Beach House designed by Shiotsuka Studio, Japan

In Japan, this beach house is a wonderful example of how to combine a beautiful look with versatility. This beach house is defined as light and airy. Allow the breeze to shape their interiors and make the user feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Beach houses generally do not use the natural texture or specific color of the wood to make the user feel comfortable. Instead, the beach house, including this one, has a very bright and simple design. The interior is almost entirely white, but it doesn’t feel deserted, they have the opposite effect. This is because the texture is very soft and light, because this decoration gives people a feeling of openness and freedom, making people feel comfortable.
It is called the White Sea house and was designed by Kaohsiung Shiotsuka Studio. It has a very clean design combined with modern architecture. The interior is white with minimalist fittings. Most of the furniture is white, including sofas, dining tables and chairs. The huge windows/glass walls give the house a good view and look, and make this beach house more personal.

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The charm of the ocean glass dining table

Imagine yourself watching the sea on the beach, as if you are on the horizon, with a light blue sky overhead. From time to time a white ship appears in front of your eyes, and the sound of the waves hits your feet. The beautiful seagulls float in the air, the cool breeze and the wonderful sun make you feel very relaxed and comfortable…

Table” width=”450″ ​​height=”311″ src=”/Upload/Other/124(3).jpg” />

Wake up, this wonderful view is just that you are imagining, perhaps inspired by this relaxing ocean glass table. Italian craftsmen seem to create this gorgeous glass table with a wonderful ocean. The polished surface makes them look like Wet, you may make you think they are not very wearable. On the contrary, the materials used and the thick glass are enough to make them last longer, so don’t worry about this. Polished glass surface and back are made of metal, modern design and gorgeous The ocean will always let you relax, letting you think of the time spent by the sea.

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Stained glass reveals a creepy picture

This building looks like the first sight of a standard Gothic church, but if you look closely, you will be surprised to find that thousands of X-rays have been applied to traditional stained glass making techniques. Create a creepy window structure that shows bones and teeth.
Artist Wim · Delva has proven that he is transforming abandoned machinery and master tires into gorgeous works of art. But artists also have a sinister side. These gorgeous windows are all mounted in a baroque church made of laser-cut steel, which in the style of the 17th century makes a complex church Flanders.

The picture of stained glass” width=”550″ height=”523″ src=”/Upload/Other/2014101613.jpg” />

Delva is painted in stained glass. One of his horrible works shows two shackles in a passionate hug, kissing panel. The Gothic arched window, with the jewel of color Glass diamonds are connected. The other parts are more abstract: the rows and columns of the intersecting spines, the X-rays of the teeth, the glass set against the blood red. The skull, the spine, the hips and the hues of the bold colored glass, unified, together Huge windows. Translucent X-rays, like stained glass, create a dazzling array of traditional medieval craftsmanship that create a truly weird atmosphere.

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A spacious apartment for sale in Sweden

This beautiful apartment is located in a quiet area of ​​Sweden. This is a spacious and bright apartment with two balconies. With a total living area of ​​136 square meters, it is located on the fourth floor and dates back to 1908. Although this is a very old building, it is still in good condition and the apartments have been renovated and they look very modern.
The apartment also includes a basement space and a large attic. This, combined with the balcony, makes this place ideal for families and for entertaining. Currently, the apartment is $3.5 million in the market. It is very convenient, close to the sea and the city’s main park. It also offers panoramic views of the surrounding buildings and landscapes.
The apartment has light parquet floors, large windows that allow the room to be filled with natural light, and a spacious seating area. This is a comfortable, cozy apartment with a nice rustic feel. The rooms are simply decorated and they have white walls, no exceptions. The apartment has a spacious kitchen, a bathroom, a seating area, 2 bedrooms and a hall room.

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Functional design of JWT headquarters

This is the JWT headquarters, a spacious structure and functional space. This project was designed by AEI Arquitectura and is located in Colombia. The entire structure covers an area of ​​2,300 square meters. The construction was completed in October 2011. JWT stands for j· Walter · Thompson. The headquarters design is a structured space, and the functional structure adapts to the needs of users, which will improve efficiency and work performance.

The design of the headquarters is basically like a small city. It has a central square with two similar main street traffic lines. The whole project worked well because the architect remembered the fact that this space needs to be adapted to the customer’s needs and it must be a friendly environment.

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Earth art is built on the Bobcat Lake

Artist Sonja Hinrichsen and more than 60 volunteers create earth art, titled this spectacular snow and ice landscape, on foot to Frozen Lake Cat Lakes (Colorado), while wearing snowshoes, miles away, into intricate swirls Pattern. The amazing piece is part of her snow series, an ongoing project that allows for the establishment of these large, temporary interventions that can be attended by community members.

The creative process itself is the most visible part of this work. This is very important to me. Participants experience the elements of nature, and they help me to change my familiar ice and snow landscape into a piece of art. A statement about the artist’s project. “After completion, photos taken in the air can be shown to more viewers, how the landscape is transformed into a piece of art, through the design of the system.

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Seaside house beautiful and interesting

The beach house is always fun and beautiful. Being close to the ocean is already amazing, regardless of design or appearance. But when the house is as beautiful as the surrounding landscape, the result is incredible. Here is an example that reflects this idea.

The Altamira Residence is a beautiful building located on the coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This is a very impressive structure because it covers 15,500 square feet, which is equivalent to being as large as 20 acres. But the area is not the only reason that impressed me. It also has a very beautiful design with many windows and modern structures that allow the user to look at the outside landscape from different angles. You can see the Pacific Ocean from your bed, it’s so cool, isn’t it?
Another interesting detail is the roof of the house. It has an unusual shape that reproduces the undulations of the waves, making it a nice looking structure. The roof has natural lines and beautiful curved shapes. This is a perfect house near the sea.

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Grass landscape appears in the Oslo Gallery

Norwegian artist Kristian Nyard is exhibited in the gallery of Oslo, with a bright green cascading of walls and grasses, a blend of green grass landscapes and the entire space. “It’s not red, it’s green”, including nature, the terrain is undulating, splashing from the entrance door frame and pressing against the surrounding windows and walls.

The dense vegetation, as if the flood in every direction, formed a hilly landscape, producing an instinctive audience But prohibited. The specific installation allows it to grow and self-inject in size and form, as well as change the perception of the natural world as a viewer by placing organic matter in the bottom area of ​​the room. The feeling is that bright green grass leaks out of the gallery walls. Innocent and beckoning interaction, but still closed, let the public participate.

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Swiss cottage with rational design

Designers Steyr and Schmidt believe that their architectural style is derived from rational thinking about the problem. However, it can be said with certainty that the design of the house is far from the word rational. The pointed houses and wooden facades of the dwellings can be used as another way of imitating the traditional, Swiss shepherd’s hut. However, some of the areas that should be decorated and painted in traditional huts. Steyr and Schmid’s architecture adopts a solemn, simple style.

Moreover, the building is not exposed to the environment through the outwardly extending balcony and roof terrace, but Admitted to the building. The windows on the front of the house are also recessed inward, and the movable window panels are sealed. There are also many techniques used in the interior of the house. There are large architectural components designed by imitation furniture that make up the layout of the main living room, providing ample space for storage. The foyer and the living room are separated by a partition wall. If you look closely, you will find that the partition is actually a row of closely-arranged closets (part of the entrance hall, part of the living area). The main living room is very spacious. The ceiling is very low. One of the walls is almost completely occupied by the closed bookcase. In addition to this, the kitchen is also a major part of the home. The kitchen is located in the middle of the house. It is like a silent island. Cut off the living room on one side and the dining room on the other side. Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bathroom, all connected to the platform at the end of the stairs. If you close one of the movable partitions that open the space, you can have four bedrooms in the building.

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A stylish apartment in London

This stylish apartment is located on the streets of London, close to Sloane Square, Kings Road, and is conveniently located. The current asking price on the market is 3.475 million euros. This is the interior design of a stylish two bedroom apartment. The decor is not too eye-catching, but it is very elegant and modern.

More than 2,000 square feet of living space, it also includes a private roof terrace. A simple but luxurious interior flat feature. The decor is elegant and fun, and the colors are beautiful. This will be very suitable for young people to live.
The loft includes a large reception area and the restaurant is adjacent to the kitchen. The kitchen is modern in design and is equipped with all the electrical needs. The upper level is the master bedroom suite, which is a spacious room with a large walk-in dressing area and a bathroom. There is also a double suite and a study on the same floor, which can also be used as a bedroom. The internal structure is simple but functionally designed. The interiors are tasteful and the colours are very beautiful, they create a nice contrast. The decoration is mainly black and white, pink gadgets. The only exception is the master bedroom, which is a very soothing, colorful room.

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