Modern apartment designed by Lori Dennis

Renovating your home is like taking over a project, which is a big challenge. If you believe in your talents and abilities, this can be a very productive challenge, but in most cases, asking for the help of an expert or a professional is the best option. You can easily see the difference between you. Let us take this apartment as an example. It has been decorated by interior designer Lori Dennis. You can feel the balance and beauty of this space.

The apartment is modern and has simple furnishings instead of a very large palette. However, everything is a good choice and everything is a perfect balance. There aren’t too many colors involved here, but you can see subtle tones and beautifully matched. The focus must be on the kitchen, sharing an open space with the living room. The bar has a very beautiful shape with smooth curves and a simple, modern look. The green bar chair and sleek design are a good complement.

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A converted loft in the south of São Paulo

This loft is 105 square meters in the south of São Paulo. This ancient residential building dates back to the 90s or 80s. When the architect Diego Revollo saw it for the first time, the apartment had a traditional layout and a ridiculous design. The biggest challenge here is to open up the space and make it feel more spacious and airy. So the architect decided to use an open kitchen and living space.

Walls, ceilings and floors are all grey. The color is carefully selected to resemble the natural texture and shadow of cement. The choice of color must be correct: modern, but not too cold. The wood tones, the shelves on the walls, the partitions and the forms of them are all a balanced decoration. The iconic Ames lounge chair, brown leather trim, blends together, which is an elegant and timeless design.
Kitchen countertops expand as a restaurant. The rest of the kitchen is a black and white combination, stylish and contemporary design. The chair next to Ames, the black seat here is the perfect choice. They have a simple yet classic design and are perfectly decorated.

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Singaporean seaside restaurant

Singapore has a beautiful heritage of beachfront and street food, and some feel the need to inject new vitality. Intended to initiate a dialogue, Spark Architects, launched a moveable, reconfigurable, sustainable floating cooked food center (also known as a hawker center). The project called the Orchid Restaurant, that is, the variety that may appear, who is the manufacturer of the operation in the pod, the small store in many locations.

The design uses a protective cover, which is a solar power, inflatable pillow, and a thin film photovoltaic cell. There are a variety of floating, strip partitions, and different street food suppliers for each house. It accommodates rice cooking stalls and has built-in exhaust, water, gas, electricity, garbage collection, and water circulation services. They are modular, which means they can be brought together, depending on their locale.

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The development of the timber construction market promotes the creation of new buildings

The development of the timber construction market has opened new doors. There are a wide variety of plywood on the market today, including a variety of new cardboard and particle board. The advantage of this construction method is that some low quality wood can also be used to make plywood.

Stairs are based on wood” style=”width: 500px; height: 467px” src=”/Upload/Other/Swiss Lisi.jpg” />

In the siding construction, the weight is no longer borne by the column alone, but by the entire siding. The lining is not required to be bent. The weight bearing capacity of the wood is large. Centimeter-thick planks can withstand the weight of the entire house. However, such panels must be pre-made by professional manufacturers.

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Turkey’s new brown sofa is very comfortable

All living rooms require comfortable seating, not necessarily elegant and beautiful, so that people can have a comfortable seat in the living room, let people relax and spend time with their families.

Sofa” width=”400″ height=”223″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQScreenshot20141212101002.jpg” />

Turkey has introduced a brown sofa. The average size of a sofa is usually 6 to 8 feet, about three people, but this sofa can seat five people, making the family more comfortable. It’s leather, it’s comfortable but warm, and there is a single sofa, not only where you sit, but also a place to let your legs rest on the sofa, very comfortable.

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MotoArt uses the nacelle to make a conference table

Complex design, developed using Boeing 777 materials. This time, we hope to focus on the nacelle of this Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Constructed into a conference table, a spectacular piece of furniture by the talented MotoArt company. Composed from the General Electric engine nacelle, the unconventional project can accommodate up to 12 people, including an optional set of data ports. Art, powerful, very original, this piece has caught our full attention, and we believe this will have the same effect on you.

The official description of the manufacturer’s technical excerpt: Although it is a piece of aircraft material, but as a modern office environment Decisive factor. Wide, with high mirror finish, the Boeing 747 jumbo jet forms a conference table, just a step in the exploration. Perfectly fitted with a custom-made custom-made engine, the interior features a colorful LED lighting topped with a spin-polished aluminum dome, located underneath the elegant semi- tempered glass. ”

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Family Inipi sauna designed by Eoos

The Inipi sauna designed by Eoos is a perfect combination of style and happiness. Cool and minimalist lines, but they are equipped with the latest electronics, such as a light and music set with a remote control. The bathroom design expert Duravit created the line features. It has a simple and functional design, and the glass walls are also a nice detail.

Sauna is what everyone wants. Unfortunately, a home version of the sauna is not easy to get because few people have enough resources. Anyway, let’s go back to the design of this sauna. This is a very beautiful creation, with a clean and beautiful line that gives a refreshing image. The white color looks very fresh and modern.

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Solar pavement has appeared on Dutch roads

The Netherlands is known for a lot of things that break the traditional design. The Netherlands recently announced that it is preparing to launch a 70-meter-long bicycle lane with built-in solar panels to become a solar pavement, the Dutch Applied Science Research (TNO) project consortium, hoping to expand the lane 100 meters to 2016, and perhaps will put this technology in the future , extended to other regions.

Bicycle lanes are made up of multi-layer rectangular concrete blocks with built-in solar panels. The fragile panel is housed in a 1 inch thick glass that can withstand the weight and pressure of the truck without breaking. This solar pavement can generate enough power in a family of three, even if the solar panels cannot move or angle toward the sun.
Hope to embed solar panels on all roads in order to generate enough power to power everything from electric cars to homes, businesses, and other power-hungry objects. The vision will certainly help alleviate the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. There is a huge problem plan here: it is very expensive.

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House on top of Sydney tree

Are you thinking about placing your house on a tree? This is a unique house located north of Sydney. This is a structure composed of a pavilion, which is located at the top of the tree. This is a beautiful house design that blends well into the surrounding environment and allows its owners to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The greatest thing about this house is that you can see the panoramic view of the surrounding area and make you feel closer to the big natural. This is really living in the middle of nature. This is a real place to live and everything will feel very comfortable. It is not too small, it has several spacious rooms, it even has a swimming pool, it includes indoor and outdoor spaces, even if it is difficult to use due to environmental differences.

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European building materials machinery manufacturers worry

The impact of exchange rate changes on the building materials machinery market
For building materials machinery manufacturers, it also has a smooth business in Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but this is not enough. At this moment, in order to make up for the decline in other regions. In this regard, there will be a cessation of investment and overcapacity, including the cement industry. In some countries, projects in the building materials machinery manufacturing industry have also been shelved due to deteriorating exchange rates because their cost investments are too expensive. “Despite this, I received some good orders in 2013. & rdquo; Seiler said. However, due to the long processing time, they will not be impressed with the sales.
EU emissions directives have caused a sensation in the market
One of the constant concerns of construction equipment manufacturers is the implementation of EU emissions directives. In some companies this issue has tied the R&D capabilities. Therefore, innovation will be a huge challenge. Another challenge is the diversity of products offered by manufacturers. “There is never such a product to have such a new generation process. & rdquo; Seiler pointed out. Because the different transition periods of the product also need to be handled differently by the manufacturer. Extremely high development costs and new machines do not automatically mean greater benefits or product improvements for customers, and it is difficult to convince them to pay higher prices. Therefore, many manufacturers will be affected.
Reliable energy policy and more infrastructure investment
The German construction equipment and building materials machinery industry is calling for the new federal government to allocate trucks and potential private vehicle tolls and infrastructure development and renewal. Income. “In addition to this, we need energy policies with greater reliability,” says Siller.

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