US Senator asks the government to end the blockade against Cuba

People’s Daily News February 12, according to the Spanish “Uprising” reported today, US Democratic Senator Patrick · Leahy and his Republican colleague Fleck yesterday asked the US government to end the trade and economy of Cuba for more than 50 years. And financial blockade.

Two American senators published an article in the Miami Herald that hopes to change US policy toward Cuba. They think that Barack · Obama should listen to the opinions of most citizens in the country, and they estimate that if the United States eliminates The aftermath of this cold war will be a big winner. They pointed out that a recent survey conducted by the Atlantic Council showed that Americans’ attitude toward this issue is now in sharp contrast to Washington’s old-fashioned policies. Most Americans in every region of the United States and in different political parties support the normalization of relations with Cuba.

Two members pointed out that in answering specific questions such as lifting restrictions on American travel to Cuba, facilitating trade transactions, and holding meetings on the bilateral affairs such as the anti-drug struggle with the Cuban government, The proportion of supporters has risen to 61%.

The article said that in Florida, where Cuban-Americans are the majority, the proportion of support for normalization with Cuba is as high as 63%, and 56% of respondents in the country support the direction of changing relations with Cuba. 67% of Floridans support the removal of all restrictions on American travel to Cuba, and 82% of locals support meetings with Cuban officials on issues of mutual interest.

Two US lawmakers said that the United States has imposed this coercive measure on Cuba Island for more than half a century. During this period, the former Soviet Union no longer existed, South Africa’s apartheid has been eliminated, and the United States has resumed The relationship between China and Vietnam, but the United States refused to re-examine its policy toward Cuba. By these epoch-making policies, we have not isolated Cuba, but isolated ourselves.

The two US lawmakers recently visited Cuba and attended the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in Havana. The US blockade against the Cuban people has caused a major loss of $1,357.727 billion, in violation of the UN Charter and the norms of international law. The international community condemned the US blockade against Cuba and adopted a resolution for 22 consecutive years at the UN General Assembly to demand that the United States cancel this measure.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

North Korea’s high-level talks reached three points of consensus North Korea made major concessions

China News Service, February 15th According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, South Korea and North Korea held a second round of high-level talks at the Panmunjom on the Korean-North Korean border on the 14th. The two sides agreed to follow the original plan on the 20th to 25th of this month. The day of the reunion of separated family members. Han Dynasty originally had differences due to the overlapping of the reunion activities and the date of the Korean-US military exercise, but North Korea finally made a “significant” concession and agreed to hold discrete family reunion activities as scheduled.

The Korean high-level talks began on the 14th at 14 am on the Korean side of the Panmunjom, “Peace House”. The talks took about three hours.

The chief representative of the Korean side and the first national security officer of the Qingwatai National Security Office said at the press conference after the talks that the two sides reached a three-point consensus: the reunion of the separated family members was scheduled to be on the 20th. It will be held until the 25th; stop mutual slander and increase mutual trust and mutual understanding; continue to negotiate on issues of common concern, work hard to improve relations, and hold high-level talks in due course.

Jin Kui-hsiang spoke highly of the outcome of the talks and was pleased that the separated families could be reunited as scheduled. This is the first high-level talks between South Korea and North Korea since the establishment of the Korean Park Geun-hye government, which laid the foundation for the first step in bilateral relations.

Since the date of the activities of the separated family members is from 20th to 25th, and the Korea-US joint military exercise begins on the 24th, there are two days (24th to 25th) overlapping. North Korea originally asked the ROK to delay the date of the joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States. The South Korean side tried to persuade North Korea.

In response, the chief representative of the DPRK Yuan Dongyuan said: “This time North Korea will make a big concession, and we will work hard to improve the relationship between Korea and North Korea in the future.” & rdquo;

Jin Kui-hsien said that during the talks, South Korea introduced to North Korea “the process of trust in the Korean peninsula” (that is, the Korean government gradually accumulates mutual trust between the Koreans and the DPRK on the basis of sufficient deterrent power, and finally realizes the peninsula. North Korea understands the purpose and content of peace and stability.

After the talks ended, the North Korean official media reported the news in a timely manner, stressing that the two sides had a candid exchange on issues of concern and agreed to improve relations and achieve national unity, common prosperity and independent reunification.

Zhang Rongxi, chief researcher at Seoul National University in South Korea, pointed out that this time North Korea did make a big concession. Although North Korea has not yet obtained practical benefits, the improvement of the international image through this talks will also help the situation.

The South Korean government is scheduled to send an advancing team of 15 people to North Korea on the 15th to exchange the list of people participating in the reunion of separated family members and discuss the specific agenda.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Hundreds of bison in Yellowstone National Park in the United States may be slaughtered to prevent livestock infection

Hundreds of bison in Yellowstone National Park in the United States may be slaughtered to prevent livestock infection

Data Map: Bison in Yellowstone National Park, USA.

China News Service, February 13th According to foreign media reports on the 12th, due to fear that the bison will transmit the disease to domesticated cows, the managers of the Yellowstone National Park in the United States may have to slaughter hundreds of heads each year. Bison.

At present, there are about 4,600 bison in Yellowstone, exceeding the target number of 3,000 to 3,500 parks. According to biologists, in the next few years, 600 to 800 buffaloes will have to be slaughtered each year in order to restore the population to the target value.

In addition, Montana ranchers have complained that wild animals carry diseases that may be transmitted to their livestock.

The rancher said that bison infected with brucellosis may transmit the disease to cows, causing the cow to abort. Montana-related officials also said that the state’s current state of brucellosis is not broken, and the various tests that have to be accepted will bring disaster to the livestock industry.

According to reports, more than 100 bison have been killed in Montana this year.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the world’s largest nature reserves. It covers nearly 900,000 hectares across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

The bison is the original species of the Americas, but was almost hunted to death after the arrival of the Europeans. The number is gradually restored after the protective measures are taken.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

South Korea’s Busan cargo ship and oil supply ship collided with some light oil leaks

People’s Daily Online, Seoul, February 15 (Huang Haiyan) According to the Yonhap News Agency, at around 2:20 pm on the 15th, at the anchorage of the Nanwai Port in Busan, a 80,000-ton cargo ship collided with the oil supply vessel, resulting in a fuel tank section. Light oil leaks.

The report stated that the cargo ship entered Hong Kong on the morning of the same day and began receiving oil supply from 12:20.

At present, the South Korean Marine Police investigates the exact cause of the accident.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Foreign Minister Wang Yi Holds Talks with US Secretary of State Kerry

Yangguangwang Beijing February 14th Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with US Secretary of State Kerry on the 14th.

Wang Yi welcomes Kerry’s visit to China during the Chinese traditional Lantern Festival. Wang Yi said that the Lantern Festival is the last day of the Chinese New Year, symbolizing the resignation of the old and the new. I hope that this visit by the Secretary of State will give a good start to this year’s Sino-US relations.

Wang Yi said that President Xi Jinping had a historic meeting with President Obama at Annaberg Manor. The two heads of state decided to build a new type of power relationship between China and the United States, which pointed out the direction for the long-term development of bilateral relations. Just now, President Xi Jinping has already put forward important guiding opinions on the development of Sino-US relations this year when he met with the Secretary of State. China is willing to work together with the US to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, earnestly implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, respect and take care of each other’s core interests and major concerns, strengthen dialogue and exchanges at the high level and at all levels, and expand various fields. Pragmatic cooperation, properly handle differences and contradictions, and implement the principle of a new type of big power relations that does not conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win, and continuously accumulate and release the positive energy of Sino-US relations. We will push China-US relations to move forward in the right direction and better serve the people of the two countries and the people of the world.

Kerry said that he is very happy to visit China during the Chinese New Year. I have just had the honor to meet with President Xi Jinping. The meeting was very positive and constructive. The United States looks forward to strengthening communication and cooperation with China in the new year and jointly promoting new progress in the building of a new type of US-China relationship.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Pakistani religious leaders call on Bata and the government to declare a ceasefire

Xinhuanet Islamabad, February 15 (Reporter Wang Yu) Pakistani religious leaders on the 15th called for an immediate ceasefire between the Pakistani Taliban and the government to create an environment for continued dialogue.

50 religious leaders from different factions held a meeting in Lahore, the eastern city of Pakistan, on the same day, strongly demanding that the negotiating parties not create trouble before reaching a peace consensus and that dialogue is the only way to solve the current domestic crisis. .

The leader of the Taliban Negotiating Committee, the Islamic Gods Society (Samuel) leader, Samuel, said in a statement after the meeting that armed actions would cause even greater damage and put national security at risk. He also said that “absolutely support” Bata and the government peace talks, and full confidence in the positive results of the negotiations.

A police-powered bus in the southern port city of Karachi was attacked by a suicide car bomb on the 13th, killing at least 13 policemen and injuring 30 others. Bata announced that the attack was made and said that there is no official announcement of the ceasefire.

Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif announced on January 29 that a four-member government negotiating committee will hold a dialogue with Bata. On the 2nd of this month, Bata welcomed the request for government dialogue and appointed a negotiating committee composed of five religious and political leaders to hold a dialogue with the government. When the two sides ended their first meeting on the 6th of this month, they stopped everything and “violent behavior” and reached a consensus on promoting the peace process.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

India’s new fiscal year defense budget will increase by 10%

China News Service February 18th According to China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, India recently proposed that the new fiscal year beginning on April 1 will increase defense spending by 10%, compared with 9% increase in procurement budget last year. The planned procurement of new weapons and equipment in the plan only increased by 3.28%.

Indian Finance Minister Chidambaram announced on February 17th that the defense spending for 2014-2015 will be 2.24 trillion rupees (about $36.3 billion), compared with 2013. – Defense spending in 2014 was Rs 2.36 trillion. As the rupee weakened last year, the defense budget was only equivalent to $33.95 billion. The procurement budget for weapons and equipment for the next fiscal year was $14.93 billion, compared with $14.56 billion for equipment procurement in the current fiscal year.

A new government will announce its budget after the May election, when the budget allocation proposed by Chidambaram may change. The medium-term budget submitted by Chidambaram only dominates the expenditure for the next four months.

The funds available for the purchase of new weapons and equipment last year have shrunk dramatically because the rupee’s exchange rate against the dollar has depreciated by more than 10%, and funds for weapons and equipment have been diverted to other uses.

According to the Indian Ministry of Defence, Chidambaram has misappropriated $1.3 billion in the budget for the purchase of weapons and equipment, most of which is used to pay wages, pensions and other daily equipment for the troops.

The misappropriation of the funds affected several defense projects, including the purchase of Boeing’s $1.16 billion AH-64D“ Apache & Helicopter; Boeing’s $8.33 billion worth of slavery. Heavy-duty helicopters; and purchased 145 light howitzers worth $583 million from BAE Systems’ US subsidiary.

The future of a defense project in progress can only be determined by the next government decision that is expected to take over in June.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

The report said that the number of Chinese think tanks ranked second in the world, facing the best development opportunities

Source: “2013 Global Think Tank Report” (Chinese version) (translated and authorized by the Shanghai Institute of Social Sciences Think Tank Research Center)

In early 2014, the University of Pennsylvania released the “2013 Global Think Tank Report.” In this world’s most recognizable and most influential think-tank report, the number of Chinese think tanks ranked 426 in the global think tank rankings.

In the past year, the media also referred to the Chinese think tank as “the year of development”. From the “Decision” of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, it was emphasized that “the strengthening of the construction of a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics, the establishment of a sound decision-making consultation system”, and the release of the first China think tank report by the Shanghai Institute of Social Sciences think tank research … … think tank development The craze is coming. Then, is China’s think tank ushered in the development of “Golden Age”?

Stage characteristics in development

Think tanks, also known as think tanks, think tanks, have been described as a country’s IQ. Serving public policy is the “natural gene” of the think tank, which effectively bridges the gap between knowledge and policy. Because of this, countries around the world, especially developed countries, attach great importance to the development of think tanks.

What is the level of China’s think tank development? According to the 2013 Global Think Tank Report, in 2013, the total number of global think tanks was 6,826, the US think tank ranked first with 1,828, and the Chinese think tank ranked second with 426. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ranks ninth among the world’s top think tanks, and the China Institute of International Studies, China Modern International Relations Research Institute, Peking University International Strategic Research Center, Shanghai Institute of International Studies, and the State Council Development Research Center all enter the top 100. . However, from the ranking of the world’s top think tanks, the construction of new types of think tanks with Chinese characteristics is still relatively lagging behind; Wang Zhan, dean of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences pointed out.

The 2013 China Think Tank Report released by the Think Tank Research Center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences divides China’s think tanks into four categories: the party and government military think tanks, the social sciences think tanks, the university think tanks, and the folk think tanks. From the category characteristics of China’s active think tanks (active think tanks refer to think tanks that are currently in normal operation and have strong influence on public policy formation and the public), 2 out of 5 are party and government military think tanks, among which “national character number” The think tank also accounts for about 30% of the party and government military think tanks. Wang Ronghua, director of the Think Tank Research Center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that “China has a lot of financially funded think tanks. This is a distinctive feature of China’s think tanks that differ from European and American countries’ think tanks. & rdquo; Regional think tank development imbalance is another feature of China’s think tank. About 60% of China’s active think tanks are distributed in the developed eastern regions, especially some megacities. The active think tanks in the central and western regions are only 17.0% and 17.5%.

Due to historical evolution and institutional reasons, the folk think tank has always been the “short board” in the development of China’s think tanks. Although the folk think tank has developed in recent years, it has been congenitally deficient in funding support, project sources, results, and suggestions and suggestions, and has suffered from “dwarf syndrome”. “It’s not an exaggeration to describe the current Chinese think tanks with a mixture of fish and dragons. “Ren Libo, founder of Guoguan Think Tank, pointed out that there are many private think tanks in the past, such as consulting companies, survey companies, and information companies. They are now developing think tank development plans, which have both physical business transformations, but also Many are the gimmicks on the law. ”

Influence is the key to the development of think tanks. Wang Ronghua pointed out that, in China’s think tanks, the influence of think tanks focusing on national development issues will be greater, and the influence of local think tanks focusing on regional issues will be relatively small. In addition, China’s think tanks mainly focus on economic policy, political construction and international issues, and the division of specialization is relatively insufficient. This is also the staged feature of the development of China’s think tanks.

Growing troubles

It is undeniable that China’s think tanks have entered a period of rapid development, which has effectively promoted the scientific and democratic process of public decision-making in China. . If we seriously give the pulse of the development of our country’s think tanks, the existing problems cannot be ignored.

One is "near” & "far" In China today, think tanks with high activity and strong influence are mainly official or semi-official. These think tanks and decision-making bodies are “near” and the results can be quickly applied to public policy. However, if you go too close, there is a lack of credibility and it is difficult to form a “disease of insights and opinions”, and it is easy to distance from the public “far”. The money is given by the superior, the bearer is delineated, and the project is often organized by the government department. “This kind of think tank is at best a role of & quoquo; behind the staff, it is difficult to guarantee its independence and objectivity. , social and innovative,” said Hu Ruijun, an associate professor of the Department of Social Sciences at the National Institute of Educational Administration. So how to keep “ near &Rdquo; The balance with "far" is a matter of serious consideration for the development of China’s think tanks.

The second is "interpretation" & "innovation" The think tank is going to be ahead of the decision. However, under the current system, decision-making consultations often appear in the “experts show”, that is, experts for the scientific and rational decision-making of the government & rsquo; endorsement & rsquo;, thus the emergence of expert decision-making consultation & lsquo; hollow & rsquo; & & lsquo; symbolization & rsquo;. “Luo Guoqiang, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, believes that many of the domestic think tanks are still interpretive think tanks rather than innovative think tanks. Most of the official think tanks focus on the interpretation of policies and lack of awareness of the advancement of research barriers. Experts and scholars in college think tanks are lacking in the pertinence and operability of policy advice. These have affected the level of combination of “intelligence” and “government”.

The third is “The pedigree is long” & “The channel is more” problem. Vertically, from the center to the place, different levels of think tanks form a long chain. Therefore, & ldquo; pedigree length & rdquo; is one of the characteristics of China’s think tank. Horizontally, the party and government military think tanks can be divided into different categories such as the Development Research Center, the Party School, the Administrative College, the research institutes of various ministries, and the military think tank. Together with the think tanks of the Academy of Social Sciences, the think tanks of universities, and the think tanks of the people, the think tanks of our country are presented. The characteristics of the class are diverse, the form is different, and the channel is more. “Long” and “multiple” have made the development of China’s think tanks scattered and overlapping, fragmented, closed and running, and weak communication with each other, resulting in waste of resources and redundant construction.

Cultivating China’s think tanks “Chinese characteristics”

China’s think tanks are facing the best development opportunities, but to truly embrace the spring of development, There is a long way to go. Building a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics is the goal of the development of China’s think tanks. So, “What are the special features of China?” “New & rdquo; Where is the new?

“Chinese characteristics are to fully reflect the development of think tanks & rsquo; China’s national conditions & rsquo; & lsquo; Chinese background & rsquo; & lsquo; Chinese elements & rsquo;; & lsquo; new & rsquo; is mainly for & lsquo; traditional & rsquo ; Wang Ronghua pointed out that this “new type” is reflected in the fact that research must be based on theoretical innovation and scientific decision-making, and it is the result of public policy changes and expert participation. Hu Ruijun pointed out that China’s think tank construction, which is in line with China’s national conditions and reflects China’s practice, should also adhere to the service concept. “First-class think tanks are not only service leaders, but also lead social thoughts, and the ultimate goal is to serve the people. ”

There is no doubt that building a new think tank with Chinese characteristics will be a long-term process that cannot be accomplished overnight. Wang Zhan believes that the key is to form a new type of relationship and diversified development pattern that the government guides and influences the think tank and think tank to objectively and independently serve the government, and fosters independent thoughts and think tanks. ”

To build a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics, how should the folk think tank overcome its own “congenital deficiency”? Ren Libo believes that the private think tank must have its own “pattern”, positioning, scientifically treat the difference with the official think tank, “private think tanks have consulting, survey, information and other categories, differentiated development is the way out. ”

Talent is the core of the think tank, and the think tank without talent will eventually be an empty shelf. The “revolving door” mechanism of the top think tanks in the United States has proven to be the key to its ability to produce high quality results. Hu Ruijun believes that China’s think tanks should also gradually establish a similar talent flow mechanism and establish a Chinese-style “rotary door” between the think tank talents and the government departments & rsquo;”.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

Hollande visits the United States to meet with Obama. “Double Olympic Games” rebuild mutual trust

China News Service, February 12th According to British media reports, French President Hollande said on the second day of his visit to the United States on the 11th that the bilateral mutual trust between France and the United States has been restored.

Previously, Hollande and US President Barack Obama held formal talks at the White House.

In 2003, due to France’s public opposition to the dispatch of President Bush to Iraq, the alliance between France and the United States broke down.

But at a joint press conference with Hollande, Obama said that the leaders of the two countries have established a bilateral relationship that was unimaginable 10 years ago.

Hollande also said that he and Obama have resolved the disputes and differences caused by the National Security Agency and the monitoring of European allies.

The leaders of the US allies, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, were angry at Snowden’s leaked US telephone conversation.

However, it is unclear whether Hollande’s phone is also being monitored by the US. In contrast, France is very cautious about the criticism of the United States on this issue, and they emphasize the importance of cooperation with the Washington authorities in intelligence.

At the same time, Obama also confirmed that he will go to France in June to participate in the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Allied Normandy landing during World War II. It is reported that Obama accepted the invitation to visit after the White House and Hollande met.

Previously, Queen Elizabeth II, the head of the United Kingdom and Canada, has announced that she will travel to Normandy Beach to participate in this commemoration.

On June 6, 1944, 150,000 American, British, and Canadian soldiers launched landing operations on the Normandy beach in France, and began a confrontation between the Allies and the Nazi Germans on the European battlefield.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Obama inspects California for a hundred years without drought

Recently, the United States California has suffered from a drought for a hundred years. The water department of California, USA, has announced that with the growing drought, the government reservoir may stop supplying water for local water bureaus for the first time. The picture shows San Jose, California, and the Almaden Reservoir has bottomed out. ISA, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ — US President Barack Obama inspected the drought in the region for a hundred years in the agricultural region of central California on the 14th and brought a $160 million federal aid program to California.

On the afternoon of the same day, Obama was accompanied by Ministers of Agriculture Tom · Vilsack, California Governor Brown and Senator Fan Shidan and Baxter from California, and the largest agricultural city in the central region of Fres Novo inspection. He said that the drought in California has affected the whole of the United States and must be treated as the most important thing.

Since the winter of last year, most parts of California have been hot and dry, lacking the rain and snow that should be in the rainy season, causing drought in California for a hundred years.

Governor Brown announced on January 17 that California has entered a drought emergency, calling on the public, business and government departments to reduce water use by 20%.

After inspecting a farm, Obama said that climate-related natural disasters will get worse. The United States cannot wait for disasters to come, and must start preparing for it now.

Obama signed US$160 million in federal aid last week, $100 million in livestock disaster assistance to California producers, $15 million in aid to drought-ridden areas, and $5 million in federal emergency watershed protection To help the affected areas repair damaged waters, and charities “food banks” to help families affected by water shortages.

Obama said these measures and actions will help alleviate the drought in California. The United States must be aware that natural disasters caused by climate change will become more and more serious, such as droughts, wildfires, storms, floods, etc., which will bring greater costs to the United States.

Obama called on Congress to support the $300 million emergency aid and drought relief proposals put forward by California Senators Fan Shidan and Boxer as soon as possible to improve urban water storage and water supply systems and accelerate environmental assessment of water projects.

Obama also announced that his budget proposal to Congress next month includes a $1 billion “climate response fund” to research and pay for new technologies to help communities cope with climate change. The impact of coming. (End)

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun