Gorgeous mountain hotel

Beautiful views and beautiful sights are appreciated, and the AtraDoftana Hotel in Romania knows how to achieve it all. The location has a gentle hillside, a flat hillside, close to a mountain lake, and panoramic views of the valley and surrounding mountains and forests. Tecon Architects took the time to explore the land before making plans. This is the design they eventually created.

The hotel was completed in 2011 to make the most of its location, attractions and landscape. The building is divided into two parts. One has a room and entrance, while the other has a dining area, living room and lounge area, as well as a common area such as a kitchen.

In order to make the most of the view, the architect designed a series of underground and above-ground spaces, as well as a set of cantilevered areas. This also enables them to establish a good dialogue between the building and the surrounding environment.

The rooms are strategically located to take full advantage of the landscape. They are arranged along a green roof, each with direct access to the outdoors, with a small wooden deck and full height windows that bring the outdoors into the interior.

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Italian bathroom brand cooperates with American designers to introduce bathroom accessories

The Italian bathroom and kitchen brand Gessi recently launched a new collection designed in collaboration with the architect Rockwell Group of the architect David Rockwell. This marks the first collaboration between Gessi and American designers. The Inciso portfolio is the first time the Rockwell Group has been involved in bathroom accessories, and the collection has a clean, modern silhouette with a smooth and textured surface.
The sturdy brass portfolio is highly customizable and suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including black, nickel and copper. Overall, the architectural fixtures have curved and refined details that can be used in residential or commercial environments from the perspective of a famous architect.

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Annello is a crystal chandelier

Easily adapt to almost any modern and contemporary interior. It is designed with three round elements and is decorated with transparent crystal tiles.
Pavuk chandeliers showcase their complexity, and these luminaires have become more and more complex over the years, from functionality to aesthetics and luxury.
Similarly, Angelus chandeliers have a highly graphic and complex design that is guaranteed to stand out. This black chandelier fits into an industrial-style living space or a two-story corridor. The Champs-Elysees chandelier is inspired by the Champs Elysées, reminiscent of the beautiful trees on the famous boulevard.

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Cool concrete terrace design

In 2013, Elías Rizo Arquitectos designed a home in Jalisco, Mexico. The large concrete terrace offers a spacious seating area with an L-shaped modular furniture facing the garden and a fire pit on the other side.
The cool detail about this family home is the seamless transition between the indoor living room and the outdoor terrace. This may be due to the outward extension of the polished concrete floor, forming a platform that is protected by a wooden roof.
Wood and concrete can be combined and used in different parts of the house and in the outdoor space around it. Located in Oakville, Canada, this elevated concrete terrace extends to the pool and is protected by a cantilevered roof.
Located on the steep cliffs of Ibiza, this house offers an extraordinary view. It belongs to an art collector and was built in the 1980s and has recently been redesigned. The connection between the interior space and the concrete terrace is smooth.

Although concrete lacks the warmth of wood, there are other ways to ensure a comfortable and pleasant environment on the deck. Bestor Architecture designed a beautiful stone wall and a built-in outdoor fireplace for the California home. Although the concrete terrace has a rather cool look, the atmosphere is very warm.
The concrete terrace looks clean and this home is a perfect example. It is located in Victoria, Australia. The terrace connects the indoor living space to the garden. The choice of materials, surface and color are very suitable for it.
If you combine a concrete terrace with a wooden fence, it would be great. Located in Palo Alto, California, this home has a Zen-style backyard that is easy to maintain, open, comfortable, warm and fresh.
Sometimes a concrete terrace is the choice. This summer house is located in Greece, and its fortress-like stone walls blend seamlessly with the deck. The colors and textures are perfectly synchronized.

In addition to the large concrete terrace, this San Diego, California home has concrete floors and roofs that make it feel unexpectedly open. The terrace has huge sliding glass doors.
Balance and continuity are important when dealing with a small space. This house is located in New South Wales, Australia. It has a small backyard and a small deck that is seamlessly connected to the polished concrete interior.
The Gubbins house is full of contrasting elements. The concrete interior courtyard terrace is equipped with ponds and trees, and the stepped garden surrounds the house, complemented by concrete pots and other matching elements.
Mixing indoors and outdoors is not always easy. The residence is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and the architect ensures that it gives it a huge opening and brings a panoramic view of the environment. At the same time, they ensure a seamless transition between the concrete living space and the terrace by creating this minimalist leisure deck.

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Bauhaus apartment in Tel Aviv

Raanan SternThe studio has refurbished this1970 The Tel Aviv apartment, the apartment was divided into smaller spaces and turned into an open, light-filled home. Now, the slender space has a new open living room. The apartment uses five shades of gray to help highlight the changes between black elements and space.
The new restaurant and kitchen are placed on the outside, near the window, overlooking the park. The center of the apartment is a huge lounge/living area, With a wooden shelf unit, the steel frame glass door leads to the study.
A large mirror on the other end of the window reflects light into the living room.
Restaurant and kitchen with light colours Concrete tiled floor.
Kitchen Decorated with black cabinetry, metal details and American walnut.
Glass doors separate the study and the main living space, bringing more natural light.
The steel and glass partition separates the bathroom from the master bedroom, this is to 70 A tribute to the common materials of the age.

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Apartment that breaks the traditional closed layout

Apartment Tis one120square meter(1292 square feet)Apartment located in the eastern part of Taipei City, KCDesign studio design. Breaking the traditional closed layout, they opened up the living space and increased interaction.
German-born homeowners demanded that the interior reflect the design aesthetics of his hometown of Cologne. Therefore, the space contains red brick walls and wood beams, subtle pastel tones and modern Furniture creates a comfortable home.
Although most interiors are neutral tones But the designer brings color through the artwork.
The homeowner is eager for a resort-like space and a natural view, but the location of the city is impossible to have it. In order to give him a green taste, the balcony is full of plants and can be seen from every window. /span>


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Furniture designed for compact spaces

Vancouver studio Corelam creates a practical, simple and beautiful design. Most importantly, they chose to focus on sustainability and processes, using environmentally friendly materials to reduce their impact on the environment. They launched a three-piece collection called Tidal, which is suitable for people who often move or live in smaller spaces.
Lean is a minimalist wall-mounted bookcase with five shelves for your books or decorative items. It is lightweight and requires only one tool to assemble.

Capilano is a shelf that is fixed to the wall. The top 15 “wavy” forms can hook your coat, bag, scarf, or other item.
Round can be used as a square table, bedside table, or stool. Its one hole makes it easy to pin the cable of your smartphone or device, and the internal space can be used to store your stuff.

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Arctic Tree House

Not many hotels are placed in remote and remote places. The Arctic Tree House Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland is special, not only because of its location, but also because it is not a single large building. They are distributed in natural slopes between existing trees with as little impact as possible on the land.

This unusual hotel was designed by the studio Puissto. The project was completed in 2016 and took 15 months to build. Its space covers a natural slope of 1,450 square meters.

There is a larger main structure and several smaller structures with green roofs. The unit is designed to be comfortable and uses warm wood and colour. Wood is widely used throughout the unit. The ceiling and walls are covered with dark stained wood.

The main building has a terrace that provides a good view. It has a large and open lobby area that surrounds a fireplace that is mounted on the ceiling. The steel fireplace is the focal point of the hall. The space was connected to the kitchen area and the hotel’s restaurant. The stairs lead to the gallery area, where there is office and meeting space.

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Jasper Morrison’s environmental installation

VitraHaus hired British designer Jasper Morrison to renovate their headquarters on the Rhine River in Germany. Spanning over 150 square meters, the space is conceived as part of the studio, part of the salon and part of the office.
Morrison designed a low-key color for the device, contrasting with the bold design of others, resulting in a comfortable and dynamic visual space. The restaurant uses natural materials and earthy colors to create a simple space.

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An eclectic attic in the heart of Auckland

Interior DesignerJacquelinePalmerRecently completed the design of a multi-level attic in the heart of Oakland, California. At first it was a blank sheet of paper, and then the attic became an eclectic space that made people feel fashionable and more livable.
Uses a variety of textures, wood and metal, designed to combine geometric details with shareholder decorative items, all with polished concrete floors and recycled wood beams take.
a wide variety of furniture Used to complement the client’s collection of arts and crafts.

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