Japan’s heavy snow crushing maintenance facility roof 6 P-3C or damaged

Japan's heavy snow pressure repair facilities roof 6 P-3C or damaged

Due to the heavy snow in the past few days, the snow on the roof has increased significantly, and the walls have tilted so that they are pressed to the P-3C reconnaissance plane.

China News Service, February 17th According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force revealed on the 16th that the roof of the Japanese aircraft maintenance facility in Daegu City’s grass will be crushed by heavy snow. 6 P-3C reconnaissance aircraft.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force said that it is currently confirming the conditions in the facility and that the P-3C is likely to be damaged.

According to the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Yamato City, due to the heavy snow in the past few days, the snow on the roof has increased significantly, and the walls have tilted so that they are pressed to the P-3C reconnaissance plane. Relevant personnel also revealed that there were still four US military aircraft parked in the facility at the time of the incident.

The Japanese aircraft belongs to the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group and is adjacent to the Atsugi base shared by the US Navy and the Maritime Self-Defense Force. It is responsible for the regular maintenance of military aircraft.

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Obama will go to France to participate in the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing

Obama will travel to France to participate in the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing

US President Barack Obama and the visiting French President Hollande held a joint press conference.

China News Service, February 12th According to foreign media reports on the 12th, US President Barack Obama said that he will go to France in June this year to participate in the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing.

Obama released the news at a joint press conference with visiting French President Hollande.

French President Hollande began his state visit to the United States on the 10th. On the 11th, Hollande held talks with Obama to discuss issues such as revitalizing the French economy, monitoring the National Security Bureau, and the situation in hotspots such as Iran and Syria. Hollande will also visit San Francisco to meet with Silicon Valley to “Facebook” & rdquo;, “Twitter” and the head of leading Internet companies such as Google.

The landing of Normandy on June 6, 1944 was seen as an important turning point in World War II. This year, the Normandy landing is celebrating its 70th anniversary. It is expected that many heads of state will participate in the commemoration.

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Putin visits China’s home: “I hope everyone is at home”

Liu Peng, Director of the State Sports General Administration, and President Putin watched the performance of the Russian National Wushu Team

The Director of the State Sports General Administration Liu Peng introduced President Putin to Beijing and Zhangjiakou to bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics

Putin The President is at the “China House” speech

At 7:00 pm local time on February 10th, at the Pearl Zina Hotel in Sochi, “China House”, the lights are warm and the atmosphere is warm. The Chinese sports delegation attending the Sochi Winter Olympics welcomes guests —— Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Head of China Sports Delegation, Director of the State Sports General Administration, Chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee Liu Peng, Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration Yang Shuan, Xiao Tian, ​​Vice Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Yu Zaiqing, and representatives of some athletes and coaches With warm applause, the arrival of Putin and his party was welcomed.
Accompanied by Putin, “China’s Home” is a Russian Deputy Prime Minister Kozak, Presidential Assistant Levigin, Russian Sports Minister Mutko, Krasnodar Governor Tekachev .
Accompanied by Liu Peng, Putin visited the Sino-Russian sports friendship exchange photo exhibition, then watched the martial arts performances of the Russian Wushu Association and Chinese staff, and visited the Zhangjiakou joint Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics exhibition area.
The children from the Russian Wushu Association wore Chinese-style clothing and practiced Chinese martial arts routines. Although they were blond-faced faces, they were all in place, full of spirits, and shouted in Chinese. The password for “1, 2, 3, 4”. The wonderful performance won the applause of the audience, and the atmosphere was warm. Putin and his entourage applauded the small players, and Putin gave a thumbs up.
Putin also gave a special speech. He said: “The whole world knows that the Chinese are vigorously developing sports, and China’s sports have also received great attention from President Xi Jinping. President Xi asked me to pay special attention to the Chinese team. He said that he is proud of every member of the Chinese team. The winter project has just developed in China, but I believe that the performance of the Chinese team will be very exciting. I know that Chinese athletes are working hard and wish you success! I hope everyone is here at home. On the same day, Chinese athlete Han Tianyu won a silver medal in the men’s 1,500-meter short track speed skating, which made a good start for the Chinese sports delegation. Putin also congratulated the performance of Chinese athletes, “China has harvested the first day.” A medal, this is definitely not the last one. & rdquo; He said that the two countries should continue to strengthen sports exchanges between young people and develop together.
Subsequently, Putin also had a group photo with the Chinese sports delegation and performers, and had a brief meeting with the Chinese Olympic Committee officials.
Two-time Winter Olympics figure skating women’s single-slide bronze player Chen Lu attended the meeting. She also has a special identity —— and Putin jointly served as the Olympic ambassador of the Sochi Winter Olympics. “ Very excited! This is the first time I saw Mr. Putin at a close distance and shook hands with him. I didn’t expect him to be so kind. President Putin is very good. We tried to ask if he could take a group photo. He was very happy to take photos with me and the staff. I told him in English that I was the ambassador of the Sochi Winter Olympics, and he listened patiently to me and told me very well! & rdquo; Chen Lu said excitedly.
Putin’s friendship makes everyone feel very cordial. Liu Peng said that the arrival of Putin brought good luck to both Chinese and Russian athletes. The athletes of both countries won medals on that day! He said that under the joint attention and promotion of the two heads of state, the sports circles of the two countries will also strengthen cooperation and exchanges for common development and progress. Xiao Tian also said that President Putin has been visiting for a long time. He has read many pictures, reviewed the history of sports exchanges between China and Russia, and gave high praise to China’s sports industry. As the President personally went to “China Home”, he expressed the friendly relationship between China and Russia’s strategic partners, not only for the sports world, but also for the friendship of the entire country. From our sports world, we are greatly encouraged. & rdquo; Xiao Tian said. (Sochi, February 10th)

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Mrs. Roosevelt was awarded the best first lady of the United States, Michelle V.

Mrs. Roosevelt was awarded the Best First Lady of the United States, Michelle Fifth

Mrs. Ellena, the wife of President Roosevelt, was chosen as the best first lady in the United States. This is the picture of her reception of a group of American troops in the South Lawn of the White House in June 1942. .

China News Service, February 16th According to Taiwan’s “Lianhe Evening News” reported on the 16th, the Siena College in New York, USA announced the US First Lady Ranking Survey on the 15th. According to a poll conducted by scholars, Elena & Middot; Roosevelt (Mrs. Roosevelt) is the best first lady in the United States, and Michelle, the current president’s wife, ranks fifth.

In the last survey conducted in 2008, Hillary ranked fourth, this time she fell to sixth place, but she was regarded as the first lady with the greatest potential to become president.

Ai Gaier · Adams maintains second place, Jacqueline · Kennedy is still third, Dolly · Madison is promoted from sixth to fourth.

Among the top 10 are Mrs. Johnson, Betty · Ford, Martha · Washington and Rosalin & Middot; Carter.

Hillary Clinton was considered the first lady to be the president most likely in this investigation.

Among the top ten traits of the First Lady, Elena & Middot; Roosevelt has six arrogant groups: background, value to the country, leadership, independence, achievement and courage. Ai’s Gay · Adams’ character and the value of the president are unmatched; Jacqueline · Kennedy is the best White House chief, and the best first lady of public image.

Siena College has conducted five such polls since 1982, and Elena & Middot; Roosevelt topped the list five times. The poll was based on interviews with 242 historical, political and other scholars.

If combined with Siena’s 2008 ranking of the President of the United States, the most outstanding first couple in the United States is Elena and Franklin · Roosevelt (Little Roosevelt), followed by the Washington couple, Old Roosevelt, Madison, and Adams.

Martha · Washington and Elisabeth · Monroe’s rankings are much lower than that of husband, Mary · Lincoln has a bigger gap with her husband, so Lincoln ranks high among successive presidents. Third, the Lincolns ranked only seventh in the first couple.

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Russia’s future aircraft carrier costs 33 to 8.3 billion US dollars US aircraft carrier about 14 billion

Original title: Russia’s future aircraft carrier costs 33 to 8.3 billion US dollars, US aircraft carrier is about 14 billion

People’s Daily Online, Moscow, February 11 (Reporter Liu Xu) According to Russia According to the news, Russia’s Neva Design Bureau president Sergei · Vlasov said that the cost of Russia’s future aircraft carrier is between 1,000 and 250 billion rubles (about $3.3 billion to $8.3 billion).

He pointed out that the US aircraft carrier’s cost has reached 11 billion U.S. dollars, or about 330 billion rubles, and its cost has now reached 14 billion U.S. dollars. The cost of the Russian aircraft carrier will be much lower, between 100 billion and 250 billion. In addition, the cost of the aircraft carrier depends on the weapons he is equipped with. If only ground-to-air missiles are equipped, the price will be lower.

He also said that there may be two manufacturing plans for future aircraft carriers, namely nuclear aircraft carriers and conventional aircraft carriers. Both designs of the design bureau will be designed.

If it is a nuclear aircraft carrier, its displacement will be between 8 and 85,000 tons. If it is a conventional aircraft carrier, its displacement will be between 5.5 and 65,000 tons. Usually, a displacement of one thousand tons can carry one aircraft, so if the displacement of the aircraft carrier is 65,000 tons, it can carry 50-55 aircraft, and if it is 85,000 tons of displacement, it can carry 70 aircraft.

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Short track speed skating women 500 meters Li Jianrou gold withdrawal China achieved four consecutive championships

People’s Daily Sochi, February 13 (Yang Lei) On the evening of February 13, Beijing time, the Sochi Winter Olympics entered the sixth competition day. In the just-concluded short-track speed skating women’s 500-meter final, three of the four contestants who participated in the competition accidentally fell together. Chinese player Li Jianru won the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation at the Olympic Games. The speed skating team also achieved the four consecutive championships of the Winter Olympics of the project.

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Tochigi Prefecture, Japan is affected by heavy snow. About 7 billion yen of crops are affected.

Zhongxin.com, February 18, according to the Japan News Network, on the 18th, the Tochigi Agricultural Policy Division of Japan said that in the winter of 2013, the affected areas of Tochigi Prefecture were affected by heavy snow, worth about 7 billion yen (about RMB). 420 million yuan of crops were affected. This is the amount that has suffered the most from the snowstorm so far.

The local government revealed that more than 800 million yen worth of strawberries were affected and more than 400 million tomatoes were affected. In addition, the steel pipe greenhouse destroyed by heavy snow is worth 5.3 billion yen.

The heavy snow from the 14th to the 15th of this month coincided with the harvest season of the famous strawberry in Tochigi Prefecture, but due to the influence of heavy snow, many farmers’ greenhouses were destroyed. Many farmers have given up this year’s harvest.

The blizzard hit a large area of ​​Japan in a row. As of the 17th, the accident caused by Blizzard has killed 19 people and injured more than 1,600 people.

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Members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency said they would not consider using the army to respond to the protest

Xinhuanet Sarajevo, February 11 (Reporter Han Jianjun) Serbian member Radmanovic of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency said on the 11th that the Presidium did not consider using the military to respond to the protests and will not do so in the future.

Radmanovic said that some media speculated that Bosnia and Herzegovina might use the military, “but the (presiding) did not make such a decision at all, and it will not be in the future.” He also said that any major decision involving the military must be agreed by three members of the presidium, and he himself opposed the dispatch of the army to respond to the protests.

On the same day, the Ministry of Defense’s press official announced that he had not received any orders or requests to dispatch troops to respond to the protests.

According to the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the President of the Presidium (the President) is the supreme commander of the armed forces. The Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of three members, three of whom are Bosniak, Serbian and Croatian, and rotates to the presidency of the Presidium, rotating every eight months. At present, the rotating chairman of the Presidium is a member of the Croats.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is divided into two autonomous entities, the Muk Federation and the Republika Srpska, with their respective governments and parliaments. On the 5th of this month, a large-scale protest took place in Tuzla, the third largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then spread to several cities. The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has gradually returned to calm on the 8th, and many cities including Sarajevo have re-enacted large-scale demonstrations on the 9th, but there have been no serious conflicts.

Inzko, the senior representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, warned on the 9th that if the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to deteriorate, it will consider using the EU peacekeeping force in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The United States warned Iran not to use negotiations to cover nuclear weapons research and development

Xinhuanet Washington, February 11 (Reporter Mu Dong Sun Hao) US Assistant Secretary of Defense Assistant Office Elisa & Middot; Slotchenko said on the 11th that the United States will not allow Iran to manufacture and possess nuclear weapons if Iran uses Related negotiations & ldquo; cover “nuclear research and development, the United States is fully capable of detecting the truth.

Slotter made the above statement at the hearing of the House of Representatives Military Committee on the same day. She said that mediation and investigations can put the Iranian nuclear issue under control, and it will take at least one year for Iran to make a decision and start developing nuclear weapons, which is enough for the US to investigate the matter.

Slotchenko said that the current focus of the United States and the international community is on Iran’s renunciation of the authenticity of nuclear weapons and its sincerity in demonstrating its sincerity on the Iranian nuclear issue, if Iran is in diplomatic channels. In addition to trying to develop nuclear weapons, the United States will retain the option of taking military action.

The United States has long accused Iran of secretly developing nuclear weapons, while Iran says its nuclear program is aimed at the peaceful use of nuclear energy. In November last year, Iran reached an agreement with the six countries of the Iranian nuclear issue (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany). According to the agreement, the Iranian side should suspend part of the nuclear program within the six-month validity period of the agreement, while the West will relax the sanctions. However, some politicians in the United States have been skeptical about resolving the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic channels.

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Putin Meets with Egyptian Defense Minister to Support His Candidacy

Egyptian Defense Minister Seyce. (Source: British Media)

Egyptian Defense Minister Sethi. (Source: British media)

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on February 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Egyptian Defense Minister Seyes on the same day and expressed support for his election to the Egyptian president.

“I know that you have decided to run for the presidency,” Putin told Sethi, “to take on this mission to the fate of the Egyptian people is a very responsible decision.” On behalf of myself and the Russian people, I wish you success in your campaign. & rdquo; As of now, Sethi has not officially announced his candidacy for the presidency.

Putin welcomed Sethi’s visit and pointed out: “The stability of the situation in the entire Middle East depends largely on the stability of Egypt. I believe that you can mobilize your supporters with experience. At the same time, normalize the relationship between various parts of Egyptian society. ”

Most Egyptians believe that Sethi will run for the presidency and will win the election. However, as a foreign leader, Putin expressed support for him before he announced his candidacy for the president. It is very rare.

Egypt ended its military and strategic alliance 40 years ago and embarked on a pro-US path. Recently, relations between the two countries have deteriorated as the United States criticized Seysey for overthrowing former President Morsi in July and shooting hundreds of protesters. Western media analysis believes that Egypt may re-adjust relations with Russia. But is the Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil, who is currently accompanying Sethi? Fahmi said that Egypt is only in the “expanded” diplomatic scope.

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