Saudi Arabia will also follow and acquire nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Israel may also activate its hidden nuclear arsenal. At the same time, Egypt and Turkey are also gearing up for nuclear competition and the world nuclear threat is escalating. Due to the continuing instability in the Middle East, it is possible to increase the number of nuclear countries in the region by four to six.

The abolitionists encouraged the US government to reduce the number of its strategically deployed nuclear warheads to well below the 1,550 reached in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. However, many of them do not understand that the reduction in quantity does not only mean “less”. For some strange reason, today’s debate about the application of nuclear weapons focuses on the number of strategic deployments of nuclear weapons. To be frank, this approach is both superficial and casual, and the resulting data is often deceptive. If nuclear weapons are reduced as required by the abolitionists, then it would be unreasonable to have no nuclear weapons to enable the president to be used in a crisis and no nuclear weapons to form a daily deterrent. Such a military deployment structure and situation will make the United States vulnerable to attacks with a large number of effective nuclear weapons enemies, making the United States face a nuclear threat. This may also make the United States hope that efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East will be lost by providing a credible nuclear umbrella to countries like Saudi Arabia.

With the development and expansion of the abolitional movement, how many nuclear weapons should be considered from a strategic perspective, not as little as possible. Since the “Cold War”, the world situation has undergone tremendous changes. As the United States tries to play a leading role in preventing nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and elsewhere, the world situation will continue to change. “ “Cold War” in the “make sure to destroy each other” concept is dying, this is no longer a reliable way to maintain stability.

The United States has always relied on the “nuclear deterrence of the Trinity” (Translator’s Note: the US nuclear trinity includes intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and long-range nuclear bombers) to ensure its own safety and nuclear reactions in emergencies. effectiveness. If you continue along the road of “zero-nuclear”, then the deterrence of the United States will be greatly reduced. The nuclear nucleus believes that nuclear weapons should be reduced in a linear manner, but they seem to have forgotten the importance, complexity and deterrence of every nuclear warhead and weapon system, which cannot be changed linearly. If the United States continues to reduce nuclear weapons, it can only exacerbate the nuclear proliferation that the nuclear nucleus is opposed to.

The US military has long abandoned the “Cold War” thinking, while also recognizing the importance of “the 21st century” nuclear weapons. A low number and a sustained reduction in the number of nuclear weapons will weaken their nuclear capabilities and are not sufficient to guarantee the deterrent power of the United States. Extending deterrence to Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East is no longer a part of “mutually ensuring destruction”, but a strategic manifestation of its own strength. The recent events in East Asia have once again demonstrated the importance of having a strategic nuclear bomber, reflecting the United States’ philosophy of adhering to its own safety.

The nuclear nucleus accused the nuclear faction of being trapped in the “Cold War” thinking that they have forgotten that the nuclear superpowers have ceased to exist, and their experience in the “Cold War” has only Some can be adapted to the needs of reality. If we can’t recognize this, we always think that the United States can influence nuclear partners and other countries, so the United States will lose its deterrent under crisis conditions.

Nuclear development in the United States is in an unprecedented danger. In 1952, the number of nuclear warheads in the United States exceeded 1,550 and increased to 34,000. Today, the number of nuclear warheads is only 1,550. This is not a reversal. At that time, the Soviet Union had about 1,000 nuclear warheads and was the only country outside the United States that possessed nuclear weapons. The power of the two nuclear powers at that time was small and the scope of influence was limited. Now and in the future, the nuclear danger facing the world is growing. The growing number of countries with all kinds of nuclear weapons poses a threat to the United States and its allies. The surge in the number of nuclear states indicates that this is an era of instability. The United States must have sufficient nuclear weapons reserves to prevent nuclear threats from any region in the Middle East and the world. The reality facing the United States is that nuclear deterrence is vital to our common security. The nuclear nucleus urged the United States to further reduce nuclear weapons, but they should remember that “reducing the number of nuclear weapons is not a simple reduction, and reducing the number of nuclear weapons has far-reaching effects”. (Author: National Center for International Studies, National University of Defense Technology)

Editor’s Comments

Under the framework of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the United States and Russia Further sharp reductions in nuclear weapons in a verifiable and irreversible manner will create conditions for the ultimate realization of general and complete nuclear disarmament. However, the United States has played a two-faced approach and insisted on maintaining a large number of nuclear weapons on the grounds of maintaining its own security and deterrence, while pointing to other countries. With its contradictory nuclear policy, the United States has imposed its so-called global strategy, promoted and expanded regional influence, and is incompatible with the trend of advancing the international nuclear disarmament process and maintaining world peace and stability. We should be highly vigilant! (Cao Wei Peng Tianxiao Hou Yu compiled)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

A Czech passenger plane forced an emergency in Hungary. Fortunately, no one was injured.

On the 11th local time, a Czech passenger plane was forced to land in the Liszt & Sdot; Ferenc Airport in Budapest, Hungary, shortly after take-off. Unfortunately, no injuries were caused. It is reported that the model of the passenger aircraft is Boeing 737-400, carrying 151 passengers and 9 crew members, originally planned to fly to Hurghada in Egypt.

United Nations: The third batch of chemical weapons shipped out of Syria

China News Service, February 11th According to the UN website, the United Nations and the OPCW joint delegation responsible for destroying Syrian chemical weapons informed the media on the 10th that the third batch of chemical weapons was shipped out of Syria by a Norwegian cargo ship. The vessel was escorted by the Chinese, Danish, Norwegian and Russian navies, and the United Kingdom also participated in naval escorts in international waters.

The joint delegation confirmed that the destruction and transfer of chemical weapons materials in Syria is being carried out simultaneously. The delegation welcomed the work process and hoped that Syria would accelerate the systematic, predictable and high-capacity transfer work so that all chemical weapons materials could be safely transported out of Syria.

On January 7 and 27 this year, two batches of chemical weapons were shipped from the port of Latakia, Syria. According to preliminary plans, by the end of June 2014, Syrian chemical weapons should be completely destroyed.

At the same time, the United Nations-Arab Joint Special Representative for Syria, Brahimi, held talks with the Syrian opposition and government delegations in Geneva on the 10th.

In a paper submitted to the parties, Brahimi pointed out that this round of talks will focus on issues such as ending violence, establishing transitional government institutions, planning national mechanisms and national reconciliation. It is expected that Brahimi will hold separate talks with the Syrian government and the opposition in the next few days.

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