Abe and Putin talk about the Japanese-Russian territorial issue

Abe and Putin talk about the Japanese-Russian territorial issue and call a new page in the relationship between the two countries

On the afternoon of February 8, local time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia. (Kyodo News)

China News Service, February 9th According to the Kyodo News Agency, on the afternoon of the 8th local time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia.

Abe said at the beginning of the talks that this is his fifth meeting with Putin. “Japan-Russia relations have opened a new page and hope that this talk will promote the further development of bilateral relations.”

Putin pointed out that the trade volume between Japan and Russia has increased, and “good conditions have been created to solve the most difficult problems in bilateral relations”. He also said that Abe’s attendance at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi said that Russia attaches great importance to this and “thanks to you”.

Abe and Putin issued a joint statement after the talks in April last year, stating that “the two sides will be able to resolve the territorial dispute between the two sides.” Since the two countries failed to resolve their differences during the consultations between foreign ministers and deputy foreign ministers, Abe hopes to achieve concrete progress in negotiating the territorial issue by establishing personal trust with Putin.

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CNN apologizes for including the Belarusian monument in the list of the ugliest monuments

People’s Daily on February 9th According to the report of the Russian New Network, CNN is the senior representative of the media liaison with Jonathan · Hawkins sent an email from London to the Russian news agency, saying that the TV station hopes that Russia can Accept its apology for the inclusion of the Brest Fortress Heroes Monument on the list of the most ugly monuments.

On the CNN website, there was a ranking of the world’s ugliest monuments, in which Belarus was established to commemorate the merits of the defenders of Brest Fortress; the courage is at the forefront.

Hawkins wrote: “This article does not represent CNN’s editorial standards, we have removed it from the site and apologize for the insults it may cause. ”

He stressed: “We hope that people can accept this sincere apology. ”

Earlier, Igor &middot, member of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council; Morozov proposed to suspend CNN’s broadcast in Russia. The Russian Federal Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media Supervision Bureau promised to consider this possibility in the context of receiving senator arguments.

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Former Libyan Attorney General was killed in an unidentified person in his hometown in the east

China News Service, February 9th According to foreign media reports on the 9th, Libya’s former Attorney General Abdul-Aziz & middot; Hasadi was killed by unidentified militants in Libya Delna.

According to reports, after the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime in 2011, Hasadi served as the Attorney General of Libya. In March 2013, he resigned for health reasons.

The report did not disclose the details of his death.

The report said that the Libyan authorities still have not solved the problem of disarming the militia. Some of his armed factions agreed to vote with the authorities, but there are still many who are only willing to obey their own commanders, making the situation in Libya in the post-Gaddafi era continue to be turbulent.

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US media platoon 2016 popular presidential candidate Hilary resident party first

Data Map: Former US First Lady, former Secretary of State Hillary · Clinton. Li Yangshe

The first mediator of the US media candidate, Hillary Residents, the first party

Data Sheet: New Jersey Governor Christie.

China News Service, February 11th Although the 2016 US presidential election is still far away, the topic of the two-party popular candidates has always been the focus of attention. On the 10th, the US media took stock of the popular presidential candidates for the 2016 general election. Among them, the current hot Hillary is naturally the No. 1 candidate in the Democratic Party. The specific list is as follows:

Democrats’ popular candidates

The number one, of course, is Hillary. Although the former First Lady, former New York State senator, and former Secretary of State have not officially announced their candidacy, the Democratic Party’s final candidate seems to be none other than her.

Vice President Biden. Earlier, when he was interviewed by CNN, he hinted that he might be interested in participating in the presidential campaign. However, some of Obama’s senior policy advisers have been involved in supporting Hillary’s campaign team.

Maryland Governor Martin · O’Malley. At present, Martin has done some basic work for the presidential election. If Hillary claims to not participate in the election, then he may take action.

Former Montana Governor Brian · Schweitzer. It is reported that Brian has been in contact with a campaign team and publicly criticized Hillary.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth · Warren. Although Warren claimed that he would not stand for election, some radical and populist forces in some Democrats hinted that she would be able to stand for election.

Republican candidate

At the beginning of the year, New Jersey Governor Christie was the Republican’s hottest candidate. However, the current scandal-ridden Christie, political image and popularity plummeted.

Former Florida Governor Jeb & Middot; Bush, as the son of the former president and the younger brother of the former president, and the two governors of Florida, if Jeb really wins, then Bush will once again appear against Clinton. Interesting scene.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul · Ryan. As the vice presidential candidate nominated by the last Republican Party, Paul is currently the chairman of the House Budget Committee. Young is his advantage.

Texas Senator Ted Cruise. He has won the admiration of many tea parties. Last fall, his insistence on budget issues and Obama’s health insurance was an important factor in the government’s closure in October.

Kentucky Senator Rand · Paul. The liberals in the Republican Party, his father, Texas Rep. Ron · Paul’s supporters will support him as well.

Florida Senator Marco · Rubio. His Hispanic immigration status will either win a large number of Hispanic votes for the Republican Party.

Other popular candidates include Wisconsin Governor Scott · Walker, Louisiana Governor Bobby · Jindal, and Ohio Governor John · Kasic.

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A rocket attack on Aleppo in northern Syria killed six civilians

According to the Syrian National News Agency, local On the evening of the 14th, the city of Aleppo in northern Syria was attacked by rockets from anti-government armed forces, killing 6 people and injuring 9 others.

The Syrian News Agency reported that the anti-government armed forces were rockets fired from the western suburbs of Aleppo to Aleppo City. So far, six civilians have been killed and nine people have been injured. The building inside is damaged. The injured have been taken to a local hospital for treatment. (CCTV reporter Zhu Xuesong)

Bill Gates washes the dishes every night, and says that the road money will be donated to charity.

China News Service February 11th According to Taiwan’s “Lianhe Evening News” reported on the 11th, the United States Microsoft company founder Bill · Gates said in an interview on the 10th that he washes the dishes every night, and feels that they wash themselves Bowl technology is great.

As the world’s richest man, Gates participated in the popular forum website Reddit on the 10th, “Ask Me Anything, AMA” event, someone asked him if he saw 100 dollar bills on the road. Will it be embarrassing, he said, will, “but I will donate money to charity”.

This is the second time that Gates has participated in the AMA. He talked about life planning, charity, government monitoring, etc. Some of the nonsense questions and answers are quite interesting. For example, someone asked him if he is still as flexible as he was 20 years ago. He can jump over a chair. Gates replied: “I can still, just a chair to find a smaller one.”

Gates said that he actually loves the old-fashioned way of entertainment in bridges. As for Xbox games, most of them are sons. And Gates washes the dishes every night, and he feels that his dishwashing skills are great.

For the US government to monitor the people, Gates said: “Information collection and security must be trusted, and the government must stop crime and terrorism, but the process must be more open. ”

Gates said that he bought the luxury that “has a sense of guilt but is happy”, “a plane”, but it’s said to be used by charitable foundations. .

Speaking of Microsoft’s new CEO, Nadella, Gates previously announced that he would be transferred to a technical consultant to assist Nadella, but Gates said that he would not be as energetic as he was when he was young. I stayed at the company for several days. He hopes to spend one-third of his working time at Microsoft and two-thirds on charitable foundations that run with his wife.

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Obama’s nominee ambassador’s ambassador is questioned

China News Service, Washington, February 14 (Reporter Zhang Weiran) US President Barack Obama nominated for campaign fundraising & ldquo;Golden Lord’s approach to ambassadors abroad is once again facing challenges, the US Ambassador to Argentina, Ambassador to Norway and The nominee of the ambassador to Hungary recently “who ugly” when attending the hearing, causing questions from outsiders. In this regard, the US State Department insisted on the 14th that “all nominees are very qualified”.

Nominations & ldquo;Golden Lords] Being a foreign ambassador is a political tradition in the United States that is intended to give back to campaign supporters, but recently Obama’s nominees are “listed” to attend the nomination hearing. When they were exposed, they experienced very little experience and caused little doubt. Noah &middot, the nominee of the US ambassador to Argentina; Mamet admitted that he has never been to Argentina; the nominee of the ambassador to Hungary, Colleen · Bell answered the question “What is the strategic interest of the United States in Hungary?” The nominee of the ambassador to Norway, George · Chunis called the main party in Norway a marginalist, causing the party’s anger. He even mentioned the Norwegian president, but Norway is a constitutional monarchy and does not have a presidency.

As long as you donate more, you can be an ambassador? The poor performance of these nominees has once again triggered criticism from the media about the president’s return to the “golden master” approach. In the face of doubts, State Department spokesman Mary · Huff insisted at the press conference that “all ambassador candidates are very qualified”, the ambassador nomination process is dominated by the White House, the president and the Secretary of State support the nominees.

She also stressed that “donating donations” would not make the ambassador nominee “more qualified or not qualified”.

Although the US has vowed to support the nominees, there is data showing that Obama has nominated the presidents of the past few decades to be the ambassador for the singular ambassador. At the beginning of the year, the professional diplomat was appointed as the ambassador of the ambassador. A number of US media quoted data provided by the American Association of Diplomatic Servicers as saying that over the years the president’s appointment of a foreign ambassador has followed the “three-seven” rule, 70% of the ambassador’s positions are held by professional diplomats, and the remaining Thirty is the political partner of the president. But since Obama’s second term, the proportion of nominating political partners as ambassadors abroad has exceeded 50%. During Reagan and Ford’s presidency, the ratio was about 38%, and during Clinton and Carter’s presidency, the ratio was about 27%.

But on the other hand, not all of the “successful rewards” ambassadors will be questioned. Obama last year nominated the former US President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline · Kennedy became the US ambassador to Japan, Kennedy served as the co-chairman of the Obama campaign, but the outside world has almost no objection, Japan is still the first time to welcome the ambassador candidates.

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The meeting called the separated family members to avoid the military exercise. Partial reunion was cancelled.

China News Service February 13th According to the Yonhap News Agency, a person in charge of the South Korean government revealed on the 13th that North Korea said at the high-level talks between the DPRK and the DPRK on the 12th that North Korea agreed to the reunion of separated family members as scheduled, but not in Held during the Korean-US joint military exercise, this is North Korea’s position on this issue.

The date of the reunion of the separated family members agreed by the two sides was 20-25 days, and the “key decision” was initiated on the 24th, so there were two days (24-25 days) overlapping. . Since the Korean family will be reunited in two batches (20-22 and 23-25), if the DPRK refuses to hold a discrete family reunion during the joint military exercise, the second reunion event is likely to be cancelled.

The person in charge said that the situation may occur due to the overlapping of the time of the reunion of the separated family members and the joint military exercise, but the Korean government’s position on this issue is unwavering, that is, the date of the reunion of the separated family members. Can not be postponed.

On the other hand, according to the news of the South Korean Unification Ministry, the DPRK repeatedly requested that the “key decision” and the “鹞鹰” military exercise be postponed to the reunion of the separated family members. The ROK side advocated the principle of linking the separated family members to the Korean-US military exercise and the principle of not linking the humanitarian issue with the military issue, thus rejecting the DPRK’s request.

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United Nations diplomat: Russia proposes Syrian crisis resolution draft

According to US media reports on February 13, the United Nations diplomat said that Russia submitted a draft resolution to the other permanent members of the Security Council to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Earlier, Russia threatened to veto a draft of sanctions against the Syrian government supported by the West and some Arab countries.

An anonymous UN diplomat said that on the 12th, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Churkin, handed over the draft text to the four permanent members of the United States, Britain, France and China at a meeting. Member state. It is reported that this is a closed meeting.

The diplomat also said that the draft proposed by Russia contains part of the draft proposed by the West, and relevant parties are expected to start consultations on whether the two drafts can be combined.

Western diplomats say their goal is to allow the Council to agree to have immediate access to all areas of Syria and to carry out aid work.

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Experts: The United States will list China’s largest fake commodity market with partiality

Zhongxin.com, Beijing, February 14 (Reporter Li Jinlei) According to foreign media reports, the US Trade Representative Office recently announced the list of notorious markets in 2013, ranking China as the largest counterfeit commodity market. In response, China’s Ministry of Commerce experts responded that China has consistently cracked down on infringement and counterfeiting. The US report is biased and does not rule out trade protectionism.

According to reports, the US Trade Representative’s report pointed out that China’s physical market is the main source of counterfeit goods, including the silk market in Beijing and the textile wholesale center in Guangzhou. According to the report, Buynow PC Malls, which has more than 20 stores across China, are alleged to be sources of pirated movies, games and software.

In this regard, Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Department of the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an interview with Zhongxin.com that China has consistently advocated that competitiveness depends on quality rather than on low prices. Sales, China does not have the subjective intention of letting fakes, which is not in line with the direction of foreign trade transformation and upgrading.

Bai Ming pointed out that since the accession to the WTO, China has intensified its crackdown on infringement and counterfeiting, and has cracked down on all counterfeit goods, especially China’s “3· 15 International Consumer Rights Day”. The intensity of counterfeiting is not available to any other country.

“The United States has turned a blind eye to our efforts, and has found some individual cases to prejudice, and does not preclude the tendency to trade protectionism. & rdquo; Bai Ming said.

Bai Ming said that China is a developing country and a world trade power. Through these years of hard work, China has more and more quality products, and products like home appliances are becoming more and more popular internationally. Moreover, whether the US report has been investigated by an authoritative organization is questionable.

It is understood that from October 2010 to June 2011, the State Council deployed a nine-month special campaign against infringement and counterfeiting in the country. After the special action ended, the State Council set up a leading group to combat infringement and counterfeiting to normalize this work.

At the recent National New Office launch conference, Chai Haitao, deputy director of the National Leading Group Office for Combating Infringement and Counterfeiting, said that there were more than 200,000 cases of infringement and counterfeiting administrative punishment filed in 2013. This year, we will take the initiative to disclose infringement and counterfeiting administrative punishment cases to the public, and establish a joint meeting system between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice.

Chai Haitao said that the National Anti-Counterfeiting and Counterfeiting Leading Group Office will use information disclosure as an opportunity to establish a social credit system to combat infringement and counterfeiting, provide services to the public, and let the public of the whole society supervise and contain illegal activities. crime.

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